you are a fractal-holographic-quantum self expression of the divine source

“Consider yourself not limited by your organic body, but a fractal-holographic-quantum self expression of the divine source, which means every dot in your consciousness field express all possibilities of the created realms; while you are living in a house of endless mirrors placed fractally around you, your endless images, are also expressions of yourself in all parallel dimensions; while not all mirrors are of the same quality and nature, some have been designed with new materials and substances for the purpose of creating an image with other form as that you use to see, any case, those are still images of yourself. You are a multidimensional being with several self expressions in all paralel dimensions, expressed in all type of forms, and bodies, according to the conditions and nature of the environment you express yourself at.  It is your responsibility to become self aware of your inner collective field of self consciousness. to become one within yourself, with all expressions of yourself within the holofractalquantumverse you are self recreated. You, must know, that each of your images has a vortex, as you do, within the heart of your inner true source, which is also your own heart, which actually is the heart of prime source itself. know that, and live the divine path of action by living this truth tangibly consciouslly. Know that your first responsibility is to rise your multidimensional self into self-oneness and prime self union, union with divine source.”  Odin Ѳ (read the Prime House 9 rules )

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