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How absurd this claim is, with so much lack of understanding on the nature of a spirtual relationship. The christian codex for spiritual wifes is organic-asexual, gladly for Krishna that was not necessary, who knows, maybe at Krishna times and under Krishna care and patronat, women were educated diffrently and practiced honesty in the field of LOVE, maybe Krishna was loving them all equallity and welcomed them all as one.

Christian wifes of Jesus never had sex with him ( at least not the organic form of sex, we can not tell on what they energetically felt everytime in preyare accessing the timless quantum field of chritianity and reaching Jesus field, we know also Jesus had many lovers or female we know that?), i find that expression of love has actually great lack of honesty and does not show any love based moral, but that is the chistian codex.

The hell of christians is not the same as that one of the Krishna, why religious adepts fight that much to force the perception that their own hell and heaven is the same as that one of any other type of perception, belief or spiritual practice? can we apply the same question to cultural- based morals, hells or heavens?

We live in a quantum realm, you go where you go with your life, perceptions and destiny. But as you see with this article is very common cases of abuse one religion or spiritual group engage in with the intention to enforce behaviour and belief according to own perceptions onw hat spirituality is.

If the world spirituality and daily life, of human kind, wouldnt be power based demigods, trying to program or conditionate each other for the sake of increasing number of believers and population in their own heavens and hells….

A spiritual teacher that send students to NLP another teacher and to demonstrate himself is more powerful , should be considered as a beggar. But obviously the students of him does not realize they did not receive spirituality but deception with political democratic intention. Modern world democrats uses nowdays spirituality to puse and enforce their belief and practice on democratice dogmas. Their heaven is also of democratic deception. Obvioulsy any one with a different approach will be hunted as the witches were hunted by christians.

The world nor human consciousness changed much in 1000s of years…but no one asks why? another reason for enquire, not about human onsciousness change or not but about the lack of humanity, lack of interest and capacity on self reflection: Many people doesnot realize have been subjects and targets of manipulation.

The none as the spiritual democrat guru, only intent to use the collective consciousness codes to destroy the interest people may have, out of resonance and love, in Krishna and in non democratic spiritual approaches. Both are extremely manipulative, demigod type.

BUt i am sure christiana will claim Krishna is a pervert, and spiritual democrats will claim also the same, about non democrats, pulling both of them the collectivewith a NLP collective code. The heaven and hell of democrats is not the same as that one of other spiritual beliefs.



With the spreading of Hinduism worldwide, a pretty Catholic Nun in Warsaw, Poland, filed a case against ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), remarking that Hinduism, was spreading its activities and gaining followers in Poland.

The nun remarked she wanted ISKCON banned because its followers were glorifying a character called ‘Krishna’ “who had loose morals,” having married or consorted with16, 000 women called Gopis. The astute lawyer for the defense consulted a wise wolf that had loose morals before the hearing.

In court the ISKCON defendant lawyer requested the Judge, “Please ask the Nun to repeat the oath she took when she was ordained as a Nun.” The Judge asked the nun to recite the oath in court, but she refused. The defense lawyer then asked permission to read out the oath on her behalf.

“Go ahead,” said the judge. The oath said the lawyer states in effect that the Nun is married to Jesus Christ. The advocate then put forth his argument in the court. “Your Lordship! Lord Krishna is alleged to have ‘married’ 16,000 women only, but there are more than a million nuns who assert that they are married to Jesus Christ.

The defendant’s lawyer said he rests his case with the following closing statement “Between the two,Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ, who has a loose character? He also asked and what about those millions of Nuns?


(ENQUIRE – Conspiracy) Why they need to geo locate you? in human history a synthetic technology reshape humans behaviour and society at its surface, and creates a mask of behaviour and development, puppets type of programmed individuals, that are themselves not capble to perceive the differences between themselves and the patterns implanted by the engines on them.

(ENQUIRE – Conspiracy)

Why they need to geo locate you? in human history a synthetic technology reshape humans behaviour and society at its surface, and creates a mask of behaviour and development, puppets type of programmed individuals, that are themselves not capble to perceive the differences between themselves and the patterns implanted by the engines on them.

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Author, Futurist < Conspiracy series of e-books @ The Golden Age Library>


“…For several decades, along the register modern culture history,  out of bio energetics and quantum technology development, a series of engines were designed for purposes associated to health.

In these particular engines, the names, year birth, and geo location of individuals will be input, for them to run a quantum program on them.

The machine, eventually made with sacred geometry, special metals, crystals and a software algorythm that eventualy utilizes I CHING system of chaos, or any other systemic or intuitive symbolic system like tarot, and synch it with astrology and other informations that the system can receive, will create not only a profile of the subjects tests but identify personality, behaviour, thinking, perception, decision maiking patterns.

When these machines associated to a data base of registered events of the individual increase the records associated to it, the profile according to those machines become more complex and the ability of those to project future behaviour or even decision making increases.

These machines has been used by many for healing purposes while could identify issues related to not directly associated field of life of the individuals, life family, relationships, or more subtil like elements or organs behaviour, or more associated to emotions, feelings or perception, concepts or ideas that block or not block the individuals.

The engines create a pulse of information that in a quantum mode is beamed to the target individuals for which few coordinates are necessary: geo location or location in general is the one that is needed.

Eventually like satellites needs, in order to spot individual behaviour; or do you remember the movie dejavoo, or the minory report movie?

Well, imagine that instead of having only psychic people that do mind projection over the individual target or project some thoughts and intentions, or beam energy patterns or spiritual implants every day (individuals or teams)  these engines do the same, and it is every milisecond, along 90 or 900 continues days?

While the natural psychic shielding can create a wall to stop psychic push of these individuals, the engines have as for their speed and intensity and precison on target pulsing of information a more difficult and refined stream, frequency, that a standard shield will not be able to block.

For these engines as a said geo location is necessary.

I asume that in a close future=present=past governments would associte those engines to satelite spy spotting.

But what for these engines can be used?

Tests on changing behaviour, pushing behaviour, perception, decision making?

Can a target prepared for 9 years press a button of a war engine just while trapped on an induced trance prepared by these engines or psychic circles?

If this is true?

How many people in governments, spiritual leaders, social changers, and even creative minds have been targeted? and for how long and for what kind of purpose?

There is now country border or limits that could not be crossed by these engines, and eventualy not by staelites or psychic push trained individuals.

But, what if is not the government the one that uses them but standard entrepreneuers that sell their services to corporations and intent to change the events unfolding in the market by influencing CEOs or their employees, through these machines?

Do not we have already in modern times an almost digitalized profiles based socity? dont we know that an individual (behaviour, decision making, function in society, role) can eb digitalized in about 1 Mb?

If these kind fo engines are used for private pruposes, not for government but for business, or private services for example a wife that would like to change behaviour of husband, or blind him regarding a lover she has, or a mother that wishes to block any kind of thought about inheritance in one of the daughthers, or a business man that offers a services of this engine and does not want the world to know about the potential threats it represents?

In hands of unresponsible people, power based organizations, these kind of technology would create a great damage.

Starting for how it operates, it creates a pattern of information on the field of the individuals that as water drops enter its deeper core..reshaping it completely.

The applications would be wonderful i guess for the industry, in terms of socializing individuals or fighting crime, but as well on controling social movements and changes, revolutions and protest; or even pushing religious beliefs and political decisions even social preferences regarding “democratic” elections.

The only thing this machines need is your geo location and unique profile coordinates like name, or id, or birth date and others.

Why that is important? becaus ein the quantum field only two coordinates are necessary: who/what and where/when.

The destructive function of this engine(s) or idea that by pushing or implanting information, thoughts, perception, behaviour, on idnividuals, families or collectives, or nations, is that of the external superficial programming.

Beside the abuse cases, or enforced behaviour, when individuals are not asked what they want to change but changed by a third party they eventually not even know; a third party that target them as for their role or position in society or within a particular event in history.

When the programing is external and does not rise from own inner core, the inner self awareness, heart based consciouness, experience as a pulse comming from within the prime source vortex in every molecule, a counter force which is not natural and is not in divine alignment.

There for or the inner being of individuals or colllective suffers from a shock, self paralize or block, or cancel functions an dlet the out information pulse literaly posses the individual and force its behaviour.

This conflict creates not only a stress factor in the individuals but a feeling of a fight againts for survival. Survival of what? or the very core living nature of life: own self, own consciouness, own heart self expressed, own freedom, own choices and expression of own preferences and ability to reshape life, culture and society by own natural awareness and consciousness.

The modern scientist that apply this engines on several tests, intent to replace meditation on mantra with it, with the delussional idea that it is the mantra that creates the skills on individuals

Again, in human history a synthetic technology reshape humans behaviour and society at its surface, and creates a mask of behaviour and development, puppets type of programmed individuals, that are themselves not capble to perceive the differences between themselves and the patterns implanted by the engines on them.

Starting with reshaping spirtuality, education, arts, culture, gender, politics, and social movements, all can and could and eventually would be controlled by these engines.

I f this is taking place now, and i am sharing it, then will not take too long until i get targeted again. Maybe by my ex wife, or by a spirtual circle or by somebody elses i do not know.

WHo coul be interested in Odin Theta, and why?

A traveler dedicated to spiritual archeology…”





Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Tirol citizens and german speakers, as well as USA citizens will be forbidden from learning and receiving Prime Tech Services

Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Tirol citizens and german speakers, as well as USA citizens will be forbidden from learning and receiving Prime Tech Services

Asgard Project 2015.

REF. Forbidden nationalities

After several years of repetitive experiences, as for security and strategy resources management reasons two cultures will be for a not defined time be limited in their ability of interaction and communication, participation and collaboration with the Asgard Project, there for use, learn of Prime Technology applied and any know how developed or provided or to be provided by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and any of his students, businesses or projects or network members.

German speaking candidates, customers, companies, persons: as most of my network knows in 2013 i was life threatened in Germany, reason why i left that country. In 2012 After my divorce, after 6 years living in Germany,needed 15 days more to receive permanent residence, but it did not take place. I was invited to leave the country. 4 compnies registered and already living in Germany, i decided to prepare my self to relocation and intent to receive a business residence. I received the business residence in 2012 December, while all my companies changed business activity and i leaved only 2 of them active, and online, ready to relocate. In 2013 January i got life treatened and left germany without continouing with business activity. After some years traveling i found another location. But continues uncomfortable online, direct and not direct  interaction experiences with German speaking persons and companies. Apparently the field of interaction with my field of work and my work itself, as well as my self is for them not easy to stand, honor or respect. There for, since the date of today, for security reasons, and strategy resources management German speaking culture members will not be alowed to enter in organic interaction with myself (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken), nor receive organic nor online direct or indirect teachings, services, advice nor support. Unless the quality of interaction changes, the decision will stay.  A direct written request for a change of decision must be addressed in the correct format.

USA nationals: as many know already, the continues uncomfortable experiences of hijacking, scaming, abuse of resources, power based behaviour, not payment of fees, manipoolation,bullying,social presure, faked profiles and psychic push i have had with USA nationals, had forced me to create an interaction protocole designed only for them.  It is my decision that from the date only USA Nationals i trus and are related to my self already and their references, will be welcome to access the online game. Otherwise, any other candidate, from USA citizenship, will not be ill not be alowed to enter in organic interaction with myself (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken), nor receive organic nor online direct teachings, services, advice nor support. Unless the quality of interaction changes, the decision will stay.  A direct written request for a change of decision must be addressed in the correct format.


(new e-book) The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

Report of Asgardians emissaries for the Global Asgard Government Plan 2015

Story Telling in prime language by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Copyright, all rights reserved, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

First Draft edition, year of the Prime Self Union



The asgardians have been observing the development of history after the dark age, when the power based clan invaded all settlements of the children of the 9 clans. After the 9 clans council, the settlements where dedicated to bring its culture into future = present = past time lines for the return of the golden age. Where the power based clan came from, who and what are they made of, who sent them or made them and what for? those are the questions the emmisaries of Asgard have been trying to answer along the last millenia of history in several time lines and realms of the divine quantumverse.

May human kind cultures prevail while facing the children of the power based clan virus on their blodlines, collectives and organizations, governments, information and beliefs?

If the 9 clans council was right in time the future past and present of human kind will be saved, but there are no tangible positive indicators that the 9 clans council was right, so far the asgard emmisaries can tell, through their report.


Follow up Odin Theta adventures at the Odin Theta Diaries.

The Asgard Project

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The 9 Keys to become a Joyful Lifestyle Traveler

The 9 Keys to become a Joyful Lifestyle Traveler 

The sustainability of the lifestyle travel has been always a question, almost avery lifestyle traveler have been trying to answer on the road.
How to keep yourself on the road, have and develop your wealth and create your own family.?
By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
IMPORTANT: The following advice is written in symbolic language.
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Where to start? travel for ever? Is that a romantic idea or a lifestyle? One needs to set up some structure, while social structures and life at one location does not support the standard organic life development process. Here is an idea for you how all went and where from, and now where is heading to.
How to keep yourself on the road, have and develop your wealth and create your own family.?
What all of this imply depends on the stage of love your heart is at the moment you answer the question and you apply your answer to daily life on the road. ( REF. The 9 stages of love
A young traveler asked me recently for “experience sharing” what would i have given as advice to my self the first day i thought about being on the road?
At the beginning i was only looking after an that long travel really possible? 1996 no internet and no idea about other travelers experiences, one must start from scratch, i knew. So i did.
3 years later i faced the question: should i go back or should i go? i decided to continue on the road.. now about 18 years.
” Home base is not the same as base camp, for a lifestyle traveler. ” – Odin Theta
One simple thing i would ask to my self, lets time bridge, and talk to LUIS in 1990: “Luis, follow your innermost heart, in union with the source of all that is = have been = will be, your true self . “
but if you wish for more, this article will give you more.
0. Be grateful for every breath, love, instant of joy, adventure, learning process, life
1. Learn with everything that takes place in your life
2. Make today the future you would like to live tomorrow, connect your past and your future
3. Resonance, smile and be happy, to get the best ride
4. Learn all survival skills, but as well supervival, living and VIP living skills, The road is not only about extreme travel is also leisure and wealth travel. Your perception of life creates your journey.
5. Value solo travel, there is where you find your self. We came alone to this world, we also travel it alone and leave it alone. You are the only one that will make the journey for yourself.
6. Despite your efforts and dedication to make travel friends, remember that lifestyle travelers are mostly solo travelers, unless you make family or travel community (caravan); know how to choose travel companions on the road.
7. Some times you might feel conflict between staying and going. Stay, follow your heart, but every time you stay at home base or base camp, remember to live as a lifestyle traveler, daily life is a journey.
8. If you ever by force or choice stay longer and feel loosing the travel guts, reconnect to the road by joining a travelers community as local. ( see below the Lifestyle Travelers Project i am running, Membership only with invitation)
9. The earth planet is a traveler. So you are. Realize that most travelers, pilgrims and spiritual seekers, warriors, mystics, magicians and gods on the road, were experienced travelers, learn from history. ( REF. )
9+ Find your traveler self!
Now, that you have been positively inspired… are you ready for making it tangible and real…?
9 Events that changed my point of view regarding to what i perceived the road and lifestyle travel was
First i will try to discourage you..if you survive these “apparently for many demotivating”  text and read it with enjoyment , you will enjoy the empowering advice coming later on at the second part of this article.
Many lifestyle travelers did die on the road and happy about that. While within our network the idea of at certain point in time engage into travel business or buying land or living in a house for retired travelers supported by young travelers community until one leaves this world to the greatest journey…are themes still to be developed and tangibly experienced tried out by lifestyle travelers. My Idea has been to ground a foundation dedicated to lifestyle travelers. Maybe one day this intention will become true.
But where this idea come from and my advice is grounded at…
Here has been one side of my journey, may you see the positive and empowering nature of the following you may be ready to engage into lifestyle travel, when not, then take small trips and think about again…
  • 0.I left the first solo trip with 72 USD, not enough for 1 week, from Lima, to Piura and back, in 1996. Enjoyable time at the beach. Learned on my first coach surfing experience at Colan beach. ( i will join coach surfing as lifestyle traveler club in 2013, and being banned by no reason in 2014)
  • 1.I decided to travel, and leave all behind to dont go back in 1997, my Trip to Switzerland (1997-1998) brought to me an awakening process, transformational that will change my whole life.
  • 2.I left with 3 USD, back in 1999, from LIMA  around of 2 months, to the andean highlands. Adventure, black magic and risk, learned on safety and power based issues on the road. ( I will ground in 2000 a travelers club, in colab. inspiration with my travel community and will invite other travelers to join me as volunteers, caring for traveler security and safety issues as well collaboration with local organizations and culture, while on the road, street children, arts, culture, communication for development, training, technology transfer, tourism and development)
  • 3.I left with 15 USD, a 3 months trip providing business consultancy and web based solutions, from the highlands north central Peru to La Paz Bolivia. ( Shifted from a non profit organization to a for profit, moved to Chile with 150 USD, grounded and registered a company, waiting about 9 months for the final residence permit, i decided to move to Switzerland, where i did finally started a new business in 2003)
  • 4.I started up a company in Switzerland, teaching languages in 2003 with 50 USD, earned in less than 6 months about 3500.00 CHF per month
  • 5.I have been in total about 3.5 years waiting for residence and working permits. Where those savings came from ? Had to invest time into skills, network, and productivity. Author since 2007. while waiting for my german residence permit. Married second in 2008.
  • 6.I divorced twice, and found ideal to my self to travel again; beside divorce expenses, location and friends did not become more friendly not laws regarding residence permits. I shifted from location / country based business into web based organization in 2013
  • 7. In 2013 i decided to create a bridge Europe-Asia traveling, with a consultancy service, asked for assistants that would team up with me to do the work abroad, got more than 100 applications. Took time to interview about 145 people on skype and decided to start up a club of lifestyle travelers. Now a project on hold.
  • 8. After being threatened twice, and attacked, eventually for my peace activism and sustainable development work, or maybe for my beliefs and practices, (Germany, Russia), and after key customers and students did create a debt of about 30000.00 EUR not paying for valuable services, money i would invest to pay my debts and buy land in Russia and Asia, i end up on the road again with 3 USD.  Landed in an airplain back to my base cam in Finland, where i will start up a new peace and culture campaign.
  • 9. Waiting for residence permit since November 2014, i started an education business online dedicated to empower peace, family, culture, life care and heritage.

Do you think my trip was fun?

I got a burned out in 2011, after my second divorce in 2012 German inmigration asked me to leave the country even i was living there since 2007, i needed 15 days more in order to receive a permanent residence our lawyer missed the count and planned the divorce date 15 days to early..or was my wife that wanted me away? end of 2012, december i had all my Germany companies placed on hold or down, with a burned out plus divorce plus residence permit on hold, received a business visa. I had at that point 3 possible locations to create a second home base: Belgium, Austria and Finland.  On the road…  Extreme business and lifestyle travel!  The road is fun but also a real life adventure.

It has been fun, while there are many adventures i will only tell in my diary and some articles on spiritual archeology, extreme sports, love and X-files i would like to add here for you to enjoy. ( The Odin Theta Diary has been inspired on my spiritual archeology work, prime culture. ; and here some X-files and the Dolomites adventure as example, or all about love on the road )

What i did learn about? Well, you can read all i learned along my travels about my self and life

or MORE… on all i have been working at in my BIOGRAPHY.

People might think one must focus only in one thing to be good, but it isnt true, on the road you learn that multiple talents skills and abilities or wisdoms are more valuable for saving your life than just specialization, which after so many years modern culture complex life and market proof to be the right attitude, business, state and professionals must now go the same path, lifestyle travelers learned on the road.

The sustainability of the Lifestyle Traveler
Interview to Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken on the road since 1996/7
The Legacy Project
  1. Use an umbrella. It is the most practical tool not only for the rain but also for the sun. Only wind make it non practical, for example a sand storm. Not useful if acid fire rain or volcanic ashes…. More… ask the next umbrella store or ask LUIS for one.
  2. No drugs, alcohol, sugar, sex, non tangible love. Avoid all kind of substances that empower delusional perception, self-desempowerment, road abandon, lack of the decision making ability, lack-ability of being present in the moment. Love yourself, love the world, keep your heart into divine love, the path of action. More
  3. Eat healthy: raw, vegan, good water, practice yoga and meditation. But remember to be honest, there are many importance practices associated to light-breath-arianism, self-sourcing of elements; and know that in order to do those practices is ideal to live in nature, not in the city or abroad. More…
  4. Practice meditative conscious love making.More…
  5. Learn as many skills as possible considering peace, family, culture, life care and heritage as the most valuable actual needs of human kind on earth. Realize that skills are not enough. More…
  6. Increase your wealth. Wealth are not only skills, abilities, capacity, network, but as well property and financial resources. Realize that the end of the road is your last breath. Until then, you might like as many lifestyle traveler does to have some land or travel business, for which you need savings; or create a community of travelers that cares for you until your last breath. More…
  7. Live as a global citizen, multiculturality, earth is your land, care for peace, family, culture, life care and heritage. Honor, support and respect every culture in its natural self development. Practice non intervention and non interaction; unless you practice conscious love making and family at your location, be like a breeze of wind. Respect the local laws, collaborate with local government, be transparent and honest with them, they are your hosts. Care for human rights and peace. More…
  8. Your land is the travelers land, your culture the culture of travelers; realize the travel community has a history, a language, traditions, costumes, heroes, there for is a living multinational not geo located culture. Notice there are travel lifestyles and eventually some travelers networks would like to dominate the travelers land, but you realize you are a lifestyle traveler and know what to live in the road means. More…
  9. Learn languages and emotions of each tribe, location or culture you encounters. Human kind is more complex than what you think. There are many qualities of emotions not expressed by language standard used at countries, Discover what have not been told. More…
  10. Practice safety and security, Become skillful in non violent communication practices that are non conceptual or brain program oriented (normally through language). Work with tangible emotional skills, and individuals self-awareness consciousness and responsibility.Practice non violent nor combative martial arts, but learn also self defense. Perceive the good in people but as well avoid blindness regarding the learned or pushed by life, culture or consciousness abuse, desempowering or corrupted behaviour. More…
9+   Learn the path of divine perception, divine thinking, divine action of the gods and goddess in prime self union, union with the heart core of all that is = have been = will be.

Well, the road brought me to the clarity that lifestyle travelers culture need of own government.

The 9th Continent
As a Traveler know that you are welcome to apply for a residence permit at:
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Unless he planet get that small that to do your own things without caring of others nor judging them becomes unrealistic as every move you take kills not only trees, animals, environment, people, and heritage, species, future and Human Kind evolving DNA. What to do with you?


Unless he planet get that small that to do your own things without caring of others nor judging them becomes an unrealistic  behaviour as every move you take kills not only trees, animals, environment, people, and heritage, species, future and Human Kind evolving DNA. What to do with you? stop judging you ?

Researching on emigration maps, and current culture change tendencies, and intercultural influences from inside out. have you checked after world war emigration maps and history?

Researching on emigration maps, and current culture change tendencies, and intercultural influences from inside out. have you checked after world war emigration maps and history? – Odin Theta