EU Blue Card

My residence permit in Finland, EU BLue Card
Well, for all my network that was following up my residence application in Finland. A brief review, i did apply in 2014 november for 2 jobs, later also for starting my own business. They had a delay in the answer of several months, as they explained to me, the reason we they had not enough team members to process all applications. The application costed me 540.00 EUR, and along the time waiting for it they hold my working permit, i was not allowed to work between november 2014 and … Well, the answer i got last week, by post from the Finnish Consulate in Belgium..yes last week, the first week of april… Nov.2014 – April.2016 = 15 months…. can you imagine to live in Europe 15 month without working permit… isnt that an act agains human rights? well, gladly a finish network hosted me and even i was everyday harming more and more my business, at least would have to eat and sleep. This is a question to Finland…do you really know what you are doing in terms of human rights?
Gladly my girlfriend and i, now living in the Netherlands since December 2015, managed a shift, thanks to our love. I reactivated my company in Germany. Now in the Netherlands i am allowed to work.
In 2012 i received a business residence in Germany, after my second divorce. I had to stop all my business activity as well at that time. For one year my residence was on hold. How can an entrepreneur make long term plans, give jobs and share innovative knowledge with the host country under those circumstances? I was living in Germany for many years, since 2007. More than 6 years.
What is going on in Europe with the Immigration Policy.
IN the EU BLue Card really working ? Are the administrative procedure, local policy in agreement with the blue card policy? or there are no instruments available at the eu contries to implement the blue card policy?
If i have been living in EU for more than 10 years…(2003) shouldnt be already the time for myself to have it more easy to move around europe, work (get a permit to work) and live?