THE 9 JEWELS OF LOVE (article)

THE 9 JEWELS OF LOVE (article)
Meditative Conscious Love Making with the heart will bring you to the experiences of the 9 Jewels of Love

The THURSDAY 09.04 we will have a meet up @ Shanti Yoga Centre downtown Helsinki where we will share information on the internship and as well have an experience, taste of the 9 dances of love and 9 stages of love.

You are kindly welcome to join us!

Beauty, joy, happiness and love


Internship Program starts in April with The Valqyrie

THURSDAY 09.04 17:45
SIngles and couples welcome

THURSDAY 09.04 19:15
Continues Play – Here we will introduce you to the Intersnhip Program

THE JOURNEY (9 dances of love, 9 stages of love)