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WHAT I SEE IN THE WORLD TODAY I have seen it for so many years already

I have seen it for so many years already
When i see how people destroy their own lifes, out of recurrent choices, that create more than patterns, but tendencies on perception and action… and slowly become more and more un-capable of realizing the condition they are, in their ability to master their own minds, bodies and emotions.
I experience with much sadness, the observation of these souls falling into the drama of their own life choices; choosing again and again, the path that only promises the fullfilling of their of self-thought-prophecy.
Ones they are afraid of something, they call it with so much power to themselves, and if it isnt there, they look for ways to create it, again and again. They can transform the perfume of a flower into the experience of poison, a healing hand into a threatening sword, a word of the heart into a lie, the vision of future into an unworthy destination, the experience of love into a prission, consciousness into un-sensitivity, life into an eternal fall.
And when are embraced into love, they just let love embrace them, but at the same time the wave of love trigger all of these self-hurting choices, on what do they want to be, become or make out of their lifes and encounters with us.
Their choices and suffering self imposed remains in history, their history, and ours, watching them suffer, and planning themselves the suffering of their own future,
Is there any option, alternative for them?
Yes, and only one, that they choose themselves to change, that they listen, and let the hand and heart and wings and embrace that loves them also guide them and support them along the process of change.
This is my wish, it has been, and all that i have observed is that they do for sometime, and if at certain edge they do not go deeper, the surface of their patterns, personality, old choices and habits, take over them, and bring them back to the cave they do not want to go out; the delussion of their own hearts their own power, their freedoms, their ability to choose their own lifes…while in reality, they are victims of their own self deception.
I think this status of humanity may change one day.
But have not change yet.
There for, it is necessary that each of you readers realize that little spot of heart within yourself that still falls into that path…and wake yourself up, take responsibility, into your present, past and future.
Eventually one day we will meet there, somewhen.
May prime love fill you with joy, bliss and care.

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The practice circle is dedicated to empower individuals along their spiritual journey with a collective effort, intent, aim, collaboration, focus applied by a circle of practitioners.
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By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Do you want to rise your energy, open your heart, advance your consciousness, become self aware, advance your perception, enter in union with prime source… what you should avoid?

TOBACCO: smoke mix its substance with water creating a density that do not let light frequency and information flow. You smoke, all your water 90% of yourself, will get dense and information slow.

DRUGS: even a quick brief insight of an altered state of consciousness, isnt stable nor based on your spiritual growth. Avoid them completely, are only a deception, playing in you the ilussion you reached something.. or know something.. the truth: you have not, you did not, was the drug itself. After the drug leave you you end up worst.

HORROR MOVIES: (Include the modern very popular TV series on spooky houses, hounted houses, hunting ghosts, spirits, demons and mediums shows, at real locations where such events took place, has more powerful effect in lower your emotional and mind frequency than the hollywood horror movies) your aura reflects your emotions an dthoughts, everything you eat, you must process. Low frequency and fear based light information, will only create a pattern, resonance field with low frequency, no wonder you have hardships and less energy or difficulties for sleeping, if you have children at home, your auara will make them feel your fears an dthougfhts, they may dream and sense all the movie, later on no wonder they can not sleep and enter low frequency dimensional activity with you. If you got possessed along night, resonated with demons and black magic or satanism, is because you attracted it.

FOOD: all is light, and information. But some food may reduce your performance and ability to response with clarity, emotional precision and necessary speed.

SUGAR: keeps you in a delussive world, the feeling of being happy whole day is as because of sugar not a reality of your life. stop sugar and you will see your real world.

SEX: the worst addiction ever, and the most easy path to become a power based individual, remember that as soon as the sexual stream combines with your whole interdimensional system you must deal with all sorts of temptantions, like abusing, using, controlling or destroying others and open and are vulnerable to you.

WORDS: words are frequency as thoughts. If you impact others with low frequency after they gave you love, is because you have atrauma or drama to solve and you are still hurted and need to heal.

PROCASTINATION: You want to be, you belief you are, you think you know, and there for you want to decide for others. STOP! unless you do, and everyday, capable to do your word, intention, belief, knowledge, you are not yet it. There is a difference between being a pipe that conduce information and mirror it and share it with the world and a holder of a frequency based on daily life conscious effort, spiritual will, knowledge and doing. It is the path of divine action you are walking… if you always wait for the inspiration,feeling, mood, energy, motivation to do your life, may never come. It is out of activity, doing, that your energy circulates and clean your whole system, there for you allow flow. bliss, new frequency to reshape your body and life into your preferred frequency and state of consciousness.You must do!

FRIENDS & FAMILY / HUSBANDS & WIFES / FATHER & MOTHER (All of them ref as for friends) : if your friend is engaging into any of the activities above or below, and agree with you in the intention of spiritual development, ascension for own self, but always fall into the behaviour that are not convenient for your development, and induce you to “free your self”and “do what you want”, you may prefer to think that your friend may be trapt into that low frequency you would like to go out from. There is a time for change and one must be ready to let go all past history and previouse experiences you value and a all the goods things you cherrish from those friends, and choose for your own life change and let them go. If they can support you is because themselves are trapt. It is not a judgement over their lifes but a choice you must make, what you want for your own life. If you feel the change is taking place in you, and you wish your friends also to change be aware they may drag you down while you try to drag them up. Nobody can bring you there you can not go with your own steps. On the other side, the best help you can do to them, and sign of respect is to change and not share with them the space of those frequencies, which may give them something to think about, eventually a strong impact that you may give to them, eventually by leaving them, so they will reflect about their lifes and maybe change. But if you still supporting their bahvior by sharing with them the space of low frequency out of “sustaining your friendship” you make your sickness and their cronic, and your intention of change the smile of a clown. Take yourself serious, be consequent and walk the path.It will mean to change the way you make choices for your life as well.Find new friends to share other frequency with.

PERCEPTION: Changes according to your state of awareness, and consciousness. One day you may perceive good for evil and evil for good the next day. You must reach stability, and a perception beyond the immediate need, and ground your perception into knowledge of the nature of human kind, nature principles and laws, divine perception. Otherwise, according to the field of consciousness are are in now, you may take a sinner for a saint and all the way around. For some individuals some frequencies may be very harmful, as they are living still in dual perception, or for others the case is they experience rejection to some frequencies. Based on this experience and the ilussion of a particular knowledge, belief, vales or tradition, wars, and genocide has been played, as well as sects, abuse and destruction of beautiful cultures, projects and people had take place in human history on earth. You may today perceive or understand something is wrong, and as soon as you reach a new state of consciousness you may realize it isnt.

ALCHEMY: your ability to transform any kind of frequency into high level frequency. You will need a state of consciousness and self mastery of your body, mind, energy, soul, multidimensional self, that let you create this kind of transformational process, a certain knowledge and technical ability is necessary. It is not enough to think and belief all is information or to perceive without judgment. Frequency is a frequency.Alchemy has a function, and is extremely important ability to be used at important events of your life.

SELF-OBSERVATION: you must be honest with yourself, but if you block the perception of your true self, of what you really do with your life and of others daily and avoid to think on the consequences, long term impact and outcome of your deeds, choices and guidelines, then all you belief you are is no more than a story self-told for the purpose of feeling good with yourself and empowering your ego based on a self created ilussion. This delussional attuitude which is normal in human kind can be healed based on the development of the ability of self-observation. Which will give you the opportunity for change, for a real change. Unless you can perceive, see, observe what you do and create with your life and others for real, boyond the vails you yourself create, any wish for change will be no more than a mirrage in the dessert, a dream that never will come true. You need to know your ground and from there create a change. Your ground is your reality. Unless you can observe it with much precision, there is nowhere you are going.

CONCEPTUAL SPIRITUALITY: when you consume facebook information and agree, is nothing else but a conceptual agreement, it did not mean that your consciousness can really grasp or hold the knowledge and state of being necessary for mastering that kind of information. In the era of information conceptual spirituality is a sickness, that creates agreement, but with lack of a grounded reality. You know nothing, if you have just information. The day you become capable to reach that knowledge through your own consciousness and apply it in daily life, and see what it really mean as for a transformational process, that day your journey will start towards a real spirituality.

MONEY: at certain point in your life you may need to face the status of your relationship with money. Your ability to transmutate money towards a positive and constructive use for your ascension, care for peace, culture, family, life and heritage is your core responsibility, regarding money. Remember that money is like water, it holds a very powerful program, intentions, use, thoughts, a resonance field, created by those that generated the money: the business you work for, for example, the money frequency you receive in your wages is that one of your employer. The same apply for family, friends or people that gives you money, property or any kind of wealth. You must learn to purify, reprogram and align your wealth to your heart purpose and preferences regarding frequency.

LISTEN: the art of listening starts with your self, listen to your self, to your own sound, frequency, in every thought, action, listen to your body, emotions, feelings, heart, soul, inner divine core, listen to your beloved ones, just let their vibration, emotions, impulse fill you fully.
Listen to nature. You must listen in order to love. If you have only ears for one idea or thought or impulse, then you are not living the life life is giving to you. You must listen in order to realize you are always at a new stage in your own life.Listen

CHANNELING: Listen to your self, be your own self-master. Realize that if an interdimensional being communicates with you is because you can also communicate with it, it means you both share the same ability to live or communicate or experience knowledge and wisdom from the same dimension. Avoid listen to gurus from other realms in the same way you avoid to listen to gurus in this realm.

LIFE is your teacher, master, everything daily life brings to you is about yourself, there you can know your self, develop yourself, advance your awareness, consciousness, open your heart, enter in a state of union with prime source, express divine purpose, achieve self-mastery. There is no need to look for somewhere else teachers, or trainings or advice or mentoring, be present in your life, is all you need.

SPIRITUAL TEACHER, MENTOR, COACH, TRAINER, ADVISOR are there for you to instruct you, give you information, help you advance your skills, learn new perceptions, tools, methods, and give you advice for your spiritual journey and in the path of self-mastery. They do never replace you in your path nor become you or bring you somewhere, nor take responsibility over you, nor use you or make plans with you or for you.

SELF-MASTERY: We are coming from prime source and are going back to prime source, that is our journey. Self-knowledge and self-mastery, advance our consciousness, awareness, heart, multidimensional and divine self expression, are our responsibility along our spiritual journey, it is our work.

METHODS, TECHNIQUES: are not there to replace your consciousness but to trigger, activate new skills and capacities in your whole being, in any or all of your bodies, dimensions and self expressions of yourself. As soon this new ability, state of consciousness, awareness, heart becomes stable, and slowly naturally and fully continues present and available for you, you will need no effort, no method or technique to be applied, in order to integrate it into your your life, as a natural self expression, ability of yourself.

WORK, COLLABORATION: Along the path to self-mastery you will be requested by life to work, choose your work, job position carefully, as well as your employer. Realize that where ever you invest your self, bring your energy, presence, you will empower that unit of life or unit of destruction or unit of ignorance and self-sabotage. Humans have created several kind of projects and companies, some of them are the expansion in their collective of a sickness, of self-deception, deception, and delusion, illusion. Choose carefully with what you want to collaborate with. Realize that as a self-master yourself, as soon as you reach certain level of self-mastery, you may be requested to engage in certain tasks, missions, by life, that have a value for the spiritual, cultural or civilization advanced of your world. Be self-responsible, while engaging in those tasks. Collaboration and work may come to you in different forms, as volunteer, as a game, as an art or pace project, as an internship, or education program or as a job position which is paid, as a civil responsibility, as a representative of a network, community, city, government, nation, cause, or as a spiritual advisor, coach, mentor, trainer your self, or as service provider, traveler, explorer or wealthy lifestyle, or anything. Observe carefully your life and yourself. Know who you are, know you are, realize that life will show to you your place.

DOUBT: have no doubts about yourself, you are a divine expression, expression of your own core of existence in union with the primordial source of all that is have been and will be within your own heart. Live it. Know it. Realize the unlimited source of knowledge and wisdom, energy and power you are.

MIND CONDITIONING, PROGRAMMING: through hypnosis of all kinds, nlp, access consciousness, psychomagic, systemic therapy, psychic pushing, subconsciousness control, manipulation, manipoolation, collective mind control, entity control, cultural and government control , social control, acupunctur, any type of body, energy, mind, soul, emotions, thoughts, ideas, intrusive method, you only create a frame that limits you.If used as a method, that build up a natural ability in your being, and later one would be released or not used may have a function. But in that case should belong to one of the arts of self mastery. Otherwise if applied by a third party, becomes a field of disempowerment, power based abuse, enslavement and control. How to avoid to become a victim? learn the techniques and methods and learn how to apply them by your own. Then your set of values will affect you, your ideas and life foundations will create in you, the principles you apply, perception,s and state of consciousness and love used will create your life, you will experience in your life the results of your work, art, methods and self mastery. Only in that path you can take responsibility. Otherwise, you will, by letting a third party apply them on you, need to align to their own codex, principles, values, organization, protocols, methods, rules, agenda and path.