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Cosmic Investors Call/Message, by Odin Theta

“if you have to make them wealthier first that they become able to pay you, then there is no business there. We better look for another market ” ~ Odin Theta

If something doesnt have commercial value, what can you do with it in order to create a value of it?

we start with following statement: “everything has a value or you can create a value of everything, even of the most poor in value thing”

in the customer-2-customer business, it is a relevant question. if there is no customer-2-customer market for it, then it need to be considered as waste-with-no-value; which is very strange, but apparently possible.

Lets evaluate some alternatives:

  • Recycling, then do something creative with it
  • Sale it as waste
  • Compost it
  • Burst it
  • Develop a teaching on what to do “If something doesnt have commecial value, what can you do with it in order to create a value of it?”
  • Write a book on why it doesnt have commercial value.
  • Write history and details on how something ended up into not having commercial value.
  • Create a space/trend in the market (customer-to-customer) for which something with no commercial value might have leisure or entretainment or trend or emotional value.
  • There are many things in the market with no value that are and have been marketable.
  • Convince scientists that there is a mystery on that thing with no commercial value they can play around. So it can boom the science industry.
  • Use it as a dangerouse virus, that can contaminate other things with commercial value and reduce their real commercial value. sale it as a virus.
  • If you find customers afraid of things without commercial value, then you find there a use of it.
  • Use it as a tool for market management so far you proove it can conditionate positively or on the contrary the market.
  • Use it as an object of study for business people: what kind of things have no commercial value.
  • Try any other method or strategy necessary to recycle it or waste it or do anything elses without producing extra costs. What ever you do with it need to be self-sustained.
  • If the technology exist, or available to you, and represent no costs for your company nor for the environment or market: vaporize it or teleport it to the vacuum or limbo or a paralel dimension where no one in following time lines would care.
  • Remember, if it is no possible to avoid its existance, it is possible to do with it something that justify its existance, or that justify the extermination of it. Make a business out of extermination. To build up is a business as to break down.
  • Or Rent waste as a play yard for children, you know children see value in everything and like to play with everything. But be careful as the children get easily bored and could create more costs to you, that you dont prefer.
  • If there is no one of those alternatives that could be applied on the thing… then consider an ultimate last investment for the sake of the health of the market.

After evaluating all of these alternatives, i will try the most effective, feasable and cost effective one.

I personally, regarding the thing with no value,go for COST Zero Vaporization! recycling to cosmic dust!

If you have another suggestion, let me know!

Cosmic Investors Call/Message 2013.10.03. by Odin Theta



A question that LUIS still can not answer… why humans on earth do what they do ?

“… unless ETs are controlling the earth planet process of evolution, humanity must be stupid, in last 200 years the earth planet has been almost wasted …” – Odin Theta

How to read this Book? : Consider for a moment that cultures of all the universe, from diverse consciousness states and types of cultures, consider the earth as a good business. the advancement of earth planet as a business could generate great income, if the planet and its evolving culture could be sold to mayor investors or buyers available on the multiverse market. Who are the product developers ? would be that business like finding a recyclable ready machine and up-cycling it ? Apparently it is…

Enjoy the trip into the unknown dimension X of cosmic business.






HERITAGE IN CORPORATE WORLD: it is better to live as you think/perceive, otherwise you would think/perceive as your lifestyle

” Es mejor vivir como piensas, o de lo contrario pensaras como vives” Jose Mujica < it is better to live as you think/perceive, otherwise you would think/perceive as your lifestyle > “

” If CEOs / Shareholders / Owners of corporate would perceive a corporation as a mean for creating a sustainable world and heritage for life and family/community care, perceiving family care as the purpose of corporation, would would find many of them living simple, as their employees.
I can tell, there are some, around the world, a species in extintion, but still caring for the future of humanity.
Companies that wish to survive world change and inherite job positions for future generations. ”
Odin Theta
Inspired by Jose Mujica

PS. it is more easy to boost a company in 5 years to get trillions in profit than to create a corporation capable to sustain the life of 1000s of employees and their families.

for those in modern times that act against family based corporations, must know, corporate must evolve as a species in order to reach a sustainable behaviour and ensure heritage; traditional and innovative strategies must be applied. For those that claim corporations must be erased from earth planned, and replaced by governments that apply social care strategies, i must remind you, that your governments are also corporations ( from architecture point of view, also religious organizations, and military is are, as well as productive natural environments where several species joint for life care sustainability). The only species creating life complex trouble and life sustaining risks, are humans.