The Art of Peace Round Table Helsinki 16.10 18.00 THE THEMA OF THIS WEEK: divine art, art for peace, heart based consciousness art


The Art of Peace Round Table Helsinki 16.10 18.00

It will be arts production and heart based consciousness, how to communicate peace. It is a day dedicated to arts, of all kind, and an invitation to artists to communicate a call for peace through the art but also a call to humanity for transformation and self responsibility. Transformation of own self, by taking a conscious process of achieving mastery of own instinctual wild survival capacity until extreme conditions, overcoming fear, greed and power based behaviour, by in a self responsible way upgrading own organic self (reptilian brain, emotional capacity) into self love, love, joy, happiness, emotional self management, peace and kindness in decision making, process design, management of own self, own culture, organization, business, collaboration with life and nature, care of life and nature, there for also family and community, there for culture.

How can artists reach humanity’s heart and consciousness with this message through their art. ?

Luis will share along this event on human heart based consciousness practices applied for arts, and how to transmit, communicate, the art of peace through arts. Also about the relationship between non violence practices and arts, or the ability to manage emotions in own self, and collectively as a team, community or culture, and the function of arts and culture customs associated to these practices and capacity building wished.

What can we learn from arts in the past: where they arts for peace or for war ? Was arts and emotions also considered as wealth in their own culture, as valuable property or good, or where not considered as valuable at all ?

How can one culture through arts recover the original spiritual impulse of the ancient cultures and family houses dedicated to peaceful life and life care? Can we recover that quality of living in our daily life, family, culture and society? If yes how?

Why war strategy starts by the destruction of cultural inheritance ? and family ? Rev. of history events and peace work protecting culture and arts.

Why artistic practices need to be integrated in education, family, health, social health, culture preservation and development practices?

Why arts need to be integrated into the corporative world as an asset for the development of the organization culture and capacity of collaboration and business process awareness?

How can be arts integrated int family life ? How can be arts practices integrated into community life ?

Why city and state administration officers should develop artists skills, as well as police and military ?

What is the function of arts in religion and spirituality ?

When art work starts to communicate, educate, instruct or conditionate?

How arts practices help humanity reach a heart based consciousness way of living ? does the simple practice of art create such an advancement of humanity or is there something else that need to be done, along the art work, within own individual consciousness, self awareness and heart, in order to reach such a result ? if yes, what would that be?

A collective experience and demonstration of heart based consciousness and prime technology applied to arts, facilitated by LUIS< will be also a central experience to inspire this round table.

Luis will share also on divine art, prime art, and his own artistic pathway and why he decided to do story and poetry telling along his travels. why improvisation is also an art of consciousness and the heart, and how can any one start the development of skills and capacity awakening for this practice. Luis have been working as body artist since 2005, empowering the body arts community with a message of peace, health, healing of the soul and emotional self awareness, combining body arts, story telling and dance performance, and the ability to open the heart within the experience of the art. At this point LUIS is in the process of bringing a new kind of art work to the world. Divine art, and is no dedicated to empower artists with his knowledge and experience for the art of peace project, a message of peace through arts and heart based consciousness.

The event will serve also as a gathering space for artists and producers of own arts events that are interested to join the art of peace project ensemble and artistic practices and performances.

After the event from 21:00 to 21:30 the arts team will coordinate the ensemble meetings and design of following artistic work. Join our event specially if you enjoy arts, consciousness and heart based arts, body arts work, body and awareness based therapies, art therapies and education through arts, if you are an artists yourself in any for m of art or producer, with the wish of supporting the world achieving peace through your art work.

We will be very glad to meet your art and welcome you in our art of peace project, dedicated to arts.

PERFORMANCE FOR PEACE – Helsinki/Europe. Join our crew! I am co-producer and creative co-director for a combined multi arts practices and performance for peace. i need for a new ensemble and crew members for the production, promotion, sponsors and so on. ARTIST ? You have experience in arts or new in arts, we will bring by new skills and roles you can care for according to your experience. from simple to complex acting /Performing skills will be integrated plus a special arts techniques practice based on : heart based conscious applied for collaboration,communication and co-creativity. Join us ! Conscious Heart based arts ensemble!

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