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Human Resurrection with AI.. the next stage of earthian evolution ? or stupid-dissolution ?




Remember the sci-fi movie Transcendence where the main character dies and his consciousness gets transferred into a computer? It is possible that something like this may soon become a reality; at least, this is what one company claims.

Well, at the moment, such a possibility still belongs to the category of science fiction, but it seems that a start-up called Humai has some ambitious plans for making it happen. The company actually promises to resurrect humans by transferring their consciousness into an artificial body.

In fact, the technology necessary to do something like this doesn’t exist yet, but the company claims to be able to resurrect the first human within 30 years.

How are they going to achieve it? According to the company’s website, the first step will be to “store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out” with the help of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology.

Then, “this data will be coded into multiple sensor technologies, which will be built into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased human. Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures.”

Moreover, Humai CEO Josh Bocanegra has revealed further details of the process in his interview with PopSci, saying that the brain will be frozen after death using cryonics and then stored until there is a technology capable of implanting it into an artificial body.


“The artificial body functions will be controlled with your thoughts by measuring brain waves. As the brain ages, we’ll use nanotechnology to repair and improve cells. Cloning technology is going to help with this too,” he said.

These ideas may sound very promising while in reality there is no solid evidence that one’s consciousness can be ‘downloaded’ from the brain and transferred into a machine, just like a computer file can be copied to another computer via USB. It’s far more complex than that.

Moreover, the claim that the artificial body can be controlled with one’s thoughts is hardly tenable. Even though certain technological advances of the recent years made it possible to control things like robotic limbs and advanced implants via brain waves, there is still no practical ways to control a whole artificial body.

It’s also worth noting that the brain is not the only organ that determines the way we think, feel and behave. In fact, other parts of the body also participate in regulating our behaviors. For example, hormones produced by our glands can actually influence our decisions and actions, not to mention that consciousness does not equal mind or brain. It’s more complex than that. There is also much evidence to suggest that consciousness may not be local at all, and that our body’s might just be ‘consciousness vessels’ and our brains just the receivers of consciousness much like the antennae on your radio.

In any case, even if consciousness uploading becomes feasible one day, it is unlikely that science and technology will be advanced enough to make it happen in 30 years from now, or maybe it already is.. Deep inside some of these black projects that are kept hidden, but that’s a whole nother’ topic altogether. Till then, those who want to live forever will have to accept the idea of the inevitability of death.

What about you, would you like to live forever? We would love to hear your thoughts on this


This technology is developed based on the idea, perception, consciousness is the brain, or result of brain based activity, associated to data and learned/selfprogramed along life patterns, of behaviour, perception, thinking, the neural shape of the bbrain. This idea is completely wrong. The danger of it is that humans digitalization started already 20 years ago, today a human can be saved in 10 mb. memory stick…exactly as for what this company needs and referes to.

so it is not a game is already taking place, now being used to replace employess in corporate, by implementing artificial intelligence at their jobs positions after a human digitalization process of so far 10 to 15 years

with the human digitalization protocoles and methods, would be possible even to NLP humans to produce the best humans examples of the best employees, there for, have data necessaey for creating Artificial intelligence that reproduced a human, and replace him

he same digital human now foundation for AI based human engines, is what they call in this article a Human resurrection. a deception based on language for your perception

this is not scientific work

is IT, AI, Tech work. creation of a new human type species…by mimic of the human u organic unit

a human resurrection would include the ability of human to shift consciousness,e volve, change, not out of protocols, or algortmmos, bot out of IT, or AI< but out of pure consciousness and union, alignment with prime source

this article shows a serious issue that has not been addressed by past and current spiritual organizations, but if some of us would come from the future, this kind of technology, culture and civilization change would actually become one of our key targets for saving organic human kind

and creating an organic sounding light body based future for human culture, civilization upgrade

instead of a mimic of humanity that will be called in 100 years the post human, perfect in its function and form.

may earth change its detiny? would you do all that is necessary to be done for adjusting the future that seems to be un avoidable? a high tech based future, which has been developed based on the strategy of deception, deceiving humans from what they will become (nothing) but actually replaced with (AI, human mimic tech )

if you are, or claim to be aware and consciouss, you better review this article, some data on human digitalization, and choose the role you wanna play

tw: they are now registering all FB posts you do, all posts and activity in the net, making a digital version of yourself, …one day, when the conditionated enough your development and behaviour, with the purpose of enhancing their digital AI mimic, may release you from the organic world and replace you digitally… who would notice?

you, for sure dont…


You will get digitalized, the virtual war, or “the control of human consciousness”. on Science, Technology, I.T. and Internet. Why self-awareness and self-responsibility? L D Maldonado Fonken, former IT open a clossed book, for the eyes of those that can see. It is a collection of microarticles and blogs posts done in february march 2013. Suggests a groundbreaking point of view on the human capacity and rights for self-determination and justify the existance of self-awareness/consciousness-based-casts, suggest divine intervention for the purpose of global sustainable development, and announce the “judgement day” as natural consequence of human self-unresponsible behaviour.


The 90 Years Post-humanic Project 1980 – 2070 * History Records 1980 -2070 * How was changed the destiny of humanity in just 3 generations? and a new techno-human species have replaced and erased humanity on earth? * Generational Blindness there for lack of tangible action/reaction to reality. All that the past, actual and future generations will decide to belief is normal. * Is Human Civilization Civilized ? * Is the future of humanity to be hunted (sport) by a new trans-humanic or post-humanic techno human species ? The Outcome: * Change of society * New species: transformer * Hybrid species: trans-humanic * Both post humanic * Wasted planet earth, no organic life, but GMO life.


CONSPIRACY: Global Mass Mord – A Transhumanic 72K years cold war strategy. By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Story telling in Symbolic language. * Transhumanic cold war of 72000 years * War strategies:hunting post humans * Post humans living among us * The thread doesnt come from earth or the revolution comes from earth? * Join the global revolution!


Transhumanic Wars / 1927-2017. Why military should take over the strategy, implementation, development and management of global sustainable development? Sustainable development applied globally requieres from a global pupulation capable to take decisions with individual authonomy, self-awareness and self-responsibility. Are governments capable, are private organizations concernes, can police police the necessary re-education of humanity on “planet-earth”,what about the other game players. If Military takes over, can humanity take for granted that sustainable global development will take place. Or what is the real war taking place invisible to the deceived-senses of some of the inhabitants of “earth-planet”? Which is the real war taking place? Who are the gods and goddesses in a state o sacred union immerssed into prime self-loving love source core ? are they among you? how can you recognize them? can you? why would you ? what do they want from you?Will something change in your life after you read this book?


ADVANCED EM BOOK: “The organization, a human based transformational organic consciouss light engine”. Starts a series of books dedicated to elements management applied L.D.Maldonado Fonken, Creator of Elements Management and the EM Companies, inspire us with insight into the reality of an organization and corportation, and its similaritis from the point of view of perception of essential patterns of behavior and consciousness a variety of levels of awareness, with the individual and collective. “an organization, a company, a community collaboration process are human based transformational engines, … the organization of your own daily life and personal development, and even the management of your own spiritual awakening and consciousness shift is done within an organic-energy-consciousness-living systhem, created by you: human. You are, human, a cosmic wheel, a multidimensional chakra that alouds new qualities of consicousness enter this organic realm. Do your life in another way!

MUN HUNT – Their DNA Could Be Worth Billions

These Superhumans Are Real and Their DNA Could Be Worth Billions

Will they hunt mahasidhas, superbeings, devas, mystics, gurus and spirtual people for their DNA codes? will they pay them or just kidnapp them and get their DNA? are indigos, crystals, star seeds, prime seeds, and all specil children of our time in danger of being abused, disrespected for the pharma industry to make millions? 

Will these beings with DNA codes, out of their heart based cnsciousness, be respected and honored, or treated as nature experiments mutations, researched, genoma deecoded, and used for the sake of human mass good!

or maybe not for a mass cure pharma product but for treating and creating super powers on one single millionare?

Will the ancient mythical gods be in a quantum time travel machine be hunted down in the past, presenta nd future of humanity for their DNA?

Will the yellow emperor be hunted down as for being able to satisfy 1000s of women through love making? will Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu be hunted down in time as well?

How far this industry and social management will go?



BURNED-OUT TRACES… Along last two days i discovered that if once you got a “burned-out” you might not only need years to clear it completely out of your system, with careful loving self love, and time in nature, arts  and love; but that the traces might stay with you for longer time. Those traces resonate with other people that had similar experiences. Eventually we recognize each other and might find much common sense activities to enjoy together. I got a burned-out in 2011, after much non sense painful ‘never-give-up” selling to corporate medicine for humanity (Consultant work) and giving support for german networks, burned-out and needed 1.5 to clear it. It took a while, on the road… adrenaline at the Dolomites 2012, Belgium KAP Research 2013, Germany mosel river and road trip 2013, Russian Spiritual archeology expedition 2014 and Helsinki Peace work (2015)… i thought after all the burned-out traces were dissolved, but i was not right… deeper within our system, they always wait to rise on the surface, maybe sometimes, because a resonance field. But, isnt that wonderful, how your past brings you in connection with new people, and to receive and give love ?

108 E-BOOKS by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, now available at the Golden Age Library.

108 E-BOOKS  by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, now available at the Golden Age Library. Join Luis at the Symbolic language challenge, meet the author on skype or online, or abroad traveling. Join a forum with other readers or reading webinars. You choose!

In the search for the primes culture. – On Spiritual Archeology and Modern Scientific Perception of Human History and Its true Origen

In the search for the primes culture.
On Spiritual Archeology and Modern Scientific Perception of Human History and Its true Origen
Today while reading two articles shared by a FB friend and reflecting on my own research, decided to add a blog post as follows.
Is our civilization new on earth or ancient like the stars?
Are the following articles suggesting ancient cultures to be dated on earth more than 100 Millions years ago (by using current time system of calculations) ?
Would that mean history we learned is wrong ?
Where those civilizations children of the primes ?
Or an unfolding of one of the cultures they did support in their development?
Did those cultures as many other intents on the multiverse end in self destruction or did they rise to the stars for self-salvation?
Have those cultures desapeared from earth by self extintion, or are hidden under the earth or in paralel dimensions or went out to the space or met they their true creators and now live in the domain of the primes? or in a more simple form downgraded their organic structure by the influence of a self created nano tech or transhumanic  virus ?
Is the earth a field for testing races evolution ? if you pass you survive, if not you do not; if you survive you might be welcome in the primes realm, if not eligible you might end in another realm ?
How to explain all of these discoveries, if not hoax and have true validity ?
Here my perception, if all the facts in those documents are true:

While i was reading these two articles i remembered a simple game for a math lesson. Take a rope of any length, fix one side on the floor and with the other side draw a circle. The circle would be mathematically perfect. And you did not have to use math at all, only a rope. Anything you will create with that measurement that has no mathematical formula nor figures created on advanced by any intellectual or digital processor will have the perfection of math. Why, simple: when you use any object, itself has a measurement, what ever you do with it will be based on nature-perfect math. There is nothing fantastic about it, nature is that way. No human had to discover that math nor to be an advanced civilization for math and perfect math to be there. 

Why to search for a n advanced civilization while nature laws are already perfect and the universe is already math itself? why not to search for the universal perfection creator or principle or source… and if any culture behind it ?

Reflecting on this simple game, would be feasible to build a pyramid based on a single rope with an X = length ?
I myself as scientist, modern scientist, would not accept paper in the scientific academy archive as more than beliefs and agreements that change their validity every week as for the new discoveries we do have while speed of them appearing in our digital archives increases. On the other side the well educated science and its sister technology, have been claiming to know what they are doing for last 200 years a little sparkle of time needed to waste most of the planet and its future (about to be wasted). Why to support a dogmatic belief into the accuracy or validity of science as a reference to be taken as serious or knowledge with stable ground ?
Well, i will not then consider the information in this articles as right or wrong, but only as a suggestion to perceive history and archeological “facts”and data associated to them as a : MAYBE, it was that way. And integrate into our perception and thinking a: “there are other possibilities”.
Odin Theta, Helsinki, 2014.19 Spiritual Archeologist 

Helsinki, Spiritual Journey

Helsinki is one of the most wonderful and magical cities you as a spiritual travel should never avoid to visit. While its architecture offers you gates to access information on past, current and future spiritual events, the natural forces expressing itself within the city, bring you to ancient records of prime and proto spirituality, that as one, whole skandinavian mother culture of the path of the gods and goddesses, would share as a gift to the world, in the past, present and future.

The holofractal quantum reality we live in, gives to Helsinki a great importance as connecting location to key information for your spiritual Journey

If your bloodline is merged with the one of this sacred land, or is about to be, the better and easier for you to enter the DNA codes of this trip and feel the information shared by the gods and goddesses in sacred union in the timeline of the prime heart, divine action.

When you ask yourself on the importance of a location for your Spiritual Journey, consider that your past and the future and present of your self and that one of this location are interconnected, beyond your age, but in a spiritual time line, with events that have and follow divine math (order). Open your eyes and your heart. future=present=past, within your holofractal quantum self. Unfold the true reality of your inner being, now!

Join me along my sightseeing in Helsinki!

This is the Journey of Odin Theta

Travel Report Russia – Helsinki 2014

Travel Report

Russia, Summer 2014

Helsinki, Fall 2014
After 3 years of planning, i finally felt grateful for every single traveler that will guide me to Russia. I have had three main goals:
1.) Spiritual archeology, visit to sites, Dolmens, around black sea, of great importance for local actual spiritual culture, but as well for Russian and proto-vedic culture. I would continue my research on traces left by my Skandinavian ancestors in Russia. Beside the important fact that i will had conscious dream experiences that will lead me to the dolmens in Black sea.
2.) I got almost a burned out experience in 2011, while offering consultancy services to corporate, which influenced my decision, first to travel and have some enjoyable experiences while reaching new customers abroad in Europe, and to bring my services into an online platform. in 2013 i felt it was time for the next stage: Land, build a house and centre with my own hands, with the collaboration of my students and family, and focus on my books, and spiritual teaching, as daily life activity. To enjoy nature and give less atention to the business world.
3.) Peace, the feeling of war in Europe was on the skin and i was just about to be ready with my book written between 2013 and 2013, and a series of practices for non violent communication and solution making, that would bring new inspiration to peace activists, artists, and social managers. I took my trip also as an opportunity to share my view on war and work for peace.
Life, most of the time bring, to us challenges that,  if faced with wonder and gratefulness, will show to us that the universe always bring to us, through strange paths, love, harmony and life, plus a simple request: to become spiritually self responsible. I must remember this fact as the events i am about to share with you might not feel comfortable for the reader, and wont inspire the young traveler, but their meaning need to be read in between the lines.
After some weeks dedicated to teaching and finding the right land for the Odin Theta Academy in Russia, one night, after midnight, was attacked by a man that claimed to be associated to one of my dear friends who assisted me in some projects last year. It is strange, but herself would the same day write me a message informing me that she will dedicate more time to her family in following years.  But how both events were interconnected. A power based, violent communication, was that night an experience i was not expecting. But as well an opportunity to apply my own practices and knowledge in the art of peace successfully. The aggressor left and in following days we will organize a mediation and communication meeting with support of the local community, helping this violent individual to realize the nature of his actions, and agree to take responsibility by not incurring in that kind of behavior again. I must add the following information:  along my first weeks in Russia i did discover that this individual attacked also my friend some months ago. His request was me to leave Russia and that he protects my friend and assistant by requesting from her to discontinue her spiritual interests. I must share here that she has been for several years involved into spirituality so far i know, there for i  found interesting the collaboration process with her.  The question stay: had he a conflict of interest with me, how his relationship with my friend and assistant would influence his decision to attack me, was his request coming out of a private interest or would he work for another organization.
In general my attitude after the positive process of solving those events would be to stay at location, but then one of our seminars was cancelled (I know this individual was calling people in the community interested and supportive of my work) and other events i will describe now, will suggest me it was the time to travel again.  But before i continue with my travel, i would like to share my great concern, as my friend and assistant never communicated again with me or any of her friends at this off the grid community.
Most of my students and even local teachers i will find long my travel in Russia, will recognize my work and teaching as similar to that one of ancient proto-vedic culture, and some will even suggest i had to be an incarnation of one of their teachers or have a soul connection with Russia, which i obviously will agree with.
I was working as consultant, wishing this contract to be the last one for following years, for a swiss company, along spring 2014, balancing my budget and making enough savings for my future 2014-2015 travel and projects. For a reason unknown, being the owner of this company also associated to my assistant and friend, they stopped paying my company while i was un Russia. Forced to wait for my lawyer to solve the issue in Zurich, i decided to give more atention to another of my projects which was spiritual archeology. So i did head to south black sea coast.
Gladly i took this decision as i will meet wonderful people around the archeological sites and welcome new friends and students from all Russia. They inspired me to continue and motivated me. Suggesting me new alternatives for land and new interesting ideas for projects in Russia.
From this point on in my trip all events will be joyful, filled with much wisdom, love and friendship. While as well i will be continuesly invited to identify the divine purpose of each single event of the day, the travel did show its magic as a wonderful spiritual journey.
Motivated by those experiences and the black sea coast, i did start two new publications on Travel Black Sea, and Spiritual Journey for Travelers, which will keep me bussy, and dedicate more time to Odin’s Diary site
I got so much fun along my trip that i decided to do not leave Russia the 8th of august as planned but stay until the end of my tourist visa of 90 days.
According to my calculations the 88 day i will arrive to southern russian border, ready to head south and continue my trip into Turkey and later come back to Russia by ferry from Istanbul.
Here starts again a new event that will change dramatically my travel experience. Russian immigration officers asked me to stay in Russia for a couple more of days, after explaining me that according to their calculations i have been in Russia for 90 days and 13 hours. That i would have to visit the Immigration office in Adler city and ask for a visa extend. in 18 years of travel experience i never ever missed the calculation, why just now in Russia?
I was respectfully welcome by the immigration office team, who asked me come back next day. after few hours of documentation and register, i thought i would receive a 2 days visa extend, but i did not. I was brought to Adler court were the judge will ask me pay a fee of 2000 Rubles, which is very normal in those cases, but will tell me i will be forbidden enter Russia for 5 years. This information as you can imagine shocked me tremendously. But they told me i could appeal in the court and would have only ten days to do that. So i prepared my self to do so. I had only 9 days. On top of the fact that i had no lawyer prepared nor a special budget planned for it, i had to organize all from the blue,  an immigration officer suggested me strongly to get inmediatly a flight ticket, as if any immigration control takes place while me still in Russia along the process of registering an appeal process, i could get arrested. For me this request made non sense as i was legally in Russia. but he did mean i must buy a flight ticket, so i did.
I left Russia by plain, at the time requested by the Russian court, and had no single difficulties nor experience any uncomfortable situation in the airport while pass control. On the contrary, i noticed that the immigration officers are quite kind.
My dear friends gave me a hand on this, and asked me to choose a good last minute flight to Helsinki or Istambul, I had few minutes to choose, and without any trip planned i did choose finally Helsinki. I will be back to northern european countries.
An information i received by lawyers that collaborated with me was that still Abkhazian is in conflict with Georgia, and that for Abkhazian (russian south border) would be illegal to intent to cross to Georgia, and that for Georgia would be illegal to intent to cross to Georgia from Russia or Abkhazia. In other words, the Russian immigration officers stopped me getting into more difficult troubles. As to be arrested in Abkhazia or Georgia, would not be fun at all. I remember i did ask a tourist information office some weeks before my travel south Russia on the issue and they told me there is actually now no problem. I don not know if my lawyer was right, but the cases he had to manage or hear about are facts. From my side, i never left russian territory, but from Moscow, with an air-plain. Maybe one day i will travel to Turkey and continue my Travel book on the Black Sea.
My arrival to Helsinki was a great question mark. My purpose, mission, to find out why and what i should be in Helsinki, what Helsinki needs from me or would like to co-create with my presence. SO i contacted the travel network in Helsinki and her we are, meeting again wonderful people and letting life show me the travel path of the day.
My lawyer in Switzerland is still solving the challenge i mentioned before and i am again looking for new locations where to ground a second and third hub for Odin Theta School in Europe, as Russian project and my russian students must wait for a while.
As a continues act of peace i travel, meditate and share my knowledge every where i go, that is my travel path and my spiritual journey. Without the nature of the collaboration of my students, travel network, friends and family my travel adventure and projects would not be as they are now.
In gratefulness, gratitude and joyful love, to them, as for these experiences of change (self transforming life) hold the most wonderful meaning and gift for my spiritual journey
Smiles & Hearts on the road.
Odin Theta

Save the Artic , save the earth! campaign!

MUST WATCH.. Save the Artic , save the earth! campaign!

Greenpeace – Save the Arctic from You and I Films on Vimeo.

In the last 30 years, we’ve lost as much as three-quarters of the floating sea ice cover at the top of the world. The volume of that sea ice measured by satellites in the summer, when it reaches its smallest, has shrunk so fast that scientists say it’s now in a ‘death spiral’.

For over 800,000 years, ice has been a permanent feature of the Arctic ocean. It’s melting because of our use of dirty fossil fuel energy, and in the near future it could be ice free for the first time since humans walked the Earth. This would be not only devastating for the people, polar bears, narwhals, walruses and other species that live there – but for the rest of us too.

The ice at the top of the world reflects much of the sun’s heat back into space and keeps our whole planet cool, stabilizing the weather systems that we depend on to grow our food. Protecting the ice means protecting us all.

Produced for Greenpeace by "You and I Films" –

The Traveler, The Sheep and the Wolf (Story telling)

The Traveler, The Sheep and the Wolf (Story telling, with L D Maldonado Fonken) from Self-Awareness Applied on Vimeo.

The Traveler, The Sheep and the Wolf

Story telling, live, by L D Maldonado Fonken

copyright 2012. Sept. …..From the Mountains of Tirol, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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