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The practice circle is dedicated to empower individuals along their spiritual journey with a collective effort, intent, aim, collaboration, focus applied by a circle of practitioners.
The collective efforts provide the benefits of an increasing empowering flow, conscious will training and possibility to listen to experiences of others that apply the same methods, practices.
The Practice circle gathers online at the e-learning platform.
At the end of the day the practice circle members share on the forum and review documents, videos, text materials, practices and experiences together.
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Language & Culture, History, Present and Future of Finland

Language & Culture, History, Present and Future of  Finland

Why Finland feels in such a struggle upgrading culture and civilization, gender, violence and addiction issues, do not cope with high tech design and education.

Consider for a moment that the finish language does not belong to the real culture background of Finland.

Remember the Finnish language as it is now, is a mix of ancient language with add on from other languages. Some words, structures, has been changed, adjusted, as for , at that time, christian purposes/function of enhancing communication and a new identity to the national culture.

Thanks to this new language the national culture evolved, but not in tune with its roots. Several years later the powerful intent of 3 generations for the awakening and healing of Finland seems to be vain and superficial, as for the language used, is not the real language the true Finns would have used, which is in the body and collective memory of the land and people.

This is a good example, how to block a culture development and continuity for several generations, in such a way that unless the culture become collectively self aware and capable to see ownself beyond cultural ego educated by history.

Will Finland heal, re-adjust its language, realign its collective mind? or will continue falling into a demigod behaviour and complete process of completing creating out of its history a demigods land?

Who knows, do you know?


Why humans miss-behave? Was the impact with Planet Theai the reason for earth-tian dis-harmony? Is the earth-ian time frequency synch to golden age the solution earth-ian culture and civilization needs in order to be back at the Golden Age Frequency of Consciousness?

Why humans miss-behave? Was the impact with Planet Theai the reason for earth-tian dis-harmony? Is the earth-ian time frequency synch to golden age the solution earth-ian culture and civilization needs in order to be back at the Golden Age Frequency of Consciousness?

The lunar rock samples retrieved by Apollo astronauts were found to be very similar in composition to Earth’s crust, and so were likely removed from Earth in some violent event

If the moon is real.

earth planet is not synch any more with its original orbit and influenced by artificial or not original satelite, there for human conscousness is also not aligned, a consciousness that is or should be in harmony as self expression, of gaian core of consciousness… this shoft created most of disruptions and missbehaviour of humans on earth that seems to be very sensitive to the time frequency issue… if this theory is true, a consciouss activation and stabilization of human collective time frequency, as for golden time frequency, would bring human culture and civilization back to the golden age. would you try that?
Lets prime breath…
or may be this planet another-diemsnion planet? a parallel next to us dimension, where to find it? i hidden planet 9th?
how to communicate with a planet in solar system that is not seen, and not easily measured?
would there be a culture living there?


(new e-book) The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

Report of Asgardians emissaries for the Global Asgard Government Plan 2015

Story Telling in prime language by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Copyright, all rights reserved, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

First Draft edition, year of the Prime Self Union



The asgardians have been observing the development of history after the dark age, when the power based clan invaded all settlements of the children of the 9 clans. After the 9 clans council, the settlements where dedicated to bring its culture into future = present = past time lines for the return of the golden age. Where the power based clan came from, who and what are they made of, who sent them or made them and what for? those are the questions the emmisaries of Asgard have been trying to answer along the last millenia of history in several time lines and realms of the divine quantumverse.

May human kind cultures prevail while facing the children of the power based clan virus on their blodlines, collectives and organizations, governments, information and beliefs?

If the 9 clans council was right in time the future past and present of human kind will be saved, but there are no tangible positive indicators that the 9 clans council was right, so far the asgard emmisaries can tell, through their report.


Follow up Odin Theta adventures at the Odin Theta Diaries.

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Symbolic Language

Symbolic Language

” I saw this Kanji nine times already. ”

” Complex message communicated in simple format “

” Communicate in the presence, as a matrix, as a quantum field, as an organic light reality “

” Data, images, media, information, intent, pattern, awareness, sensations, emotions, all are the same! “

Quotes by ~ L D Maldonado Fonken

What is symbolic Language?

Why to use it?


From the myths that nurture the images of ancient and new cultures, come to our collective awareness the meaning of terms and expressions that have been losted for centuries or maybe thousends of years. How can you know what CHI means, without knowing what CHI means.It is not about definitions, but about meaning and knowledge associated to it. 

The function to communicate multiple levels of meaning simultaneously, in a s very simple format.

The meaning assigned to the terms, and expressions will be discovered along the Boot Camps, Coaching or Training sessions, as those menaings are meant to be organically (multilevel) experienced. (Please review: 9 Belts, the EM900 Standard, which gives you another insight into the multiple levels of meaning of a term or expression).

In this sense, communication within prime self union body of work is developed by applying our own language.

 How do we apply Symbolic Language?

Gladly, most of our work in terms of meta-meanings and communication is based on nature principles and archetyps, myths and heroes… but not all of our work. There are key words and expressions that are onlly accessible through training, not through definition. Which is another key for innerstanding/understanding of our work, products and services: you need experience in order to know.

Information is not enough, the organic integration of the principles, is necessary. As well as the actual capacity to access to the core knowledge in the field of stuy, application, practice and work.

 The use of the symbolic language facilitate the integration of left and right brain activity and capacity in the communication. Metaphors, poetry, sensory-emotional-sound-self-awareness.

This language facilitate the ability to transfer nature principles and empower individuals in the process of self-re-discovery of own potentiality. 

The use of the symbolic language integrated to our know how have been effective to provide experience, and empower the ability to recognize multi-level sustainability principles, independently of academic studies or professional specialization. and use of symbols.

Notice that modern culture specialists and academic workers utilize only/mostly own technical language. Self-awareness in relation to language have been never applied by them.

People never interested in metameaning and semantics, will hardly realize the meaning of words used. Also etimology would be important, but is matter again of interest as for very little amount of people the original empowerment words give is a serious matter. Epistemology would be for sure interested in the “experience” the language can provide. But more important would be the innerstanding of the principles that govern language and the human self-awareness, as key for accessing to knowledge.

A very good example of this process of increasing complexity in the intent of accessing to knowledge, is the degeneration of our language. how a great mass, even having access to high education, even educated at university, tend to utilize a simple language, more simple every time, reducing meaning, semantics and words, SMS text and talk for example, … then they loose interest for semnatic and refined self expression ( in our multidimensional simultanouse communication terms)

While a symbolic language seems to offer a solution for our world, as it gives to every one a message and a taste of knowledge according to individuals experience of the symboles and the field of study. Just with one sentence, knowledge becomess accessible to every one. It also creates access to knowledge for an elite, an elite that have had experience with the field of the symboles used. This elite is not claiming to be superior, but actually that has access to the knowledge the words offer as it show interest on it, and readiness to enter the designed and provided experiences necessary to bring their consciousness, awareness, perception and thinking to the field of experiential-meaning the symbolic language provide to them

A good example of symbolic language are the chinese Kanjis, the one used for RICE, gives you a wider range of possible insight into the meaning and function in nature of rice. Accordingt o context, intent and use of the symbolic language the menaing of rice will bring simultaneusly many levels of meaning. So one individual might notice some, while others will notice many or all. What each individual approach is precise.

 Here there is another important reason why we do publish our work only in english: our customers work with international teams, and we manage and will keep the key codes in such a language. Even it has been plan by our company to transfer/express all our symboolic languagge and codes by utilizing Chinesse Kanjis. This upgrade of our symbolic language will be extremely useful for a close future.

Story Telling, is an ideal place to start, with the innerstanding and travel adventure that symbolic language will bring to your self-awareness.

I have been living in the Forest of Odin (Odenwald) in Germany for some years (Archive)

“I am not afraid of getting lost as i know where i am heading to ” Odin Ѳ

I can tell that it is a magical location, inhabitated by wonderful creatures and traces of spiritual activity at several of its hidden gathering spots.
At this forest, located close to the BergStrasse, Central Germany, you will find yourself enjoying the elfs songs and the wind of the 9 directions
A location you shouldnt miss along your heroe travel into the sacred temple of knowledge and wisdom.
I just need to warn you, as for Odiseo, you might find challenges on the forest that would bring you to other destinations, and help you loose your final aim.
Magical enchanting songs, powerful crystal spells, and magiscians of all types will seduce you along the road.
It is extremely important you make friends with beasts and magical beings as for the forest is a sacred land and you will know when the right time comes for you to discover its hidden treasures.
The Flute of The Magician, my beloved songs album, have been created while my stay at the Forest of Odin of Asgard. (Archive)
The hidden temple of the great Odin, will be found there, in its most glourious esplendor and magnificence power.
Travel by following the wind directions and never forget to get lost at the right place as for getting lost is necessary if you would like to find yourself again.
“I am not afraid of getting lost as i know where i am heading to “
Odin Ѳ


The Timeless Mountain (Archive)

Probably one of the most recent experiences that prepared me for the sunshine of Russia, is that of the time mountain in Austria.
According to my records, the Time mountain in Austria holds within a cavern with an engine which creates in collaboration with the earth gates, a time neutral gate. A time neutral gate defined here will mean a time portal
The following document will help you find out more of the benefits, risks and regions interesting and meaningful for exploring.
The Timeless Mountain (Austria)
It is a perfect case for training and study of a consciousness field.
References are many in history that are beyond myth, and also a list of individuals that used the same track of exploring for own aims.
I wont talk about them now, but will share with you key advice for navigating the consciousness field of  Timeless Mountain in Austria.
Odin Ѳ

The MAP of a consciousness field (document for researchers and explorers)

What is a consciousness field?

Consider for a moment that you find yourself, also your consciousness, within a vase of water, which have been programmed with a particular emotion.
Now, what would take place if you bring another type of emotion or your perception is not ready to perceive the emotion of the field, nor to realize the experience the field brings to you.
Along my trips i realized a pattern that need to be observed, on how the sacred land reacts on you.
These observations i did mostly at spiritual archeology expeditions, not only at archeology spots or locations, but at natural places which gaia created within own body for earth inhabitants to  learn and evolve in consciousness, but also for holding information and eventually also protecting life, culture and people.
A brief document i posted now in my books shelf.
The MAP of a consciousness field, will help you travel along the field of the spiritual archeology site and find yourself ready for reaching your prefered destination.


Odin’s Diary Sacred Land MAP of a Consciousness Field


Odin Ѳ