Language & Culture, History, Present and Future of Finland

Language & Culture, History, Present and Future of  Finland

Why Finland feels in such a struggle upgrading culture and civilization, gender, violence and addiction issues, do not cope with high tech design and education.

Consider for a moment that the finish language does not belong to the real culture background of Finland.

Remember the Finnish language as it is now, is a mix of ancient language with add on from other languages. Some words, structures, has been changed, adjusted, as for , at that time, christian purposes/function of enhancing communication and a new identity to the national culture.

Thanks to this new language the national culture evolved, but not in tune with its roots. Several years later the powerful intent of 3 generations for the awakening and healing of Finland seems to be vain and superficial, as for the language used, is not the real language the true Finns would have used, which is in the body and collective memory of the land and people.

This is a good example, how to block a culture development and continuity for several generations, in such a way that unless the culture become collectively self aware and capable to see ownself beyond cultural ego educated by history.

Will Finland heal, re-adjust its language, realign its collective mind? or will continue falling into a demigod behaviour and complete process of completing creating out of its history a demigods land?

Who knows, do you know?