Helsinki (after leaving Russia)

Helsinki welcome me with a 1 min synch. variation.

The main streets keep that feeling of easy going life and high quality energy
A good change after russian wild forest and immigration affairs.
I planned a city walk passing through the most empowering buildings you would ever see with records of spiritual architecture most travelers wont notice
The city is full of those sites and the traveler is welcome to read them freely if the codes given to them
The coast keep its romantic breeze and the cold water of fall, bring me memories of dance with wolves in the finnish forest
I scheduled activities for one month or three, open to the flow of my spiritual journey i will discover what Finnland has for me hidden
Its call was impacting me along a 9 minutes decision making, while in russia, must choose one location where to leave and have a flight ticket on hand to avoid strong difficulties with russian immigration control along my last day travel in russia between sochi and mosco.
Helsinki was the last two times kind, while now is becoming familiar.
There are two sites i must visit and wait with patience for the connecting flow of the location.
The information on why this land wants me to travel here and how its collective soul wishes to communicate with me, where is the collaboration field, will arise soon, until then i will keep my heart and eyes open, as usual.
My trip from Moscow to Helsinki was easy, with no stress nor difficulties, which was a nice way to say good bye to russia for some time
Along the last few days i developed great appreciation for russian immigration sensitivity to my situation and recovered my feeling of trust with them.
Russian law might be straight and strongly applied, but eventually, all events in life has divine sense and purpose.
I wonder when governments will realize this fact and act with self respect accordingly.
The impacts out of my presence, started up in russia along my black sea travel, will leave russian territory with new open possibilities for development and most of my students there, after my unplanned trip with no return ticket to russia, so far we know, they would wonder about their role and responsibilities for the time to come.
I must feel greatful and thank publically to all russian and international team of freinds, who spirtually and humanly collaborated with my travel adventure along joy, fun, and solution making, with some specially in sochi region, moscow, and krasnodar, i wont mention names now. as well as to the lawyers that kindly adviced me for the immigration law issues, and the immigration officers that were patient with my english and lifestyle.
Now in Helsinki, a new adventure starts, and new encounters are to be waited.
Smiles and hearts on the road
Odin Ѳ

Retreat 1 to more days : A Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling

  • You are on a spiritual journey or feeling your hart is about to start one
  • You have heard about shifting, transitions, ascension, and life changes while on spiritual journey .
  • You love to travel and let the flow of divine life empower your spiritual journey while living abroad traveling.

Odin Ѳ, author of the ” 9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling “, facilitator of Spiritual Journey workshops, invite you join him for a while along his own Spiritual Journey.

Individual or group Spiritual Journey RETREAT while living abroad traveling

1, 3, 5 or up to 9 days you are welcome to join Odin Ѳ at the location he is traveling, along his spirtual journey practices, teaching sessions and heart open daily life flow into divine action experiences.

on the road retreat means that you keep on moving but follow up certain structure and discipline for meditation, practice and self-management of own spirtual journey.

The retreat is provided only by Odin Ѳ, you ight be alone or join with a group or join a group pre organized.

The retreat includes individual or group teaching, and you are welcome also to ask for counceling, advice or private training necessary for your own spiritual Journey.

These 1 up to 9 days, will empower you in your own spiritual Journey.


Every morning meditation, yoga and healthy food practices, combined with day planning, will be followed up by a not-planned (into divine heart flow time), later on an intensive review of the book :  9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling ” , afternoon meditation, yoga and healthy food practices, will be followed again by a not-planned (into divine heart flow time).

On your own private time, you can dedicate to your own spiritual Journey diary, or   9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling ” workook.

Daily Schedule

Odin Ѳ, according to location and eson, might start the day as early as the sun, and end the day close to midnight.

If raw foodalong the day, no special time will be schedule for meals, unless previously set up on agreement; for example when vegan meet up takes place or a particular event or celebraion when some of us will eat vegan.

Practices like yoga and meditation will be normally done in nature unless organized in another way.

Other events wont be planned, as suggested in the book:   9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling “


Odin Ѳ suggest in his book travel destinations, cultures, activities, people, sites, seasons, that wold be ideal for any one, in order to work out particular issues or fields, that eventually might be present along your spiritual journey in your own diary or workbook.

When you join Odin Ѳ along his own spiritual journey you will have the possibility to receive direct teaching on how to work with the location conditions and gifts, for your own spiritual journey, despite the presence of sacred places or religious sites, a spiritual journey starts within your own heart, there for any location might be suitable if your heart has the right questions and wish for a truth-full answer.

Activities that might be included, var according to location:

visit to:

  • spiritual site
  • spiritual archeology site
  • activity
  • people
  • work with local culture issues
  • organization/project
  • location daily life
  • nature
  • explore nature
  • survival training
  • meditation or yoga privat retreat
  • city exploration
  • know how development
  • arts and culture events
  • travelers gathering
  • others


Pre booking 1, up to 9 days, start with 500 USD.

The prebooking fee gives you the right to be in a waiing list for a particular location, date or event.

Booking and prebooking fees only cover time shared with Odin Ѳ, not travel services, or daily expenses (please see service agreement, policy).

Retreat fees (booking fees).

  • 1 day :        900 USD
  • 3 days:   1500 USD
  • 5 days:    3600 USD
  • 9 days:    4500 USD


For prebooking please contact to 


Odin Ѳ, as your Travel Operator?

Odin Ѳ, as your Travel Operator?

The most safe mode to travel is to have an expert on your hand, that would support you along your travel adventure.

Odin Ѳ, is ready to support your travel adventure as travel operator.


Travel plan, schedule, on call problem solving on the road. (losted equipment, transport, money, friends, change plans, no accomodation at 23:00, documents, pushed by locals, losted in the jungle, need counceling…)

Mos of the cases Travel operators will solve all challenges travelers have while the travelers keep on their spiritual journey, which means a travel operator will give them the back up and help them relax and enjoy their trip.

To have Odin Ѳ as Travel Operator will empower your trip and will become for you also a school on lifestyle travel, all easy simple solutions based on 18 years travel experience that only people from the road knows. Now online, only for you and your travel team.


Odin Ѳ as travel operator can be only booked on advanced. As  Odin Ѳ must agree first on collaborating with your travel adventure for some days and also to get stable at certain location for days necessary.

The travel operator is a dedicated trust based work, that back up traveler adventure.

The Travel operator must be at home base and available 24 hours online and on the phone, for ON CALL/EMAIL support request.

In order to book Odin Ѳ as travel operator, you must come into agreement:

  1. Days of your journey
  2. Travel operator responsiblities and function.
  3. Payment per hour and task.

For booking please write to:


Pre booking fee,

Vary according to Odin Ѳ current or future location (scheduled along the time of your travel adventure).  from 500 USD to 9000 USD.

There is no return of pre booking fee.  As it will be used to set Odin  Ѳ temporary home base for travel operator responsibility.

Travel Operator Set Up Fee

This fee covers alll necessary for the service, scure internet connection, telephone, access to transfer of oney services, and data storage, and other tools and services included in the travel operator agreement. Please see service policy.

Vary from 500 USD to 9000 USD according to location, and time length of the service.

Task Fee

Booking fees vary from level 0 to level 9, here the range.


The 9+ task levels describe Task complexity and level of impact in travelers experience (importance of task). For example if the task is business based, or requested for a land with little internet services, or certain level of life risk for the traveler.

TASK level 9 = 900 Euro / task  ( 300 Euro / hour) at least on task

TASK level 0 = 180 Euro / task (  90 Euro / hour), at least one task

Task Zero Level include standard support tasks list as for:

  • got losted, find path
  • find accomodation
  • police/hospital call, get help
  • booking of transportation
  • get secure, trustable contact at location
  • information about location dangers
  • contact with relatives or third party
  • transfer of funding
  • others

Please read service policy, user agreement, for more details.


PS. Odin Ѳ is an expert and trainer of Travel operators. If you wish for another level of fees, reduced prices of services, please ask for Odin Ѳ students and team of Travel operators which also provide services. Their fees vary from 9 USD up to 270 USD per task, set up fees might vary from 50 USD up to 360 USD, or more according to location.



JOIN US at our next travel destination

by Odin Ѳ: 18+ years Spiritual Journey Abroad Traveling


Written in 9 Languages:

English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Finnish.


* Workbook

* Spiritual Journey Diary

* Easy simple guide to follow up

* Shifts & Ascension while living abroad traveling.

* Practical advice for maximizing travel budget, love and fun while abroad traveling.

* Spiritual practices and excersices that can change the frequency of your trip and your spiritual journey destination.

* Themes of a spiritual journey and ideal travel destinations, sites, people, activities and cultures to work them out.

* Why to shift from a global citizen  (traveler) into a citizen of the divine creation?

status – heading to Moscu

status, heading to moscu

along the volga river, have few days to meet my embassy and request legal advice, then come back to black sea coast where the appeal process should start…

Arrived according to my calculations two days early, beforemy 90 days visa expired, but for immigration officers i was late more than 12 hours

They did not let ge go through the southern border of russia, black sea, and asked me to go back. Sochi officers process not a two days visa extention but a fee of 2000 Rubles and the judge told me will be forbidden for me entry in Russia for 5 years. They gave me the chance to appeal, there for i am heading now to Moscu.


letter for my friends in russia

Dear Friends in Russia

First of all i have had a great time in russia, i am so glad we met and had  so wonderful empowering and , some times, spiritual experiences together.
Greatful i met you
I would like to share with you a true important information, as i will need your support.
The russian government did forbid me enter russia in following 5 years. i can appeal this decision of the judge in Krasnodar court in following 7 days. any case i must leave russia in 7 days. 28 August.
Why they did so? i arrived the 22.05 to russia, they gave me automatically 90 days tourist visa. i counted the days, and 20th august would be the day 90. i arrived to the border russia abkhazia at the day 90. but the officers at the border argue telling i was ONE day too late. actually 91 days for their computers. they asked me go immigration office in adler city. i went there same day, the immigration team offered me a visa extention, i had to come next day. but actually the next day they did a longer protocole and brought me to a judge in adler court who decided i should be punished with 2000 Rb, and 5 years forbidden entry to russia.
They gave me the possibility to appeal in the court of Krasnodar city, and it is what i am about to do. i have 7 more days to do it. I am now organizing a lawyer and process of appeal
As many of you know, i have been traveling with little financial resources, and slow motion, writing my travel book and guide on spirtual journey and travel in russian, black sea coast. you know i have more plans of travel and living in russia, having here a home base.
How can you help me?
Please write a letter to my email:
  • write about your relationship and experience with me
  • write about what you perceive on my travel adventure
  • write about my wish to live in russia
  • write about your wish to meet me again in russia
  • and request from the court to dont forbid me 5 years entry in russia
i would like to make a collection of these letters form all my friends in russia, and give them to the judge.
your letter could impress the judge in the court of krasnodar and motivate his kindness and understanding. to know i ma not just a tourist
I am organizing now the appeal process.
Please dont wait too longe, send to me the letter that i can give it to my lawyer, when we present the apeal in  krasnodar.
Ask freinds we have in common to write a letter too
Your help, could make possible i come back to Russia next year as wished
I have been learning the russina language, its culture, ;andscapes and people. Made friendships, and fall in love with the place. I am fascinated about dolmens, black sea coast, camping fields, i would like to travel along teh volga, urals, visit moscu and st petersbourg, and other areas of russian north, centre and south, take the transsiberian train; also share with russian friends about my travels, write a book on travel in russia, and also share my knowledge and skills with russia.
i would like also to receive a treatment for my eyes in russia, as they need it so much as you probably noticed.
As many of you know, i was joyful about buying one day land in russia and making a living here. i started very strong relationships i wish to continue developing for which to come here every year would mean for me a great joy and make from my life a life.
greatful for your understanding, friendship and love
kindly ask you collaborate with my request
smiles and hearts on the road
PS. donations to paypa:



ABOUT ODIN Ѳ’s TRAVEL GUIDEѳs-travel-guide/ebook/product-21765224.html

This is an e-book travel guide, created on the road, which means along a travel experience, that is now, in 2014 counting for 18 years about.

The Odin Ѳ’s Travel Guide is about Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Akka: Odin Ѳ spiritual Journey destinations


Why should any one be interested into this travel guide; well, if you are into a spiritual journey yourself you would love to know about locations, places, people, and strategies for traveling that would make of your trip a spiritual  adventure.


As Odin Ѳ write on ancient but also on new, current destinations, and experiences, the Guide will be updated, with content that belong to the past, present and future of Odin Ѳ Spiritual Journey

Every new publication will be signed with Version X.X, even the same publication might have more than one edition. The Version : V.X.X will sign that there is new content updated for the Guide.


Odin’s Travel Guide can be bought on e-book, directly to Odin’s Diary e-mail or at our online e-publishing partners stores. The URLs for online stores are available at Odin’s Diary Website.

The price from one version to the next will vary as more content will be published.

If you wish only a section of the information, please read the index, choose the chapter you wish and ask for it, per e-mail.

Odin Ѳ’s Travel Guide

  • VERSION 0.0

” no matter words or life events, our true relationship we know only within our divine hearts, from a time and field beyond our birth as spiritual beings, in the dream of divine source. There for act in life only with the knowledge of your own divine heart, as it does not matter life set up of today, but only for describing the adventure of reaching your destiny . ” PMJ Lumal Foda

” no matter words or life events, our true relationship we know only within our divine hearts, from a time and field beyond our birth as spiritual beings,  in the dream of divine source. There for act in life only with the knowledge of your own divine heart, as it does not matter life set up of today, but only for describing the adventure of reaching your destiny . ” PMJ Lumal Foda