It is time for love

IT IS TIME FOR LOVE: “We live in a world with inverted values, asking for men and women to perceive sex as a field of conflict, power, dominion, quarrel, revenge, exploitation, business… squared by extremist religion, culture, industry, technology, science and history, most of human kind had forgotten the most simple thing: its ability to enquire. Out of new questions, new perception and new behaviour is possible, new information, knowledge and appreciation, values can be built. It is not as simple to say that the field of “sex” has something to do with love nowadays, nor that conscious sex had to do with “how many and how intensive the orgasms are or if any”; human kind need to see itself with more detail, giving more value and respect to the purpose and nature of own existence. Both men and women need to advance own obscured/en-darked by history and wounds based perception of sexuality and relationship, gender based roles and responsibilities, in order to realize that the field of love making is key for human evolution. The human nature experienced in its wildest form, is not enough for finding human nature, it is not complete to say humans organic wild sexual ability is the nature of its species, nor to tell that the wish for sex and expression of it is the expression of their freedom. There is one little thing which is tremendously difficult for human kind, beside spiritual self-responsibility and self-observation, beside continuous conscious presence, while these 3 can be attained by dedication, self-love and awakening of its natural presence, LOVE & SELF-LOVE are the key frequency, emotional feeling that must be always present. Humans are made of water and other substances that are programable with thought, emotions and feelings. Sex is the most simple deepest form of programing. The power based abuse practice based on enjoyable sexual sensations must stop, human perception and self awareness must be free (meaning stable in love, self love, self-consciousness, self-awareness), not conditionated by pleasure or the contrary as triggers for a sales campaign . May you program an engine to behave limited by organic chemical instinct, or mechanical “want”/”goal”oriented behaviour, not the etiquette learned to show respect, honor or presence would help, the program implanted in the body and behaviour of humanity will be any one but not love nor self love. Just notice the emotions, presence and feelings arising while you practice sex or orgasm or play. It is key responsibility of tantric, conscious sex and culture revival sex, to integrate as soon as possible the vision of love making, family, community, culture, heritage into their practices; get beyond the “wants” and easy to sell “orgasms and fun”, and enter the raw field of love, the heart, the divine heart, divine perception, divine action and divine alignment. To fear enlightenment is worst that to fear samsara. Not because it is more easy to sell relaxation and fun, the true about the function of conscious love making with the heart must be hidden. To hide the truth of function of love making as for its difficulty isnt beneficial for the world, nor for spiritual heart based consciousness practices. On the contrary, messengers of love! tell the truth, be brave!, the only reason for human kind to be here, is to express all divine qualities within the foundation and knowledge of love and self love. Who said that love and self love would not be fun? – FOREPLAY SOCIETY, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Meditative conscious love making with the heart.