(ENQUIRE) Body arts and spirituality, mystic reliques “My colors got stollen ” X-File: THE LOSTED LUGGAGE IN HELSINKI

(ENQUIRE) Body arts and spirituality, mystic reliques “My colors got stollen ”

Short notice. 2014 my luggage stored at a friend house in Helsinki is moved to a yoga studio, just few weeks before my arrival. The day i ask for it, i receive the information it was not there any more. Why did got stollen?

For many cultures the skin is sacred, body arts for budhist and other religious is something similar to a sin. Where budhist organizing my luggage to desapear for them to avoid me to continue with my art work?

My luggage in Helsinki had all my body arts equipment.

Or who wanted to take my equipment, clothing, books and other artifacts?

In ancient times and modern times some religions use artifacts, objects of mystics as tools to tune into the field of consciousness of the mystic, for preyer or use of the mystic energy field, actually an act of abuse through psychic use. From a spiritual point of view can be considered as enforced labor. To push a mystic field of consciousness to do manifest events or changes in own life. But human kind cultures and religions are used to this kind of elf unrisponsible and self desempowering behavior.

Did my luggage desapear as for the intent to use my personal belongings as for reliques ?

I had some books as well as documents necessary for my business and work, had some one the intention to use copy righted materials? or get along information sources i use?

Or was somebody totally obsessed with my work or life or self that had to take all my stuff ?

In 2015 after several months, the luggage still did not appear. The value of all in it is over 1800.00 EUR (including stuff i could sell in case of need) while the X-file question is why the yoga studio owner told me i did pick it up my self some weeks before?

one night after my arrival i visited the yoga centre, why? because i was in the wilderness in a spiritual archeology expedition and explorers adventure in Russia for 3 months, with no city equipment. All i needed for my work in Helsinki was in my luggage, from clothes to equipment, tools, materials, marketing and others.

Somebody appeared in the yoga centre that looks exactly like me? if that was the case..who was it?

Many mysteries behind to be solved …

ODINE THETA – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken ( Autobiography – Finland )