LUIS @ Udemy ( e-Learning Courses)

LUIS @ Udemy
2016 Plan is to bring Prime Tech Theta Teachings and tools, services online. I am glad for the Udemy platform that make it possible for us.
Now we have two more courses being backed at UDEMY
* Biohacking
* Decision Making
You will find as well :
* Sensual Body Arts
* Emotional Time Management
Each course has a coaching and learning to learn approach, learning by doing and DYS.
E-books by the author are shared as learn materials
Courses prices are affordable, include video lessons, PDFs presentations and Case study, e-books and BONUS Trainings.
I wish you all to join
e-learning programs will be along the year available,
Suggest us which course would you like us to bring to UDEMY platform first. Or take yourself a private e-learning training.