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In the search for the primes culture. – On Spiritual Archeology and Modern Scientific Perception of Human History and Its true Origen

In the search for the primes culture.
On Spiritual Archeology and Modern Scientific Perception of Human History and Its true Origen
Today while reading two articles shared by a FB friend and reflecting on my own research, decided to add a blog post as follows.
Is our civilization new on earth or ancient like the stars?
Are the following articles suggesting ancient cultures to be dated on earth more than 100 Millions years ago (by using current time system of calculations) ?
Would that mean history we learned is wrong ?
Where those civilizations children of the primes ?
Or an unfolding of one of the cultures they did support in their development?
Did those cultures as many other intents on the multiverse end in self destruction or did they rise to the stars for self-salvation?
Have those cultures desapeared from earth by self extintion, or are hidden under the earth or in paralel dimensions or went out to the space or met they their true creators and now live in the domain of the primes? or in a more simple form downgraded their organic structure by the influence of a self created nano tech or transhumanic  virus ?
Is the earth a field for testing races evolution ? if you pass you survive, if not you do not; if you survive you might be welcome in the primes realm, if not eligible you might end in another realm ?
How to explain all of these discoveries, if not hoax and have true validity ?
Here my perception, if all the facts in those documents are true:

While i was reading these two articles i remembered a simple game for a math lesson. Take a rope of any length, fix one side on the floor and with the other side draw a circle. The circle would be mathematically perfect. And you did not have to use math at all, only a rope. Anything you will create with that measurement that has no mathematical formula nor figures created on advanced by any intellectual or digital processor will have the perfection of math. Why, simple: when you use any object, itself has a measurement, what ever you do with it will be based on nature-perfect math. There is nothing fantastic about it, nature is that way. No human had to discover that math nor to be an advanced civilization for math and perfect math to be there. 

Why to search for a n advanced civilization while nature laws are already perfect and the universe is already math itself? why not to search for the universal perfection creator or principle or source… and if any culture behind it ?

Reflecting on this simple game, would be feasible to build a pyramid based on a single rope with an X = length ?
I myself as scientist, modern scientist, would not accept paper in the scientific academy archive as more than beliefs and agreements that change their validity every week as for the new discoveries we do have while speed of them appearing in our digital archives increases. On the other side the well educated science and its sister technology, have been claiming to know what they are doing for last 200 years a little sparkle of time needed to waste most of the planet and its future (about to be wasted). Why to support a dogmatic belief into the accuracy or validity of science as a reference to be taken as serious or knowledge with stable ground ?
Well, i will not then consider the information in this articles as right or wrong, but only as a suggestion to perceive history and archeological “facts”and data associated to them as a : MAYBE, it was that way. And integrate into our perception and thinking a: “there are other possibilities”.
Odin Theta, Helsinki, 2014.19 Spiritual Archeologist 

Helsinki, Spiritual Journey

Helsinki is one of the most wonderful and magical cities you as a spiritual travel should never avoid to visit. While its architecture offers you gates to access information on past, current and future spiritual events, the natural forces expressing itself within the city, bring you to ancient records of prime and proto spirituality, that as one, whole skandinavian mother culture of the path of the gods and goddesses, would share as a gift to the world, in the past, present and future.

The holofractal quantum reality we live in, gives to Helsinki a great importance as connecting location to key information for your spiritual Journey

If your bloodline is merged with the one of this sacred land, or is about to be, the better and easier for you to enter the DNA codes of this trip and feel the information shared by the gods and goddesses in sacred union in the timeline of the prime heart, divine action.

When you ask yourself on the importance of a location for your Spiritual Journey, consider that your past and the future and present of your self and that one of this location are interconnected, beyond your age, but in a spiritual time line, with events that have and follow divine math (order). Open your eyes and your heart. future=present=past, within your holofractal quantum self. Unfold the true reality of your inner being, now!

Join me along my sightseeing in Helsinki!

This is the Journey of Odin Theta

Retreat 1 to more days : A Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling

  • You are on a spiritual journey or feeling your hart is about to start one
  • You have heard about shifting, transitions, ascension, and life changes while on spiritual journey .
  • You love to travel and let the flow of divine life empower your spiritual journey while living abroad traveling.

Odin Ѳ, author of the ” 9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling “, facilitator of Spiritual Journey workshops, invite you join him for a while along his own Spiritual Journey.

Individual or group Spiritual Journey RETREAT while living abroad traveling

1, 3, 5 or up to 9 days you are welcome to join Odin Ѳ at the location he is traveling, along his spirtual journey practices, teaching sessions and heart open daily life flow into divine action experiences.

on the road retreat means that you keep on moving but follow up certain structure and discipline for meditation, practice and self-management of own spirtual journey.

The retreat is provided only by Odin Ѳ, you ight be alone or join with a group or join a group pre organized.

The retreat includes individual or group teaching, and you are welcome also to ask for counceling, advice or private training necessary for your own spiritual Journey.

These 1 up to 9 days, will empower you in your own spiritual Journey.


Every morning meditation, yoga and healthy food practices, combined with day planning, will be followed up by a not-planned (into divine heart flow time), later on an intensive review of the book :  9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling ” , afternoon meditation, yoga and healthy food practices, will be followed again by a not-planned (into divine heart flow time).

On your own private time, you can dedicate to your own spiritual Journey diary, or   9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling ” workook.

Daily Schedule

Odin Ѳ, according to location and eson, might start the day as early as the sun, and end the day close to midnight.

If raw foodalong the day, no special time will be schedule for meals, unless previously set up on agreement; for example when vegan meet up takes place or a particular event or celebraion when some of us will eat vegan.

Practices like yoga and meditation will be normally done in nature unless organized in another way.

Other events wont be planned, as suggested in the book:   9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling “


Odin Ѳ suggest in his book travel destinations, cultures, activities, people, sites, seasons, that wold be ideal for any one, in order to work out particular issues or fields, that eventually might be present along your spiritual journey in your own diary or workbook.

When you join Odin Ѳ along his own spiritual journey you will have the possibility to receive direct teaching on how to work with the location conditions and gifts, for your own spiritual journey, despite the presence of sacred places or religious sites, a spiritual journey starts within your own heart, there for any location might be suitable if your heart has the right questions and wish for a truth-full answer.

Activities that might be included, var according to location:

visit to:

  • spiritual site
  • spiritual archeology site
  • activity
  • people
  • work with local culture issues
  • organization/project
  • location daily life
  • nature
  • explore nature
  • survival training
  • meditation or yoga privat retreat
  • city exploration
  • know how development
  • arts and culture events
  • travelers gathering
  • others


Pre booking 1, up to 9 days, start with 500 USD.

The prebooking fee gives you the right to be in a waiing list for a particular location, date or event.

Booking and prebooking fees only cover time shared with Odin Ѳ, not travel services, or daily expenses (please see service agreement, policy).

Retreat fees (booking fees).

  • 1 day :        900 USD
  • 3 days:   1500 USD
  • 5 days:    3600 USD
  • 9 days:    4500 USD


For prebooking please contact to 


The Black Sea, and its Raw Naked Nature!

Black sea#3

Odiseo wouldnt describe it better.
The black sea coasts of russia are wonderful in its wilderness and have so much to offer to the traveler that loves naked and raw nature.
My days on the coasts of the black sea can be imaginable only for those that knows greece and have been wondering if there is any other place in the world that would remind you those wonderful coasts of the mediterrane sea.
I can see o my hamac only two possible destinations now, while one of those bring me to the open mouth of a blinded kimera, the other one brings me in to the caverns of an unknown land, both of them places populated by strange cultures and people.
I wonder, one my following decision, while now, i will sleep-awake another 9 hours and  prepare my self for golden wine at the sunset hour.
I dont miss here a bartender, as my drinks i can prepare my self by my own, but soon or later, would have to face the fact that the lovers of wine, end up in same taverns.
33 Degrees celcious, and i find only in the shadow of the sun the refreshing nectar of eternal joy.
In some days or tomorrow or yesterday i might continue my travel, while waiting again for my next joyful communication with dolphines, i feel a creative future comming on at the moon of the sacred virgin and have no uncomfortable feeling by telling the truth, peace and love, in its prime nature, may fill out our hearts bringing from within of us the most wonderful joy.
This is Odin Ѳ, for the Odins’Diary
May the Innermost Sound of the Prime Heart of the Divine Force be with You!
Odin Ѳ