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Nordic Europe / Asia 2014 – 2015

2014.12.15 – 2015.03.15



LUIS invite you join him along a Prime Archeology Expedition

Between 2014.12.15 – 2015.03.15 we will organize prime archeology expeditions @ Nordic Countries & in Asia.








  • 1. Ticket register. After ticket register, we will contact you and schedule a first skype or telf interview. This interview is mandatory, before you join our event. Please register on advanced, consider we need to schedule the step (2) before you join us @ the practice field.
  • 2. Skype Session / Telf. Interview. After skype session or telf Interview, we will inform you by e-mail on the GPS coordinates. (use google maps) for the Prime Tech meetup and practice GEO-location associated to the Prime Archeology expedition (preliminary training).
  • Organic meet up, evaluation of skills and collaboration you bring to the expedition team.
  • Destinations presentation ( organization meet up)
  • Schedule of training/organization/tasks/roles/responsibilities for you at our expedition.  


    skype me @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken

Prime Tech Expo Helsinki 2014 / 9 Hours Video-Webinar

The Prime Tech Expo 2014, of 7th Dec, is NOW ON VIDEO online, an empowering experience and knowledge, on prime technology is applied. 

Buy now! skype @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken


By joining the webinar you will have access to these 9 hours video for a length of 9 weeks or more; as well to a forum dedicated to questions, answers and advice, given by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken on the webinar subjects.

The trial experience for 1 day only gives you access to only one video/theme.


You are welcome to join the webinar in any moment. Your membership for 9 weeks will be activated as soon as you join.


You are kindly welcome to join our Prime Tech EXPO Webinar Online

9 hours Video of the Live Event at the Prime Tech Expo Helsinki 2014  ( not edited, as it was, video recordings)
9 Mini workshops / lecture by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken on Prime Technology applied on the fields listed below.

The themes listed on our site have been developed and presented in detail, a general overview on Prime Technology applications, background, core knowledge and intention, the 7th December 2014 @ Prime Tech EXPO Helsinki, on 9 hrs video.

What will you enjoy along the Prime Tech EXPO Helsinki 2014 webinar ?
  • 0. * Prime Yoga & Prime Meditation (including guided practice): The 900 Prime Yogas
  • 1. * Prime Do – Prime Martial Arts – Background, history, function for peace, origins, practice
  • 2. * The Art of Peace 9 – Non violence practices, the art of peace and the art of war, prime technology applied for peace.
  • 3. * Prime Tech: Futurism & Transhumanism, Global culture change induced by IT, AI & Nano Technologies. Why the user/human must be taken out of the equation? Why and why not transhumanism, is transhumanism an experience of the future, past or present of humanity? How culture could change in the following 54 Years. Transhumanism and peace.
  • 4. * Prime Tree:  The Golden Sphere of Love: Sacred love, sacred sexuality and conscious conception. Family, love and sexuality as path for ascension/completion/prime self union. Collective global self-awareness, self-responsibility. The spiritual path of organic life. Why Golden Sphere of Love is different from Tantrism ? Kaliyuga and tantrism (individualization of the spiritual path vs. the path of human collective / human species) The ancient gods and goddesses of love and their function for social development, social health and family.
  • 5. * Prime Tree: Riding The Golden Dragon: Wealth and the earth element. Prime Tech applied for enhancing individual, family, community, culture, and global wealth. History of the flow of wealth, in relationship to empires, religion and family blood lines/family houses.
  • 6. * Eating as a Prime Yoga Practice, raw-vegan; Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken experience along shifting process into raw and vegan lifestyle. Addictions, body, emotional and psychological responses, social impact, culture, religion, life care sustainability, animal rights. How to eat based on the 9 elements and the heart practice.(guided practice). Nurturing through emotions, feelings, impressions, activities and relationships. Benefits of raw vegan lifestyle.
  • 7. * Story Telling,
  • 8. * Prime Arts Performance, meditative arts. Luis Performing a 18 min story-poetry telling improv and guitar chords percussion improv.
  • 9. * Prime Tech Applied for Business: Use of the three set of elements and the heart, how Prime Tech perceive the future development of corporations and their relative function for culture development, life care and global sustainable development. Communication, collaboration, business.
  • 10. * Prime Archeology – The Primes Culture. Luis travel adventures and expeditions 1987 -2014 on prime/spiritual archeology in Southamerica, Europe, Russia, Israel and Asia.
Prime Tech EXPO Helsinki Dec 7th 2014 Complete Program
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if 0.1% owns as much wealth as 90% of all people… if that information would be true world wide about money based wealth, do you think is different for real wealth ?

” if 0.1% owns as much wealth as 90% of all people… if that information would be  true world wide about money based wealth, do you think is different for real wealth ? heart based wealth? and consciousness based wealth ? you can not imagine how the numbers are for knowledge based wealth… i can tell you, the % are very much the same. it seems to be a pattern for humanity! –  Odin Theta





A question that LUIS still can not answer… why humans on earth do what they do ?

“… unless ETs are controlling the earth planet process of evolution, humanity must be stupid, in last 200 years the earth planet has been almost wasted …” – Odin Theta

How to read this Book? : Consider for a moment that cultures of all the universe, from diverse consciousness states and types of cultures, consider the earth as a good business. the advancement of earth planet as a business could generate great income, if the planet and its evolving culture could be sold to mayor investors or buyers available on the multiverse market. Who are the product developers ? would be that business like finding a recyclable ready machine and up-cycling it ? Apparently it is…

Enjoy the trip into the unknown dimension X of cosmic business.







very true, powerful info

“shooting unarmed man” fallacy of modern perception!

Very true article, with powerful info!

For those experienced in martial arts, we know much high level training have been given along last 72 years to un-responsible people, people not comited to care for life. Now every one in the street could know a martial arts killing technique.

Which are your thoughts about ?

As a peace activist i myself support martial arts training if dedicated to the practice of self responsibility and life care, but myself have been facing attacks of trained individuals that behaved unresponsibly, under drugs for example, or people that emotionally lostted control out of ignorance, conditioning or jelousy.

What would you do if you walk the streets and meet an unknown individual that behave violently ? beside applying your best trained Non Violent Practices… there is a chance 50% to 50% that the one that attacks you is an idiot and lack of fighting and killing capacity, or that can kill you with one hit. (or worst, kill you without intent)

Unless you are capable to recognize that ability in seconds you are exposed to luck.

I would say, you better become a martial arts expert, as soon as you can, unless your fear will drive you try to get a weapon.

Some months ago a boy traveler told me about dangerous situations he experienced on the road, and his intention to buy a gun or a knive. I told him to better learn how to use them unless would like to be killed by another one that knows how to handle edge-risk. His intent could be perceived as high-level threat, while this boy intention “would like to give a warning”only. This boy he would never know how the other side would perceive the weapon on his hands, even it might be a knive or any type of weapon. My intent with this message was to make him feel the extreme possible situation, of brining his life into more danger. While actually i suggested him to do not get any weapon at all, but change travel destinations, schedules and reduce risk.

There is nothing you can do, from both sides, any little extra input, a movement, a sight, a hidden hand, a weapon, a knive, or a stone, or a stick, could be perceived as highly dangerous; there for trigger a massive/deadly attack back or against.

As i said, i we wish to bring peace to our world, we better learn a peaceful art, which is martial arts, and from a good teacher that brings you its correct use as well as discipline and life care values.

A person with military training probably would feel more save by using weapons. But it is again a matter of perspective. From my point of view that would bring a high level danger, if wishing to solve problems with them. While unless you are an expert on martial arts and bullets proof you will not prefer to face bullets with martial arts alone.

I would said, it is a matter of discipline, luck, perception, awareness, choices.

You can choose to live in issolation, or to go every friday party to that corner downtown, or to do what ever… if you are not aware, and do not know what you are doing, you could bring yourself into trouble. It has nothing to do with living abroad traveling or staying at home town. Just few moments with lack of attention, even at home could create a deadly accident. The same as hiking or playing sports, walking on the street or driving a car.

But in the field unavoidable battle, only your perception will make a difference between being killed or becoming a killer, with or without any reason; or becoming a peace maker and making of the event and your oponent an instrument for peace, and a peace for friend.

Mostly people behaves unresponsible, and in confussion when enter in violence. How to bring clarity back to their situation without risking your life and theirs ?

Grateful for your comments.

A new Martial art for peace ? (The art of peace Gathering 02.10 Helsinki)

A new Martial art for peace ?

The general idea of a martial art is: to prepare one individual for combat, where the body is or will be used as weapon.

So how can be a martial art dedicated to peace ?

Why adapted survival and military practices are necessary in our modern society, for responsible citizens, for the achievement of a sustainable peaceful and resilient future ?

Article by Odin Theta
Value: 9000.00 EURO

REF. Martial art for peace.  ( it is one in which the main practice is about working on own emotions and impulsive violence and agressivity. Instead of empowering the use of power, a peaceful emotion in the practice will be developed, as well the ability to avoid conflict and actually dissolve conflict kindly. while under extreme conditions the result of the practice could pacify a violent situation with only words and emotions; it also strength the capacity of self defence without agression.)
REF. The book of war and peace
REF. The peace song of Odin Theta
REF. The art of peace 9 gatherings – round table – in helsinki (01.10.2014)
REF. Golden Jedi Order

A new Martial art for peace ?

The general idea of a martial art is: to prepare one individual for combat, where the body is or will be used as weapon.

So how can be a martial art dedicated to peace ?

Martial arts were implemented in military, as self defense, as training for spionage, and as skills for man-2-man stealt atacks

While war practices have been based on violence, and worked out on the foundation of instinct and survival; advanced military practices training focus on bringing to the individuals the skill to go beyond the instinct.

For our modern society this ability would be extremely important.

Consider for a moment the potential global or continental natural disaster; an hypothesis useful for this example: one of the mayor cities is suddenly, for weeks , lacking of resources: food, water, energy, communication.

The most civilized citizens, the most educated and peaceful ones, under such a survival need, would become extremely violent. A mayor city with well educated university professionals, business people, wealthy and educated individuals, that use to live under comfortable and secure living conditions, will become one of the most dangerous places to live, as for the same citizens behaviour.

The fact that modern society look for well being conditions, and to share quality of live world wide, as basis for human modern globalized society, do not change the fact that humans are still lacking the ability to behave in harmony, collaborate and apply non violent practices when they are living under survival extreme conditions.

The ideal living model of modern world, as background for a secure society, where human needs have been satisfied, is a powerful solution for the creation of a world in peace, but a delusional preference in terms of solving war or violence in human modern individuals. The core of violence have been only covered by a layer of security and well being.

Self responsible individuals, must not only be capable to care for own needs, and care for own life sustainability, but also for their ability to engage into non violent practices under extreme circumstances. The development of such an ability should be a core duty of every responsible citizen.

In this sense, a martial art for peace, which brings those abilities would be ideal for our modern times every day citizen.


Which should be the principles followed by such martial art?

What kind of practices would be necessary to be applied ?

What type of skills would be prised ? how those would be evaluated ?

Which would be the signs of mastery ?
or self-mastery ?

Would you learn martial arts, arts, or survival skills, just for the sake of mastering your instinct and preparing yourself for giving that ability to new generations, and changing in that sense their future, giving to them the freedom that means to live beyond instinct under extreme survival conditions, the ability to collaborate and communicate and co-create sustainable living conditions, instead of engaging into war ? violence or conflict ?

did any of the following examples help us to have a view of this possibility ?

Bruce lee ?

Jackie chan ?

Jet lee ?

Jedi Yoda ?

Jean Claude Van Damme ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba?

Steven Segal


or are they only imaginary archetypes created by the media?

what about all the mytological heroes of every culture around the planet ? where not they heroes as for the developed of that particular capacity ?


i would like to invite you review carefully these idea, and consider to practice healing and self healing (preventive health practices), arts, meditation, yoga, consciousness, heart based behaviour, survival practices and martial arts, for inner peace and self mastery of own instinct under extreme living conditions; and add to it the ability to collaborate, cocreate in the field of sustainable living, a resilient world in peace.

would you try this solution out ?

which are your thoughts about it ?

do you think that 100% of nowadays responsible citizens would like, out of own duty and consciouss responsible self awareness, decide to engage into such kind of training ?

WOuld they do “have the time ‘ to care, for a future in peace by transforming own self, mastering own instinct, mastering own conflicted life, emotions, mind, and ability to become violent?

WOuld they like to consider to engage into peace and heart based resilient behaviour ?

If you review the behaviour of our modern society, you will find out that individualism and competition have been extremely empowered.

How would you combine that basis of the globalized modern world education with our current needs of a world in peace, harmony, resilience and sustainability ?

Are the standard globally claimed good skills of: selfishness, ego based behaviour ( considerd as key for survival in modern times ), the ones that will help us achieve a sustainable world in peace ?

Why and how, and against what should individuals fight, if under extreme survival conditions ?

What is a survival condition ?

What are survival skills ?

Review all you have been learning and practices you have been suggested to follow, and evaluate them ? are those violence based or peace based? which is the generator considered as core ability for their application with success ?

Join us at the Art of peace gathering, the 02.10 round table in helsinki, 18.00 to share and discuss on this issue.

Odin Theta

REF. Martial art for peace. (it is one in which the main practice is about working on own emotions and impulsive violence and agressivity. Instead of empowering the use of power, a peaceful emotion in the practice will be developed, as well the ability to avoid conflict and actually dissolve conflict kindly. while under extreme conditions the result of the practice could pacify a violent situation with only words and emotions; it also strength the capacity of self defence without agression.)
REF. The book of war and peace
REF. The peace song of Odin Theta
REF. The art of peace 9 gatherings – round table – in helsinki (01.10.2014)
REF. Golden Jedi Order