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Human Resurrection with AI.. the next stage of earthian evolution ? or stupid-dissolution ?




Remember the sci-fi movie Transcendence where the main character dies and his consciousness gets transferred into a computer? It is possible that something like this may soon become a reality; at least, this is what one company claims.

Well, at the moment, such a possibility still belongs to the category of science fiction, but it seems that a start-up called Humai has some ambitious plans for making it happen. The company actually promises to resurrect humans by transferring their consciousness into an artificial body.

In fact, the technology necessary to do something like this doesn’t exist yet, but the company claims to be able to resurrect the first human within 30 years.

How are they going to achieve it? According to the company’s website, the first step will be to “store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out” with the help of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology.

Then, “this data will be coded into multiple sensor technologies, which will be built into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased human. Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures.”

Moreover, Humai CEO Josh Bocanegra has revealed further details of the process in his interview with PopSci, saying that the brain will be frozen after death using cryonics and then stored until there is a technology capable of implanting it into an artificial body.


“The artificial body functions will be controlled with your thoughts by measuring brain waves. As the brain ages, we’ll use nanotechnology to repair and improve cells. Cloning technology is going to help with this too,” he said.

These ideas may sound very promising while in reality there is no solid evidence that one’s consciousness can be ‘downloaded’ from the brain and transferred into a machine, just like a computer file can be copied to another computer via USB. It’s far more complex than that.

Moreover, the claim that the artificial body can be controlled with one’s thoughts is hardly tenable. Even though certain technological advances of the recent years made it possible to control things like robotic limbs and advanced implants via brain waves, there is still no practical ways to control a whole artificial body.

It’s also worth noting that the brain is not the only organ that determines the way we think, feel and behave. In fact, other parts of the body also participate in regulating our behaviors. For example, hormones produced by our glands can actually influence our decisions and actions, not to mention that consciousness does not equal mind or brain. It’s more complex than that. There is also much evidence to suggest that consciousness may not be local at all, and that our body’s might just be ‘consciousness vessels’ and our brains just the receivers of consciousness much like the antennae on your radio.

In any case, even if consciousness uploading becomes feasible one day, it is unlikely that science and technology will be advanced enough to make it happen in 30 years from now, or maybe it already is.. Deep inside some of these black projects that are kept hidden, but that’s a whole nother’ topic altogether. Till then, those who want to live forever will have to accept the idea of the inevitability of death.

What about you, would you like to live forever? We would love to hear your thoughts on this


This technology is developed based on the idea, perception, consciousness is the brain, or result of brain based activity, associated to data and learned/selfprogramed along life patterns, of behaviour, perception, thinking, the neural shape of the bbrain. This idea is completely wrong. The danger of it is that humans digitalization started already 20 years ago, today a human can be saved in 10 mb. memory stick…exactly as for what this company needs and referes to.

so it is not a game is already taking place, now being used to replace employess in corporate, by implementing artificial intelligence at their jobs positions after a human digitalization process of so far 10 to 15 years

with the human digitalization protocoles and methods, would be possible even to NLP humans to produce the best humans examples of the best employees, there for, have data necessaey for creating Artificial intelligence that reproduced a human, and replace him

he same digital human now foundation for AI based human engines, is what they call in this article a Human resurrection. a deception based on language for your perception

this is not scientific work

is IT, AI, Tech work. creation of a new human type species…by mimic of the human u organic unit

a human resurrection would include the ability of human to shift consciousness,e volve, change, not out of protocols, or algortmmos, bot out of IT, or AI< but out of pure consciousness and union, alignment with prime source

this article shows a serious issue that has not been addressed by past and current spiritual organizations, but if some of us would come from the future, this kind of technology, culture and civilization change would actually become one of our key targets for saving organic human kind

and creating an organic sounding light body based future for human culture, civilization upgrade

instead of a mimic of humanity that will be called in 100 years the post human, perfect in its function and form.

may earth change its detiny? would you do all that is necessary to be done for adjusting the future that seems to be un avoidable? a high tech based future, which has been developed based on the strategy of deception, deceiving humans from what they will become (nothing) but actually replaced with (AI, human mimic tech )

if you are, or claim to be aware and consciouss, you better review this article, some data on human digitalization, and choose the role you wanna play

tw: they are now registering all FB posts you do, all posts and activity in the net, making a digital version of yourself, …one day, when the conditionated enough your development and behaviour, with the purpose of enhancing their digital AI mimic, may release you from the organic world and replace you digitally… who would notice?

you, for sure dont…


You will get digitalized, the virtual war, or “the control of human consciousness”. on Science, Technology, I.T. and Internet. Why self-awareness and self-responsibility? L D Maldonado Fonken, former IT open a clossed book, for the eyes of those that can see. It is a collection of microarticles and blogs posts done in february march 2013. Suggests a groundbreaking point of view on the human capacity and rights for self-determination and justify the existance of self-awareness/consciousness-based-casts, suggest divine intervention for the purpose of global sustainable development, and announce the “judgement day” as natural consequence of human self-unresponsible behaviour.


The 90 Years Post-humanic Project 1980 – 2070 * History Records 1980 -2070 * How was changed the destiny of humanity in just 3 generations? and a new techno-human species have replaced and erased humanity on earth? * Generational Blindness there for lack of tangible action/reaction to reality. All that the past, actual and future generations will decide to belief is normal. * Is Human Civilization Civilized ? * Is the future of humanity to be hunted (sport) by a new trans-humanic or post-humanic techno human species ? The Outcome: * Change of society * New species: transformer * Hybrid species: trans-humanic * Both post humanic * Wasted planet earth, no organic life, but GMO life.


CONSPIRACY: Global Mass Mord – A Transhumanic 72K years cold war strategy. By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Story telling in Symbolic language. * Transhumanic cold war of 72000 years * War strategies:hunting post humans * Post humans living among us * The thread doesnt come from earth or the revolution comes from earth? * Join the global revolution!


Transhumanic Wars / 1927-2017. Why military should take over the strategy, implementation, development and management of global sustainable development? Sustainable development applied globally requieres from a global pupulation capable to take decisions with individual authonomy, self-awareness and self-responsibility. Are governments capable, are private organizations concernes, can police police the necessary re-education of humanity on “planet-earth”,what about the other game players. If Military takes over, can humanity take for granted that sustainable global development will take place. Or what is the real war taking place invisible to the deceived-senses of some of the inhabitants of “earth-planet”? Which is the real war taking place? Who are the gods and goddesses in a state o sacred union immerssed into prime self-loving love source core ? are they among you? how can you recognize them? can you? why would you ? what do they want from you?Will something change in your life after you read this book?


ADVANCED EM BOOK: “The organization, a human based transformational organic consciouss light engine”. Starts a series of books dedicated to elements management applied L.D.Maldonado Fonken, Creator of Elements Management and the EM Companies, inspire us with insight into the reality of an organization and corportation, and its similaritis from the point of view of perception of essential patterns of behavior and consciousness a variety of levels of awareness, with the individual and collective. “an organization, a company, a community collaboration process are human based transformational engines, … the organization of your own daily life and personal development, and even the management of your own spiritual awakening and consciousness shift is done within an organic-energy-consciousness-living systhem, created by you: human. You are, human, a cosmic wheel, a multidimensional chakra that alouds new qualities of consicousness enter this organic realm. Do your life in another way!

Unless he planet get that small that to do your own things without caring of others nor judging them becomes unrealistic as every move you take kills not only trees, animals, environment, people, and heritage, species, future and Human Kind evolving DNA. What to do with you?


Unless he planet get that small that to do your own things without caring of others nor judging them becomes an unrealistic  behaviour as every move you take kills not only trees, animals, environment, people, and heritage, species, future and Human Kind evolving DNA. What to do with you? stop judging you ?

Researching on emigration maps, and current culture change tendencies, and intercultural influences from inside out. have you checked after world war emigration maps and history?

Researching on emigration maps, and current culture change tendencies, and intercultural influences from inside out. have you checked after world war emigration maps and history? – Odin Theta

Did Jesus know what he was doing? (creating for mankind today) – Spiritual un-responsibility in the christian religion/ WHY MODERN MYSTICS and middle age mystics were so badly pushed to poverty and sacrifice and abuse by the christians ? (Abuse and control issues in spirituality)

What did Jesus created, by letting them kill him , crucify him?

WHY MODERN MYSTICS and middle age mystics were so badly pushed to poverty and sacrifice and abuse by the christian churches?

With his life Jesus created the idea that every true spirtual person should be poor, heal for free, create abundance out of nothing, be abused and killed, come back with super powers and then become an ascended god like being you can pray to and receive help from. 


That stigma every spirtual individuals receive from Jesus life as for christian people like to judge what true spirituality is or not; as they have been doing since then (review history documents).

It os not a surprise that christians are also nowadays (in a more sofisticated not see platform) pushing so many spirtual people,

one can not be in a mystic practice without christians (or modern world perception of spirituality, which is mostly christian judgment view) to push you have a life as that one of jesus and prove you are spiritual by walking the same path.

For modern spiritual people the path of jesus was no really spiritually self responsible, but please do not talk with a christian or any people that have an idea of spirituality (as learned by christian cultural influence) about that.

Why people is afraid of being enligthened? of spirtuality? of becomming a mystic?

The hunger games played buy the movements and organizations that TEST if people are spiritual or not are based on smilar ideas to that oen of christianmis regarding which are the signs of a saint, a spiritual person, a mystic, a buddha, an asscended master or a god.

Then they spend millions and whole life trying to verify if that individuals falls into any of that categories.

But what is unseen for most of the people is that that the TESTS and HUNGER GAMES (Dont support them until we know if they are truelly spiritual) has only one purpose: TO STOP CHANGE TO TAKE PLACE.

Control and power based freaks that intent to keep all as it was or at least to control changes, will take over the knowledge of spiritual people and even create movements by using their names ( most of the modern world known religions or spiritual sects or organizations or circles)

I think Jesus screw it for all of us!

As many other “spiritual” people did.

And you screw it again, by accepting control and power based commands. IF YOU HAVE THE FEELING OF SUPPORTING CHANGE< JUDGE BY YOUR OWN WHAT YOU FEEL.

SUPPORT SPIRITUAL PEOPLE YOU FEEL RESONANCE WITH. let no body tell you what is good or not for you, think by your own.

SO if you feel resonance with a spiritual person this individual will have great influence on you. take your time and choose him/her/it to influence your life.

BE AWARE OF THOSE that tell you: THink by your own as well, as they might actually provocate you to dont let others influence you at all.

TO enjoy interaction with spiritual people means also to let them influence us. and by experience realize where this interaction drive us  or how it changes our life.

Eventually true mystics will make your ground breake or quake, and you might feel lossing all the ground. Maybe because your ground is not stable enough.

“In order to build, foundations are necessary, one must break the ground ” – Odin Theta on Groundbreaking practices.

Some organizations call to the effects of interaction: purification. one gets sick, or house damages, or problems, that actually will help as unblocking the field from trauma, health issues, perception issues and make the field ready for true interaction, communication and collaboration when you have your full potential activated.

SO hold on, and keep on track, even if for certain times does not feel good. as that is a sign of change activated by the interaction.

Most of my students experience deep changes in their life, energy and projects, out of interaction or application of my teachings; some eventually just as for their intention to learn what i teach. It is normal they must first be capable of stabilizing that outcome of the interaction in their lifes and at the same time stand the interaction and learning process, inner self transformation process.

To learn means to change, to apply means change, to evolve means change. What we change is the frame, masks, patterns, limits of ourselves of our life…as we express more and more our true nature which is joy, love, self love and self-responsible freedom., and finally our ultimate nature: the source of all that is expresses itself in the form of ourselves.

IT IS NECCESARY to observe life with precision and not only one side or layer of experience, but to go deeper, into the function and purpose of them.

It is also necessary you become aware of the views, practices and control mechanism every spiritual movement and religion or view has in order to control change, the new or the different one.

Only demigods have conflict with the divine and with all possibilities.






Can Thought Control DNA change ? why monsters kidnaped girls in movies ?

Can Thought Control DNA change ? why monsters kidnaped girls in movies ?

” if DNA breed would be true as strategy for DNA upgrade, it could be applied to culture, as it is applied to individuals. I just received a post of an image of an old movie, from the 50s, on a green monster kindnnaping a girl, why would a monetser humanoid type kindnap a girl? maybe as for DNA upgrade, breed. or DNA recovery ? where those “monsters” humans tests objects of labs experimenting on/with nano-virus capable to change DNA?   ”

Odin Theta


Prime Tech Expo Helsinki 2014 / 9 Hours Video-Webinar

The Prime Tech Expo 2014, of 7th Dec, is NOW ON VIDEO online, an empowering experience and knowledge, on prime technology is applied. 

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You are kindly welcome to join our Prime Tech EXPO Webinar Online

9 hours Video of the Live Event at the Prime Tech Expo Helsinki 2014  ( not edited, as it was, video recordings)
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The themes listed on our site have been developed and presented in detail, a general overview on Prime Technology applications, background, core knowledge and intention, the 7th December 2014 @ Prime Tech EXPO Helsinki, on 9 hrs video.

What will you enjoy along the Prime Tech EXPO Helsinki 2014 webinar ?
  • 0. * Prime Yoga & Prime Meditation (including guided practice): The 900 Prime Yogas
  • 1. * Prime Do – Prime Martial Arts – Background, history, function for peace, origins, practice
  • 2. * The Art of Peace 9 – Non violence practices, the art of peace and the art of war, prime technology applied for peace.
  • 3. * Prime Tech: Futurism & Transhumanism, Global culture change induced by IT, AI & Nano Technologies. Why the user/human must be taken out of the equation? Why and why not transhumanism, is transhumanism an experience of the future, past or present of humanity? How culture could change in the following 54 Years. Transhumanism and peace.
  • 4. * Prime Tree:  The Golden Sphere of Love: Sacred love, sacred sexuality and conscious conception. Family, love and sexuality as path for ascension/completion/prime self union. Collective global self-awareness, self-responsibility. The spiritual path of organic life. Why Golden Sphere of Love is different from Tantrism ? Kaliyuga and tantrism (individualization of the spiritual path vs. the path of human collective / human species) The ancient gods and goddesses of love and their function for social development, social health and family.
  • 5. * Prime Tree: Riding The Golden Dragon: Wealth and the earth element. Prime Tech applied for enhancing individual, family, community, culture, and global wealth. History of the flow of wealth, in relationship to empires, religion and family blood lines/family houses.
  • 6. * Eating as a Prime Yoga Practice, raw-vegan; Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken experience along shifting process into raw and vegan lifestyle. Addictions, body, emotional and psychological responses, social impact, culture, religion, life care sustainability, animal rights. How to eat based on the 9 elements and the heart practice.(guided practice). Nurturing through emotions, feelings, impressions, activities and relationships. Benefits of raw vegan lifestyle.
  • 7. * Story Telling,
  • 8. * Prime Arts Performance, meditative arts. Luis Performing a 18 min story-poetry telling improv and guitar chords percussion improv.
  • 9. * Prime Tech Applied for Business: Use of the three set of elements and the heart, how Prime Tech perceive the future development of corporations and their relative function for culture development, life care and global sustainable development. Communication, collaboration, business.
  • 10. * Prime Archeology – The Primes Culture. Luis travel adventures and expeditions 1987 -2014 on prime/spiritual archeology in Southamerica, Europe, Russia, Israel and Asia.
Prime Tech EXPO Helsinki Dec 7th 2014 Complete Program
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if 0.1% owns as much wealth as 90% of all people… if that information would be true world wide about money based wealth, do you think is different for real wealth ?

” if 0.1% owns as much wealth as 90% of all people… if that information would be  true world wide about money based wealth, do you think is different for real wealth ? heart based wealth? and consciousness based wealth ? you can not imagine how the numbers are for knowledge based wealth… i can tell you, the % are very much the same. it seems to be a pattern for humanity! –  Odin Theta



Cosmic Investors Call/Message, by Odin Theta

“if you have to make them wealthier first that they become able to pay you, then there is no business there. We better look for another market ” ~ Odin Theta

If something doesnt have commercial value, what can you do with it in order to create a value of it?

we start with following statement: “everything has a value or you can create a value of everything, even of the most poor in value thing”

in the customer-2-customer business, it is a relevant question. if there is no customer-2-customer market for it, then it need to be considered as waste-with-no-value; which is very strange, but apparently possible.

Lets evaluate some alternatives:

  • Recycling, then do something creative with it
  • Sale it as waste
  • Compost it
  • Burst it
  • Develop a teaching on what to do “If something doesnt have commecial value, what can you do with it in order to create a value of it?”
  • Write a book on why it doesnt have commercial value.
  • Write history and details on how something ended up into not having commercial value.
  • Create a space/trend in the market (customer-to-customer) for which something with no commercial value might have leisure or entretainment or trend or emotional value.
  • There are many things in the market with no value that are and have been marketable.
  • Convince scientists that there is a mystery on that thing with no commercial value they can play around. So it can boom the science industry.
  • Use it as a dangerouse virus, that can contaminate other things with commercial value and reduce their real commercial value. sale it as a virus.
  • If you find customers afraid of things without commercial value, then you find there a use of it.
  • Use it as a tool for market management so far you proove it can conditionate positively or on the contrary the market.
  • Use it as an object of study for business people: what kind of things have no commercial value.
  • Try any other method or strategy necessary to recycle it or waste it or do anything elses without producing extra costs. What ever you do with it need to be self-sustained.
  • If the technology exist, or available to you, and represent no costs for your company nor for the environment or market: vaporize it or teleport it to the vacuum or limbo or a paralel dimension where no one in following time lines would care.
  • Remember, if it is no possible to avoid its existance, it is possible to do with it something that justify its existance, or that justify the extermination of it. Make a business out of extermination. To build up is a business as to break down.
  • Or Rent waste as a play yard for children, you know children see value in everything and like to play with everything. But be careful as the children get easily bored and could create more costs to you, that you dont prefer.
  • If there is no one of those alternatives that could be applied on the thing… then consider an ultimate last investment for the sake of the health of the market.

After evaluating all of these alternatives, i will try the most effective, feasable and cost effective one.

I personally, regarding the thing with no value,go for COST Zero Vaporization! recycling to cosmic dust!

If you have another suggestion, let me know!

Cosmic Investors Call/Message 2013.10.03. by Odin Theta



A question that LUIS still can not answer… why humans on earth do what they do ?

“… unless ETs are controlling the earth planet process of evolution, humanity must be stupid, in last 200 years the earth planet has been almost wasted …” – Odin Theta

How to read this Book? : Consider for a moment that cultures of all the universe, from diverse consciousness states and types of cultures, consider the earth as a good business. the advancement of earth planet as a business could generate great income, if the planet and its evolving culture could be sold to mayor investors or buyers available on the multiverse market. Who are the product developers ? would be that business like finding a recyclable ready machine and up-cycling it ? Apparently it is…

Enjoy the trip into the unknown dimension X of cosmic business.