Odin’s Diary

Odin’s Diary is the diary of a traveler that belongs to the ancient lineage of Odin’s House.
The diary tell us about his travels, searching for the inheritance Odin left for his family house among cultures that emerged out of Odin’s off spring around the world.
The travel started in Europe, while Odin Ѳ discover his own family house with rooths in Skandinavia, has direct blood line with Odin’s House.
Which for him is not at all a surprise and explain most of the events of own life, it creates also  the question: what the gods and goddesses want.
As a spiritual teacher, dedicated to inspire people world wide on the  divine path of action, that one of prime self union, union with prime source, the Author of Odin’s Diary find himself in between a spiritual Journey and the unfolding of own spiritual responsibilities/mission, as well as the role he suddenly plays for his own Family House.
The Diary will be started along some weeks in summer, Russia, when author discover some cavern, caves, underground rivers and traces of paths and gates that would bring us to hidden underground cities, where the gods and goddesses in prim self union might still live.
In the search of the gates, and while leaving traces of his own knowledge for future generations at special locations along his trip, the author will experience several adventures and will invite himself spiritual friends, family and own spiritual students to be part of.
This spiritual Journey takes place for real in our modern times, and instead of being described with a book, will be shared with Blog, Video Blog and Documents published online and through other forms of virtual communication. As most of the post will be done in real time, readers will be able to follow up and participate in a real adventure, and eventually also communicate with the author, Odin Ѳ.
Along his travels, the author, Odin Ѳ, will reflect also on past events of his life and realiza the interconnectedness of those events and the current time lines.
Secret details about his life will unfold, in this wonderful adventure, shared with you through Odins’s Diary


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