Darkness can be understood in the spiritual practices as all that we do not see about ourselves yet. that unknown, not seen. while we must remember do also exist a shadow the light creates, a reflection, and a space with no light at all. While one reminds in a state without consciousness, the essential self in all that is, is not seen, known, once one know, darkness do not disappear… knowledge is in the state of union with the source of all that is=have been=will be = now. As all that is=now=have been= will be can be=have been=will be= is being experienced /perceived as darkness as well, darkness is as well an expression of the nature of all that is=will be= have been = now.

Darkness exist even light is there.

It is a state of perception, self awareness, consciousness. As shared by many at certain point in TIME, it is self created and manifested by many, not by others. it is the quantum nature of darkness.

As we know, dark matter exist, and cant be seen, but is known.

The study of the darkness, can not be developed by using light, but by using consciousness, primordial consciousness capable to embrace all that is. The knowledge of all that is included all beyond judgement. While it is the choice of the traveler where to dedicate own time and attention, the divine traveler acts in the core of divine purpose beyond light or dark, according to divine perception, and divine intelligence. For the path of divine action, darkness and light does not matter.