Enforced labor / Shared wealth and Human capability resources – New age conspiracy: slavism of spirtual advanced people – Democracy and equality applied for enslavement

Enforced labor / Shared wealth and Human capability resources – New age conspiracy: slavism of spirtual advanced people – Democracy and equality applied for enslavement

A dialog between Odin Theta and a new age politician that aproached him with a request of collaboration regarding a theory of equality that these particular movement wish to implement world wide.


New age politician: ” The idea is that all ascended people, spiritual teachers, agree on spiritual democracy. ”

Odin Theta: ” What does spiritual democracy mean?  in tangible terms …”

New age politician: ” well, that the people decide what these ascended wise and superhuman people will do for them, their community, culture and government ”

Odin Theta: ” Dont you conisder them wise and conscious enough to take decisions by their own, one how, when, for whom, where, and why or what for to give, apply their knowledge, wisdom, capacity, skills, wealth, resources, and “superpowers” ?”

New age politician: ” Is the people that need to decide on shared resources and skills of the community. The idea that the most advanced and developed people in the world decide by their own freely what they want to do, is against equality and government ”

Odin Theta: ” Most of teachers and advanced conscious people, would prefer to support individuals learn by their own how to fish, instead of fishing for them. But according to the documents i read, i see that you would like these advanced individuals to do things for you, you are not capable to do by your own. Do you think is that a correct attitude? wouldnt that be a nother form of enforced labor? ”

New age politician: ” They have duties for their community, they must, according to the idea of shared resources, all skills, knowledge and wisdom, belongs to the people…so the one with less will receive benefit also of the one that has more”

Odin Theta: ” In terms of consciousness, spiritual self responsibility and “super powers”  you refer to (or advanced skills)  developed by the advanced conscious people; it is clear that unless an individual has the spiritual matturity to apply them, those skills and knowledge  will not become naturally accessible to them, obviously also not the benefits or use of them. Why a 90% population of the earth who has no serious interest nor capacity to enter in a state of unity, union with the source of all that is, should enjoy of the benefits achieved , reached by those that are interested into unity, enligtenment and ascension, union with source? where from come to you the idea that their abilities and capacity, achievements, and purpose of their daily life need to be decided by 90% of the world which is not responsible in spirtual terms? Dont you consider your suggestion completely unresponsible? How a blind man can decide on the reason and purpose of colours in a wall paint ? ”

New age politician: ” the problem is equality, so far you keep suggesting we are not equal, will be always a poor, a ignorant one with less capacity ”

Odin Theta: ” You are selling a non existent good, equality does not exist is an ilussion, a concept created by you. Every one is different, different DNA, different perception, capacity, awareness, knowledge, consciousness level, soul, cosmic blue print, quantum origin, spiritual lineag, family house. Where your idea of equality come from? Every one must live according to own condition, and develop from that ground based on own efforst and natural self development process. You idea of equality creates a handicap at teh level of individual self responsibility. Individuals must care for developing themselves, if they are not interested, then, they must live according to what they are interested and capable to reach. And if their capacity is not enough, they must advance their capacity. They are always path for supporting individuals to reach a new level or possibility of themselves, bu the single condition is mandatory, individuals must be naturally interested, and develop the ability to keep on the track of self development naturally. When 90% of the “civilized” world is interested in 3 levels of love, there make non sense to provide to them benefits of levels 6 upwards. You can not give to drink water to a thirsty man in the desert that does not realize needs water as for has been to long under the sun. In the same way, you can not give raw food to a carnist that does not realize the benefits of raw diet by forcing him/her/it. As well you can not force people that never ever felt the enjoyment of reading poetry, to like it, just because the most high quality of poetry has been produced by a mystic, who wrote a quality of poetry they have not developed the senses to enjoy ro give value to. How to give the idea of the value of music to a person that can not hear. Why to give music to every one. It is the same. As i said, you are selling equality that does not exist and giving to people the ilussion of a right that is naturally impossible to be experienced, of a need they will not fulfill out of forcing the world to give them something they are uncapable to eat, diggest or nurture from. The only thing you create out of this idea and implementation of it is to enforce spritual people on labor and manifestation, and to enforce them produce something you yourself and others would never be responsible off. Do you think a world created by 10% of manipulative controlers and consumers like you, and 90% of spiritual unresponsible people would know how to decide better what is good for this planet? Unless you show a higher level of consciousness yourself, makes non sense to discuss with you matters related to guidance and transformational global development. In the past governments and cultures, will enforce their geniouses and most capable people, even mystics, to labor or production. Why do you intent to use the sold words of democracy, equality and rights to wealth, for the same unresponsible purpose? ”

New age politician: ” Every one whould have the rights on teh wealth generated by the most capable people of the planet.”

Odin Theta: ” better, every one has the right to develop themselves, become capable and increase the 10% of most advanced skilfull capable people in the planet of superhuman abilities, to 90% finally 100%. Wouldnt that be more important for humanity future, a society that empowers natural development instead of abuse and labor enforcement? But obviously you wish not to wait for human kind to evolve, your suggestiosn to laws only intent to control “super powers” as you describe, for the sake of government and culture developed and created by those that intent to develop the planet but also by the people which is uncapable and not willing to do anything at all to change their lifes and themselves. Peoepl taht actually through your democracy system choose your government plan of development. You complain the world is as it is. But your own democracy system empowered governments that made the world as it is, out of the 90% of world citizens that considered the world development plans as right and correct. And you wish now that advanced conscious people, with the suporpowers you think they have, support you in the same game? you might be confussed. Dont you need a doctor?”

New age politician: ” I am a doctor”

Odin Theta: ” That explains everything. But tell me, i am sure 100% of the 90% of the people of the world supports your idea of equality, democracy, share of wealth, skills, resources, capacity as common goods. right? ”

New age politician: ” yes they do..”

Odin Theta: ” I see your problem, 90% of the world that choose your governments and decision makers, empowered them to create the world you have now, would like also that ascended people, spiritual teachers, cosmic and interdimensional beings, and any type of being you consider has supoer powers, to work for these governments or for these communities and these people ? dont you see that if these 90% of people choose again on what the “super powers” people must do, will again do several mistakes in their judgements? why dont you let the spirtual advanced people decide what they themselves would like to do by their own? wouldnt that be real freedom? Give what you would like to receive! ”

New age politician: ” what do you mean?”

Odin Theta: ” Is this your planet? ”

New age politician: ” Yes for sure! ”

Odin Theta: ” i think you must review the ideas you ahve regarding the importance of the human kind in particular of your race, regarding the planet earth and the multiverse, as well on the idea of rights, ownership or property, not only of the planet but of the cultures that evolved on it, the techology and knowledge applied, shared and developed. You must become aware that 90% of the people you would like to put on charge of everything knows nothing, including you, regarding what humanity is, what earth planet is and to whome everything belongs to. I think your race and generation have been enjoyed from enough freedom already, mostly considering you ahve been wasting not only lifes, culture, knowledge, nature generation after generation, but strategically targetted people that could change your world for better, as you wished to keep it as it is or choose a life/history destiny that was more easy for you, which does not imply spirtual responsibility, nor union with the source of all that is, but keep you on power. I know it is easy to sell to a mass that needs nurturing and care, which is thirsty and hungry, the ilussion of equality,shared wealth, and rights. But you are just abusing ignorant people. You might be able to convince all of them you are their saviour, but you do not convince us, nor me. ”

New age politician: ” we will reach a 90% of voters for global equality, shared wealth, and rights of use of shared human capacity, knowledge, abilities and super powers of every human on earth very soon! then we will see what you will do when whole 90% ignorant of the world decide to dont give to you nor food nor shelter, nor right to create anything on the world. ”

Odin Theta: ” to threatend me and others does not change the fact that you have and are and have been abusing the power position you ahve been creating on the planet for millenia, selling ilussion to an ignorant mass, generation after generation, world after world. As you said… we will see how this new age your strategy evolve and how far you go with it. You know that now, we are informed of your activty and intentions and you have been asked to review them, and consider change your approach, you are informed also we know you have the intention to enforce all of us to do what you would like to create in the mass of 90% of human kind – people in the world to wish us to do, actually for you. But your illussion has a life time, as well as your lie, a lie you nurtured day by day, culture by culture, generation by generation, in all  of them, that 90% of the world visible and invisible.”

THe new age politiscian left the field of communication.

Odin Theta: ” May the gods and goddesses in prime self union, find joy and wisdom in every event taking place in all that is has been and will be, may the innermost sound of the primordial force within the hearts’ core of all that is have been and will be be with the gods and goddesses in prime self union in all times, places, and forms, along their whole complete journey from source and back to source!

Odin Theta, continues his travel.