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How absurd this claim is, with so much lack of understanding on the nature of a spirtual relationship. The christian codex for spiritual wifes is organic-asexual, gladly for Krishna that was not necessary, who knows, maybe at Krishna times and under Krishna care and patronat, women were educated diffrently and practiced honesty in the field of LOVE, maybe Krishna was loving them all equallity and welcomed them all as one.

Christian wifes of Jesus never had sex with him ( at least not the organic form of sex, we can not tell on what they energetically felt everytime in preyare accessing the timless quantum field of chritianity and reaching Jesus field, we know also Jesus had many lovers or female we know that?), i find that expression of love has actually great lack of honesty and does not show any love based moral, but that is the chistian codex.

The hell of christians is not the same as that one of the Krishna, why religious adepts fight that much to force the perception that their own hell and heaven is the same as that one of any other type of perception, belief or spiritual practice? can we apply the same question to cultural- based morals, hells or heavens?

We live in a quantum realm, you go where you go with your life, perceptions and destiny. But as you see with this article is very common cases of abuse one religion or spiritual group engage in with the intention to enforce behaviour and belief according to own perceptions onw hat spirituality is.

If the world spirituality and daily life, of human kind, wouldnt be power based demigods, trying to program or conditionate each other for the sake of increasing number of believers and population in their own heavens and hells….

A spiritual teacher that send students to NLP another teacher and to demonstrate himself is more powerful , should be considered as a beggar. But obviously the students of him does not realize they did not receive spirituality but deception with political democratic intention. Modern world democrats uses nowdays spirituality to puse and enforce their belief and practice on democratice dogmas. Their heaven is also of democratic deception. Obvioulsy any one with a different approach will be hunted as the witches were hunted by christians.

The world nor human consciousness changed much in 1000s of years…but no one asks why? another reason for enquire, not about human onsciousness change or not but about the lack of humanity, lack of interest and capacity on self reflection: Many people doesnot realize have been subjects and targets of manipulation.

The none as the spiritual democrat guru, only intent to use the collective consciousness codes to destroy the interest people may have, out of resonance and love, in Krishna and in non democratic spiritual approaches. Both are extremely manipulative, demigod type.

BUt i am sure christiana will claim Krishna is a pervert, and spiritual democrats will claim also the same, about non democrats, pulling both of them the collectivewith a NLP collective code. The heaven and hell of democrats is not the same as that one of other spiritual beliefs.



With the spreading of Hinduism worldwide, a pretty Catholic Nun in Warsaw, Poland, filed a case against ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), remarking that Hinduism, was spreading its activities and gaining followers in Poland.

The nun remarked she wanted ISKCON banned because its followers were glorifying a character called ‘Krishna’ “who had loose morals,” having married or consorted with16, 000 women called Gopis. The astute lawyer for the defense consulted a wise wolf that had loose morals before the hearing.

In court the ISKCON defendant lawyer requested the Judge, “Please ask the Nun to repeat the oath she took when she was ordained as a Nun.” The Judge asked the nun to recite the oath in court, but she refused. The defense lawyer then asked permission to read out the oath on her behalf.

“Go ahead,” said the judge. The oath said the lawyer states in effect that the Nun is married to Jesus Christ. The advocate then put forth his argument in the court. “Your Lordship! Lord Krishna is alleged to have ‘married’ 16,000 women only, but there are more than a million nuns who assert that they are married to Jesus Christ.

The defendant’s lawyer said he rests his case with the following closing statement “Between the two,Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ, who has a loose character? He also asked and what about those millions of Nuns?


(new e-book) The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

Report of Asgardians emissaries for the Global Asgard Government Plan 2015

Story Telling in prime language by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Copyright, all rights reserved, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

First Draft edition, year of the Prime Self Union



The asgardians have been observing the development of history after the dark age, when the power based clan invaded all settlements of the children of the 9 clans. After the 9 clans council, the settlements where dedicated to bring its culture into future = present = past time lines for the return of the golden age. Where the power based clan came from, who and what are they made of, who sent them or made them and what for? those are the questions the emmisaries of Asgard have been trying to answer along the last millenia of history in several time lines and realms of the divine quantumverse.

May human kind cultures prevail while facing the children of the power based clan virus on their blodlines, collectives and organizations, governments, information and beliefs?

If the 9 clans council was right in time the future past and present of human kind will be saved, but there are no tangible positive indicators that the 9 clans council was right, so far the asgard emmisaries can tell, through their report.


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