Unless he planet get that small that to do your own things without caring of others nor judging them becomes unrealistic as every move you take kills not only trees, animals, environment, people, and heritage, species, future and Human Kind evolving DNA. What to do with you?


Unless he planet get that small that to do your own things without caring of others nor judging them becomes an unrealistic  behaviour as every move you take kills not only trees, animals, environment, people, and heritage, species, future and Human Kind evolving DNA. What to do with you? stop judging you ?

Researching on emigration maps, and current culture change tendencies, and intercultural influences from inside out. have you checked after world war emigration maps and history?

Researching on emigration maps, and current culture change tendencies, and intercultural influences from inside out. have you checked after world war emigration maps and history? – Odin Theta

It is time for love

IT IS TIME FOR LOVE: “We live in a world with inverted values, asking for men and women to perceive sex as a field of conflict, power, dominion, quarrel, revenge, exploitation, business… squared by extremist religion, culture, industry, technology, science and history, most of human kind had forgotten the most simple thing: its ability to enquire. Out of new questions, new perception and new behaviour is possible, new information, knowledge and appreciation, values can be built. It is not as simple to say that the field of “sex” has something to do with love nowadays, nor that conscious sex had to do with “how many and how intensive the orgasms are or if any”; human kind need to see itself with more detail, giving more value and respect to the purpose and nature of own existence. Both men and women need to advance own obscured/en-darked by history and wounds based perception of sexuality and relationship, gender based roles and responsibilities, in order to realize that the field of love making is key for human evolution. The human nature experienced in its wildest form, is not enough for finding human nature, it is not complete to say humans organic wild sexual ability is the nature of its species, nor to tell that the wish for sex and expression of it is the expression of their freedom. There is one little thing which is tremendously difficult for human kind, beside spiritual self-responsibility and self-observation, beside continuous conscious presence, while these 3 can be attained by dedication, self-love and awakening of its natural presence, LOVE & SELF-LOVE are the key frequency, emotional feeling that must be always present. Humans are made of water and other substances that are programable with thought, emotions and feelings. Sex is the most simple deepest form of programing. The power based abuse practice based on enjoyable sexual sensations must stop, human perception and self awareness must be free (meaning stable in love, self love, self-consciousness, self-awareness), not conditionated by pleasure or the contrary as triggers for a sales campaign . May you program an engine to behave limited by organic chemical instinct, or mechanical “want”/”goal”oriented behaviour, not the etiquette learned to show respect, honor or presence would help, the program implanted in the body and behaviour of humanity will be any one but not love nor self love. Just notice the emotions, presence and feelings arising while you practice sex or orgasm or play. It is key responsibility of tantric, conscious sex and culture revival sex, to integrate as soon as possible the vision of love making, family, community, culture, heritage into their practices; get beyond the “wants” and easy to sell “orgasms and fun”, and enter the raw field of love, the heart, the divine heart, divine perception, divine action and divine alignment. To fear enlightenment is worst that to fear samsara. Not because it is more easy to sell relaxation and fun, the true about the function of conscious love making with the heart must be hidden. To hide the truth of function of love making as for its difficulty isnt beneficial for the world, nor for spiritual heart based consciousness practices. On the contrary, messengers of love! tell the truth, be brave!, the only reason for human kind to be here, is to express all divine qualities within the foundation and knowledge of love and self love. Who said that love and self love would not be fun? – FOREPLAY SOCIETY, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Meditative conscious love making with the heart. https://www.facebook.com/groups/foreplaysocietypeacecampaign

Global Cultures Upgrade is Necessary for Peace ! ” the world is now 7 Billions, one day the space for developing own life and culture, will get more and more reduced, human kind on earth must care for upgrading all cultures towards a one earthian culture as soon as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary future conflicts.”- Odin Theta

 the world is now 7 Billions, one day the space for developing own life and culture, will get more and more reduced, human kind on earth must care for upgrading all cultures towards a one earthian culture as soon as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary future conflicts.”- Odin Theta

FOREPLAY SOCIETY Funding Campaign Online

I AM ORGANIZING A FUNDING ONLINE CAMPAIGN FOR OUR VIDEO/MEDIA MATERIALS. I will appreciate so much volunteers to collaborate with the campaign.

My vision is that peace will take place permanently when human kind realizes it is itself also an expression of nature, which means the natural awakening of the ability to give value to collaboration and co-creation with nature forces, presence in natural harmony, life care, culture and heritage.

I just realized there is no better place where to bring human kind nature laws and principles than into the field of meditative conscious love making; not only at the instant of love making but within the field of love making through whole life, through dances, massage, daily life decisions, choices, and activities.

But how to bring the ability of conscious love making for peace by to human kind?

Beside personalized advice, organic experiential training and online based self study materials,i would like to reach a wider audience that is capable of self-mastery, self-education, by giving to them media (including video) based self education materials.


Your support will help us reach world women and men support circles and organizations, NGOs dedicated to gender, conscious sexuality, family, peace, life care, youth clubs, schools, universities, and families associations, and every one interested into responsible parenting, family, community, culture and life care.

1 Video clip of 9 minutes could change human kind life and bring individuals and families to new qualities of joy and happiness, as well of self-mastery, natural self-enjoyment and new emotional abilities and self-awareness which will empower them to care for life.

Founder Foreplay Society
All you need is love campaign


The Journey

“not every one you meet is your teacher. You are in a path of self-mastery, and must be capable to learn from every experience. It is you the one that learns from every thing and every one, by taking self responsibility. A master is one that consciously facilitates to you an experience, wisdom, knowledge, technology, a master is one that brings you to a consciousness field through a process designed for that purpose, a master cares and acts consciouslly, its/his/hers intent is to bring you into a state of union with allthatis=havebeen=willbe=now, prime self union. That you must realize that even you are in front or interaction with a master, you are still, you will be, and have been, in the path of self-mastery taking responsibility of own self. Your ability to be self-master does not make from every experience, thing and moment a master, but what they are, an experience, a thing, a moment. There is not desempowerment that can take place when you meet a master, unless you stop taking self responsibility of own journey by own choice. The same apply by interaction with any type of interdimensional being or spirit. Where the knowledge of a self-master comes from: your own core, within your own heart, the sacred innermost space of your heart in union with the source of allthatis=havebeen=willbe=now. Use your words wisely, by calling master to some one that act unrespomsibly, unconsciously, not caring, you empower individuals that have not the vibrational field necessary to uplift you or support you in your journey. A Master in PrimeTech, is dedicated to play a role which is temporary, bringing you by, by design, all that is necessary for you to become a self-master according to his/her/its own knowledge; he/she/it cocreates also with you the journey you are in based on interaction of your both consciousness fields. It is a conscious choice to interact with a master by giving to him/her/it the role of one in your life. May the innerverse,nanoverse,digiverse,fractoverse,holoverse,multiverse,quantumverse,divineverse,primeseverse through expression of own nature and wisdom bring to you in your life a master, observe this individual carefully and decide according to your own heart, divine heart, stream of life, if his/hers/its presence in your life makes sense to your dreams, visions, aims, values, process of awakening, self-transformation, knowledge, light, darkness or ignorance. Work out your own life, embrace in you all that is=havebeen=willbe=now that brings you in the resonance field or blessing field. Know that you might have done nothing at all to deserve that instant, moment, or time lapse, in order to receive the blessing of interacting with a master; act by being yourself centered in divine knowledge, divine perception; realize time of interaction is a gift, and the conditions for you to interact will not be there for ever as they are now. Be ready to change all that in your life takes place but not change your core life trace and stream, keep flowing in your true life, and notice how a master supports you flow in your real life. As soon as you feel more and more in your own ground, your master will show you many moments where you achieve readiness at certain stage of his/her/its path; while also signing to you all the journey and the destination still to come. Be aware at every stage, and choose at every milestone again, your own path, within your heart and divine heart, in alignment with divine purpose, and ask yourself, how this master can or is supporting you, and what you are not perceiving how this master is or could support you. Sometimes a closed door is more help to you than an open one. Be ready to experience that your master might do things, create experiences you might not prefer or not like now, but in his/her/its wisdom, this experiences are necessary for you. A master might on purpose do something or not do something your would prefer or not as for your level of capacity, readiness or self-responsibility. That you are alive doesnt mean you are ready for all experiences, knowledge, wisdom, technology a master could share or bring by or transfer to you. Remember it is the master responsibility to choose who is self responsible enough to receive a practice, method, experience or technology; according to the foundation a master sees in you, the master will decide. Be grateful for all the masters does and sees in you. In the path of self mastery no one decides over you; there for you must as well walk a path of honor, respecting every one in own journey and self responsibility according to own knowledge. Receive , learn, explore, play, enjoy the journey. Honor your master by accepting his/her/its wisdom and choices, including to give or not give, do or not do, welcome or not welcome, be there for you or not being there for you. Everything a master does, have been done, will be done, now consciously for the purpose of brining you to your own journey into prime self union, union with the source of all that is=havebeen=willbe=now. Give yourself to your own journey, to your own path as self-master, and enter the experiences and processes you feel you would like to choose by taking total responsibility of them. May all take place as you plan, wish, expect or not, it does not matter. It is not your plan that creates the knowledge awakening within your heart, but your presence in every instant, and ability to self-embrace in love, self-love, and divine love your whole self and life now=inthefuture=inthepast, that creates your journey. Be present in your heart and divine heart by taking 100% responsibility of your own journey. Play with all that is and cocreate, and if you ever meet a master that gives attention to you for a moment, be grateful, as time is a gift. Remember the fact you are alive gives you no right to decide on any thing that life gives to you, unless created by your own elements and your own heart within your own life; there is nothing you have right to take, but to welcome and receive in the stream of love. Honor the place you live at, the people, life, by being truth to yourself, by being yourself, honestly, show who you are and let the other one choose, as freedom only takes place within the field of truth. So never complain the master has qualities or behaviour you do not prefer, it is an act of respect to your life, preferences and choices, the master show all he/she/is now for you to choose. But also know, human kind changes like weather, seasons, like own thoughts, emotions, feelings, body changes. We, our cells die every day, we rebirth every day, we self generate, self recreate every day. Be grateful for your live, honor life, be fully yourself, explore in all you are; but commit to life, life care. Maybe you did not realize it yet, but you are mean to walk the path of divine action, by engaging into divine perception and divine self responsibility; realize that the 9 stages of love, the 5 stages of the development, will bring you to the ability to express yourself as you really in truth are. Remember the fact you are alive and borned in the filed of consciousness of all that is=havebeen=willbe, does not make from you yet a master. The day will come in which you will realize the responsibility towards yourself that means to become one, a master of life. The fact that you are expression of the divine field of consciousness of all that is=havebeen=willbe, does not mean yet that you are living in alignment with divine principles nor living a path of divine action or with divine perception. Know you are for what you do, in every instant, with yourself, with the one(s) you love, with your family, with your community and culture, with your nation, with your land, with your world, with your journey, with the quantumverse, with all that is=havebeen=willbe=now. There are certainly several qualities of life, presence and energy, choose in your life path the one you would prefer. Realize there is a great difference between a stone that is already enlightened and a human being that lives mechanically as a stone, letting time pass and being dissolved in the space of all that is. In order to be alive, you must not only live with your heart, and all you want, but know what life is by knowing your true self, in the core of all that is=havebeen=willbe=now. Remember always that worst than fear to samsara is the fear to enlightenment. Never trapped yourself in a story, a belief, a path or a field of knowledge, as for its useful mean for your daily life or political or cultural views. Know that all changes in time, including laws, values and rights, governments and power roles. As all changes, stay in the field of knowledge that never changes, and act according to your divine perception, divine heart; by living in divine action do all that needs to be done by you, the quantumverse will answer, your quantum self will react and act with you. Know yourself in inner oneness and take total self responsibility of your own multidimensional self. become one within your own innerverse and quantumverse, in order to reach divine heart consciousness. In order to live as a divine being, you must live in divine action, by applying divine knowledge and divine technology. By being present in all you are, naturally expressing the quality of consciousness you are. The in-pulse and pulse of divine heart based consciousness and bliss will make from you, your instant, your day, your life, your lifes, your self expressions, your path. Be wise by taking responsibility of your own journey” _ Odin Theta 2015.04.26.hel

Online Mentoring & Training, Foreplay Society Private Circles World Wide

Foreplay Society Private Circles World Wide

Meditative Conscious Love Making, is a practice for peace, family, community, culture, life care. Its practice is dedicated to the future as human kind, it is heritage for following 9 generations.

May love, self love, greatfulness, joy, honesty, transparency, fun, happiness, celebration, sacredness, be the blessing of every day!


Couples, lovers, and play circles, are welcome to join a complete mentoring and online training program on meditative conscious love making. Meet your foreplay circle, while on Skype assisted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, you will receive advice, answers to your questions and follow guided practices; plus have access to the self study materials and programs of the Foreplay Society Online.

Online Mentoring & Training, Foreplay Society Private Circles World Wide

Foreplay Society




Darkness can be understood in the spiritual practices as all that we do not see about ourselves yet. that unknown, not seen. while we must remember do also exist a shadow the light creates, a reflection, and a space with no light at all. While one reminds in a state without consciousness, the essential self in all that is, is not seen, known, once one know, darkness do not disappear… knowledge is in the state of union with the source of all that is=have been=will be = now. As all that is=now=have been= will be can be=have been=will be= is being experienced /perceived as darkness as well, darkness is as well an expression of the nature of all that is=will be= have been = now.

Darkness exist even light is there.

It is a state of perception, self awareness, consciousness. As shared by many at certain point in TIME, it is self created and manifested by many, not by others. it is the quantum nature of darkness.

As we know, dark matter exist, and cant be seen, but is known.

The study of the darkness, can not be developed by using light, but by using consciousness, primordial consciousness capable to embrace all that is. The knowledge of all that is included all beyond judgement. While it is the choice of the traveler where to dedicate own time and attention, the divine traveler acts in the core of divine purpose beyond light or dark, according to divine perception, and divine intelligence. For the path of divine action, darkness and light does not matter.