(ENQUIRE) The 9 alternatives (case) for breaking a starting up process. Are you sure would you like to be an entrepreneur ?

(ENQUIRE) The 9 alternatives (case) for breaking a starting up process. Are you sure would you like to be an entrepreneur ?

Lets see what you think about this side of the fun after reading this blog post.

by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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The question is not how the business did not work, but what did you learn and created out of the experience, how much did you invested and the value of the product you created out of the closing business process.

Life give us gifts every day, opportunities. It does not matter what life will ask us to do the next day but what we do with life next day.

The following is a list of 9 stories, i got in my life biography that are examples of some or all that can take place in life that would break a start up process.

How i solved? I will not tell you that part of the story yet. But i solved it. That knowledge and experience is the foundation of the next generation of products and services i will provide.

Why the prices will become higher and higher? because more you learn, more precise and efficient you become; more experience and wisdom you concentrate and more simple and advanced your solutions become.

It is the art to get wiser, with the business organic growth, or with life.

If you can imagine yourself being a life entrepreneur, well read the following 9 stories. Would you like to still become an entrepreneur… may you have fun as i did with the adventure? do you wish to know the stories of the 27 ventures that went very well? Well, to inspire you in that case look at our entrepreneurship program, and write me an email to know more, how can you join our crew. welcome@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

The 9 alternatives for breaking a starting up process


0.  Grand-pa lessons:

Once i visited mt grandparents for wummer school vacations. The first day gran-ma waked me up very early and asked me for breakfast. I would help Grand-pa with the “hof”. So i did, 5.30 am, 2 hours helping grand-pa, with flora and fauna. back to the house, second breakfast. then sleep til midday.. LOL.  How terrible it was? not really, after a couple of days i had fun and was grateful for grand-pa stories and teaching me at the hof. At the end of my Vacations grandpa came to me and game me an envelop, with some money. This time was alot more than what he used to give me when going back home. Why then? He said: “every time you work, you must get paid” I hugged him, and learned the lesson for the rest of my life.

How got broken? : Mother believed i was to young for entering into paid job.

1. The first video arcade in town

I was 11 when i made my very first business. A friend of mine asked me at school time for my mobile-arcade (video game). I said no until they offered me a silver 100 soles coin. 3 of those were good enough for a lunch at school. I said yes. The news were flying, and i would make 27 coins daily. It was not enough any case, i asked gran-ma for a little room where to play video games after school with my best friends. Many of the guys and eventually a couple of girls that came were not even my friends, but good customers. I convinced my two best friends to join me in the business with 2 nintendos, 4 mobile video games, plus my own atari, would make it for the summer with enough budget for important fun.

How got broken? : parents of some children complained that they went back home from school very late and extremely hungry and after asking to them why were they hungry, they just replayed: “we gave all our lunch money to LUIS”… School teachers and director will call my parents. end of the story.

2. A-Team

Boy scout, 11 years. At that troop we will be organized in small patrols (teams) of 9. Well. there is a guide leader of the team and a guide assistant. I was chosen as guide assistant and very glad for the responsibility coordinating team work and empowering our team members, eventually saving the day with one or two tricks/skills learned after 9 years experience at the boy scouts. Our guide was never there and i will take over his function and responsibility several times. One day i did agree with the rest of the team to ask him to release me from the assistant position and bring me to the team leader role. He accepted. He became a very good friend of mine years later, still until today for reasons i will not describe here. Well, my team got trained, with a very new innovative and empowering “team building by LUIS intensive boot camp process”that made from our team the best of the troop of 7 teams. We will win every game, have the most high record on points, speed, team colab, and even be known by our wise approach to the game. My little team increased from 7 to 14th and we will be always the best, for more than one year. Emotional positive empowerment. Each of them would have become a great troop leader later one, most of us were there ready for troop leader in about 1 year, which means later on we would have apply the same training program to every team in the troop; that was actually our idea. but i still have the feeling that some how the troop leaders were not that happy i (we) became that important for future.

How got it broken? : Troop leaders after a secret meeting decided to break our team in three parts. Now brothers will fight against each other. The troop was one more time under their control and in balance according to their perception and style.  For years no one of us will be back as troop leaders. Maybe now, when the oldest troop leader is leaving the role, may new ones join with a new style/perception of the game of empowering youth leadership in more than “their generation”.

3. Multidisciplinary Team Building – Uni-Project

1993 was a good year. My UNI friends and i will agree the vision of academic studies will create world wide a problem for our generation. Not that we did not enjoy to learn. But tangible skills of application where missed for our generation. I took the leadership and designed a workshop based on emotional self-awareness, multidisciplinary skills development, learning by playing, review of spiritual modern ideas, social work and friendship.  The project was successful about 80 students from several faculties will join us. I will have to mage two circles. Once we got one of 40. After time, i decided to focus on a team of close friends that was more serious regarding personal and spiritual development and created a third circle of about 13th of them. For following 3.5 years we will meet up, and share time together. Much adventure and creative ideas to work on. The multidisciplinary study circle, which included personal and spiritual development, team building, leadership and soft-skills, was a good idea. Our members and our close team was ready to export it to other universities, we got guests from other countries and universities as well. The future needs were solved in that study circle, and all we had to do was to keep on going with the format and build up more skills to become facilitators, trainers, later coaches nd consultants. The path i took individually while lifestyle travel 1997-2015.

How got it broken? : After i left university another students circle, took some of the ideas of ours, and their leader apply to the university administration for the creation (in colab) with some teachers, of a multidisciplinary studies / research / centre / office. Which in 1999 i will visit and even advice with my experience. But that later on will become very popular and important for the university. Non of the names of my team nor references to my advice, or register of our activities was added to the history of the multidisciplinary studies centre. No one of my team members will be invited to join them. NO trainers, no coaches nor consultants will be built by these centre. But they became the first official multidisciplinary centre at our university. How could that take place? My team members, each of them and almost all: changed university, lived and studied abroad, or got bussy jobs. No one of us followed up. Life paths, life stories.

4. Travelers club 1

Along my travels (since 1996), my travelers community and i would be seriously concerned on the social, culture, nature development, care, status of southamerica. Life care, culture care. What to do? as the only southamerican in the circle, it was for me easier to ground a NGO and do something.  After 1 more year travel in 2000 i registered one. This one will be a self-sustained one wishing to show self-sustained strategies that would help NGOs and companies as inspiration and models for them to created by their own funding for projects that foundations will not support. It was known at that time that foundations will reduce the amount of funding sent as for most of southern NGOs will use only 25% of the funding for the real project and spend the 75% in the administration costs. But may good projects got no more funding. If these organizations would have learned how to be self sustained? But that was not the only problem, as soon as an organization or town got self sustained, the foundations will not send to them more funding as they will not be poor organizations any more, nor poor locations. Many good projects and organizations close to reach stable self sustainability were placed suddenly out of funding as their financial statements were not any more of poor organizations or projects or communities. The business of sustainable development and poverty was still on going at that time. My idea: well, lets show the people how to be self sustained. Many organizations, companies in about 14 towns i visited were interested. Some got training, others lectures, others workshops, and others just listened to my radio program “traveler on air”or met me on the road. But how to self sustain a NGO? my own professional services and microbusiness got me to sustain street kids projects, education programs housing for travelers, events, and training of volunteers, plus a “traveler-support service dedicated to take them out of trouble.

How got it broken?: beside the lack of stability of Peruvian economy, the fact that travelers towns will have a cash flowing season of 5 months per year, and one should not stay longer than 3 months at each location ( something i learned when i stayed at one over one year, where companies and organizations and people at location would have to trade with me for my services as they had no cash to pay me )… how got it broken? the NGO was designed to bring together 2 teams one of foreigners and one of locals. Locals will be invited, choosen, and they will sign membership and accept collaboration, but will never arrive to meetings nor show signs to be reliable representatives of the NGO at the location. IF economy in the country will be weak they will plug out, if their own individual financial situation will be suddenly weak they will plug out. Our local team did not exist. I shifted the concept to a team based only on travelers and that is how it became an association of travelers, more like a travelers club. Then here is when locals complained i was supporting the white people. Got worst when our program dedicated to help traveler get out of trouble will spot unfair companies, dangerous locations or even people on the road, Our grey and black list increased. At one location we will support independent travel, which was a “terror”idea for the traditional “tours with guides”of the location. I became extremely unpopular. Plus the need of the organization to make money for funding of own projects; my business trainings, team building trainings, anti-bourned out program, radio program, events, healing sessions, start ups and other ventures i would engage in would not be enough to cover all organization expenses or will almost burn my self out. The locals pressure went to high. I remember once asking for accomodation at a travelers lodge and being asked to leave as for i was southamerican. Even i was supported by few local companies, after developing a start up of a travelers bar and being invited to take management assistant roles on a tourism business of some friends, i decided to try out a location with more stable economy and moved out to Chile. By selling most of my NGO work to my new company in Chile in 2002.

I will try out a new travelers club in 2013, one year organization process of a start up that will never start. A team that will not follow up schedule and travelers that had to lead projects they will be not at milestones rhythm, as for distracted with the on the road projects, and never could get into the online organization of the club projects. Club placed on hold in 2015. 450 travelers, lifestyle travelers. Lifestyle travelers are mostly solo travelers or solo entrepreneurs. If not team workers on the road. How to build a club online?

 5. Business in Chile

Arrived with 150 USD, to a location that needed 45 USD per day. After finding my path among Santiago, Vigna del Mar, i landed in Pucon. Trading and collaboration at travel companies would help me save money. I met my accident a business man in that town that got interested to my lifestyle and business experience. We spent hours and days sharing and brain storming. We got an idea and we will apply our experience and knowledge to develop it. A business that will connect south Chile, to Central America and Europe. He was an IT and business consultant, my self i was in IT branch some years before my travels. We understood very well when sharing on middle age lifestyle, and martial arts, nano technology and consciousness. His key software will be a boom, Long time before google maps, he created a Data base based generation of images and maps online. He got to sell it. We would get the founding for our project. Midwhile i got my application for a second business (my own business) to be accepted in Chile, and my business VISA was about to be ready. We were lucky, his software will be sold. My own business will be grounded in Chile; we started recruiting.”

How got it broken? : After several months waiting for the business visa to be ready i will still survive on trading and little collaboration in tourism. I will bring money as investment to the country but we still had to wait.  My girlfriend would move with me to Chile. She was a swiss nurse, we travel together and met few years before. But her swiss diploma in health was not accepted by the health system in Chile. She got a job in Switzerland. After more month waiting we decided i will spend my waiting time in a more productive mode in Switzerland. For the time the visa arrived to the Chilean embassy in Switzerland, my girlfriend and i were already in another road and started up own projects in Zurich. About my business friend, he never got paid well for his software so far i know and end up in a serious financial trouble, twice, before he will leave to Northern countries. The waiting period killed slowly our business possibilities and ideas, plus buyers that will not buy, visas that will never arrive and other plans that will take place for real. in 2004 i will ground my own company in Switzerland and make 4500.00 CHF per month after 6 months start up.

6. Divorce 1.

My business was doing well, i will travel along Swiss locations for fun while my palm and wireless internet will keep me plugged, and in communication with my customers. I will spend time with my wife outdoors and much leisure activities.4500.00 CHF average per month made me think about reactivating the travelers club, children program Southamermica and family. I designed a new business jump, for making double or triple per month. All was going very fine.

How got it broken: But here come the time where for life process reasons my wife decided to travel again to “Aerzte ohne graenze” and a change of planes from “family now =  right time” to “better not = i wanna travel” changed our family future. I dont know how much powerful influence were those spiritual circles i was related to, i took some level of responsibility about which distracted me much from my relationship; or that recruiting letter that some women of that circle in Germany would answer and apply for a job ( I did not need a sex educator in a team based on languages and travel and IT, or business consultancy…what doe she wanted ? i forgot her name but in 2006 after my first divorce i had forgotten her name and she became so familiar and my girlfriend, reason why i end up in Germany in 2007) but my business was going on well, and i was finally after years of travel in Southamerica well used to live at only one location, but she wanted to travel. Her trauma with terminal customers at hospital was too much for her, children were not in her heart or mind any more. The world made no more sense for her. I did support her but would be able to follow up her missions at “ärzte ohne graenze” with my company. A great emotional  stress. Just at the edge of the new business wave i was creating my divorced and the aunt of my wife lawyer, almost brought me out of Switzerland with no rights for stay. I had to give so much attention to the issue that i needed a little flat as ours was too big and expensive for one of us alone. My office was there. How to find a new flat in 1 week? where to bring all your stuff ? can you pack your stuff and dont think about her? When was that appointment with my next customer? marketing ? a new business strategy for 2 more years? how i get a new lawyer, the first one was friend of my wife aunts… some months later i will take a little part time job, 2 months later jump into teh cirque du soleil club and join one show as cirquador for a month. I was feeling more happy, Still traveling in Switzerland, but the business did stop. A love relationship of so many years, me moving to Switzerland and leaving all projects in Southamerica, making it to feel happy to live in one city, finally getting use to friends that do not travel and you do not leave in the last town or project. But now she was gone and my business process was gone too. 2006 I received an invitation from an old friend to go to Israel.  Where i will head to in 2008.

7. The first online collective collaborative business project(S).

2007 how many people you find online (while waiting for a residence permit in Germany, writing my books, and choosing to leave any possible spiritual circle that would make my life again more complicated) that resonates that well with  your vision of the world? Well, many. Few weeks, brain storm, heart stream, all was needed was a website and team work.

How got it broken: All goes fine until people receive tasks and responsibilities, schedule and need of action. Human kind is so use to organic office and meetings for team building and team work. Was maybe the lack of organic experience, or eventually the fact that most of us will only meet online? Wonderful projects i will create sites for, will never develop as the online team will not follow up. What was the problem? I got so interested about human behaviour. It never happened to me before. Why online is not the same as organic? what was missed?

8.  Head hunters / Democracy for corporate management

When you develop a new know how that promises to  solve the never-solved issues of corporate, you ask yourself for the time and patience to see your own business grow as a tree later forest, multiplicators building.

How got it broken 1 ? :  Not 100% but there are some reasons why such a business can get broken. Since when recruiting of professionals for corporate engage into sabotage, business spionage, business hijack and enforcing business contracts and sales of technology or know how? Since when head hunters act as  hedge fonds managers? would they first bring my company down in order to buy me later for pennies?

How got it broken 2 ?: Since when new age religion apply “democracy as a management system? and crowd funding as a strategy for the revival of a company of a best friend they never ever paid a dime for hi services beside asking him to giving them for free to themselves? Why? because corporations, business and money are bad. That is why democracy had to be implemented in companies that employees and share holders vote and decide in equality all that CEO and CFO will not decide as they are usually but people or illuminati”. ( who thougt this people that business, money and CEOs are bad ones of the movie? )

How got it broken 3 ?: When a corporate manager get mad at you as you and threatened you for life as you: do not eat meat, you meditate and practice yoga, you are happy, and you have dark skin, travel as for adventure and develop a cool know how. his company pretend to buy but actually is about to steal.

How got it broken 4 ?: When a spiritual circle(s) belief you are the reencarnation of a guru, or deity, or any one they must workship and bring “back”or for teh first time, to their traditions and path, as they recognize in you great spiritual qualities; but they can not accept the fact you do not need them, nor want them in your spirtual life, and do not get it you really wouldnt support their lies and adoctrination, power based behaviour nor kali yuga teachers and teachings. But as they claim they are the best of the world, and more advanced ones; belief and push their followers to belief you have to join them. There for, intent to protect you from bad deeds or sins like: making business, developing based on spiritual knowledge know how for business that works well ( that they would wish it to be developed within their own circles), becoming an independent spiritual teacher that teaches (guru-less, self-mastery is ideal for own students). Since when does exist on earth  the practice of witch hunting?

How got it broken 5 ?:  Accept customers that do not have the real intention to pay you.

How got it broken 6 ?:  Your business partners change their mind about grounding together a new company, while you agree with them to care for organization and register of it on advanced.

How got it broken 7 ?:  Your business assistant offer you her house as temporary office location while she moves to Berlin. Her new boyfriend does not want her to work for you, instead sell her house. You have no more office nor address from one day to the next one, and no more business assistant at location. You get informed when you are on the road, 2 countries away.

How got it broken 8 ?:  After one year program design, your programer get picky and decide wants not to use your management tools and he wants to be the CEO. Your second business partner and you, hold on. 3 years later you still need a programmer.

How got it broken 9 ?:  Your best student(s) and you register a company, the administration process of register for unknown reasons take more than 1 year. After investment goes over the limit and could not start business operations as planned on month 3, but still waiting for business permit at month 15, to close the business is more simple than to continue it.

9. Legacy Project

Feeling ready to get retired, tired of human kind, plan to buy land at isolated off the grid community some when in wild wild russia or asia, as love to be in eurasia. Bring all 100 self-written books together, in one single collection, teach webinars, receive students at own off the grid land/centre, and having finally family.

How got it broken: 30000.00 EUR that had to be paid in 2014 never got paid. Customers.

9+ Peace work & Human rights, family, culture, life care and heritage

The first time peace work got self sustained, my name was written in history. Not for profit peace work was a common deal but what not to privatize peace. Successfully i arrived to Finland and provided a series of lectures and trainings for peace, including prime yoga.  www.meetup.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info When arts projects started and i realized my residence permit in Finland need to get extended as we got a nice empowering curve for the business to rise.

How got it broken?: Customers with no intention to pay are not worst than to wait since November 2014 for a residence permit. Process which eventually will inspire me to push the peace campaign online and develop new innovative products in conscious love making, and an online game dedicated to personal and spiritual development. It is not broken yet!(2015) The adventure continues.

 … and how you got your broken?










Since 1945 computers register data on human kind behavior,decisions,choices. Now 1Mb would be enough to digitalize an individuals. How easy would be the art of love making, and yourself digitalized?

How can you play out of the equation? visit our Lovability workshop in order to know how.

Not sure? read our book: “you will get digitalized”

Discover how ITs daily work 10000s of hours around the world in order to get the perfect math template for most of human behaviour and cognitive and will processes, emotions and relationship.

But why ?

Maybe because math is necessary in order to encript and decript, design, and rediseign, program and unprogram A.I. ?

May you look at transhumanic love future, you will feel amazed, all that little math make possible for you.

(Enquire) ODIN THETA – Religion : Odin Theta: some said i am polytheist, i guess i even suggested that idea in one of my sites, but the truth about polytheism is that its describes how human kind worshiped the gods, demigods and other type of non human beings. While actually polytheism does not describe the spiritual practices nor the path of any of them : Gods, Goddesses, demigods, demigoddesses and non human type of beings, which is mine.If i intent to be precise, i would say that is my path: the path of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union.

(Enquire) ODIN THETA – Religion : : Odin Theta: some said i am polytheist, i guess i even suggested that idea in one of my sites, but the truth about polytheism is that its describes how human kind worshiped the gods, demigods and other type of non human beings. While actually polytheism does not describe the spiritual practices nor the path of any of them : Gods, Goddesses, demigods, demigoddesses and non human type of beings, which is mine.If i intent to be precise, i would say that is my path: the path of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union.


A traveler asked:  Odin Theta… which is your religion?

Odin Theta answers: no one…

traveler: not budhist, christian, muslim, indigenouse, pagan, star seed,  sufi, flower of life…

Odin Theta: nor of those, nor any other one, nor a tradition, nor a spiritual circle.

traveler: what do you belief then ?

Odin Theta: There are mystics in all religions and traditions and spiritual circles that have been hunted down and pushed down as they never followed their rules.

traveler: but you could represent a religion or a spiritual tradition.

Odin Theta: since ancient times, borned awake children will be search and found as their presence in any family, spiritual circle, tradition, religion, or under any guru, will empower their organizations and intentions, manifestation and fame, up to the level of complete realization. Many of us, did that kind of thing in the past. Now, times have changed, no need to empower  power based organizations any more. They were layers, pretending their methods will help humanity reach enlightenment, as for few of their members got enlightened. The reason were not their methods, but that those individuals were borned that way already. Then after being found adoctrinated. Their minds would be pushed to belief in these spiritual circles, as higher their quantum menifestation capacity more the power they would infuse to these spiritual circles. for example they force them to belief that after they get enlightened or des-incarnate they should commit to help every one to get enligthened. Such an absurd, and non-consistant belief.

Traveler: but an enlightened one is copasive, there for?

Odin Theta: compassive regarding what?

traveler: but what about this time.. many reencarnations of gurus and divine beings are born and being worshiped in their spiritual circles

Odin Theta: i do not know why they do this, to empower with their vibration a place and deeds of people that are faked only created a good image for them in front of human kind, humans get confused and choose them as their spiritual leaders. Creating a good business for these organizations, as you can see.

traveler: but then, what is your religion

Odin Theta: some said i am polytheist, i guess i even suggested that idea in one of my sites, but the truth about polytheism is that its describes how human kind worshiped the gods, demigods and other type of non human beings. While actually polytheism does not describe the spiritual practices nor the path of any of them : Gods, Goddesses, demigods, demigoddesses and non human type of beings, which is mine.If i intent to be precise, i would say that is my path: the path of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union.

One of the projects example of this practice


As you see there is a difference between bing a polytheist worshiper of spirits, gods, demigods and non human beings; and  the journey of the demigod/goddess, the god/goddess or non human being.

traveler: thank you!








Nice text, while mindfulness is not the right term to be applied. Modern spirtuallity enjoy to use a budhist term like mindfulness for everything indirectly promoting buddhism. Just ask yourself where can you find mindfulness courses. Most of training on mindfulness given to business people ended up in slowing down response speed, to tasks deadlines, productivity, and innovation replaced by spaced out minds. If you apply the same to conscious sexuality you will have monks observing sexual energy instead of love making. As i said it is a nice text. BUt mindfulness as sold now in our market of spirituality business and personal development should be taken out of the equation. How can you notice the different qualities of touch from the heart, from the soul, from the divine heart? Intention is not enough, consciousness and perception, self-awareness, and communication skills are necessary. I would 100% sure tell you much is offered in the market with very little tangible results.


Touch and Presence
We communicate so much by how we touch. Touch is our main form of non-verbal communication. It isn’t true to say that we don’t use this medium of communication enough, however what is true is that we don’t touch mindfully enough. Here’s a real simple example – shaking hands with another – where are we in that moment? Very often we are in our heads, thinking perhaps of the next piece like what we might say after the introductions or how we might remember this persons name for the next time we meet….how would it be if we could be there, only there in the shaking of another’s hand, absolutely nowhere else….being present to what that touch is communicating – nervousness, joy, shyness, fear, welcome, curiosity….
The thing is, we cannot know what we are communicating to another through our touch unless we are aware of how we are, nor can we know or be attentive to what another is communicating through her/his touch unless we are present in that moment. Presence is a core element for touch to be sacred. The very first thing is to be here now, in one’s body…This has to be the starting place from which to reach towards another .. Embodied, present and with an intention of care. From such a staring place, connecting with another through touch profoundly affects the heart of both individuals. Such touch emanates not from the hands but from the heart, mind, body and spirit of a person; it is an integrated response.
There is something sacred in the energy that is created, some wisdom accessed that is way more than something I can explain through intellect for this kind of wholesome touch “…has the power to connect two souls in a mutual recognition of their shared humanity” (Nelson)
Touch that communicates from the whole person to the whole person is deeply restorative. What I have learned through my years as a massaage therapist is that touch may not change the reality of a persons situation, however what is restored in the experience of being touched is connection. Caring touch can lift a person from isolation or loneliness back to a place of connectedness.The integrity of our touch comes from our heart. We touch others by the way we are with them. Careless touch comes from the hand that is not connected to the heart, where the heart is distracted temporarily or otherwise. The integrity of our presence communicates.
When touch emerges from the depths of our integrity, it is a channel for tender compassionate care to be given and to be recieved.

Sentinel 9, travels among the last traces left by the prime culture in nordic 5 region, within that time line there are only two more travelers running out of time on parallel tracks, missions.


The Mission

Sentinel 9, travels among the last traces left by the prime culture in nordic 5 region, within that time line there are only two more travelers running out of time on parallel tracks, missions.

May they 3 find each other and discover their only chance to complete their missions is collaboration?


(JOB POSITIONS) Peace, Arts, Culture & Business

You are Multitalent or specialized.
Experienced or new in the field of life, business, arts, Culture and Peace.
You wish for an empowering and inspiring job
Develop your personal and business abilities.
Join a team dedicated to care for peace, family, culture, life care and heritage?
From 5 hours a week to 100% dedication.
Our recruiting program is fun and will take as long as you wish.


Project management assistant
Software developer
Sales representative
Travel operator
Events organization
Personal assistant

Details on job positions, location, length, function, responsibility, wages and projects will be given to those that pass the first stage of evaluation.

May your ideal job position not be found in the list above, please start an spontaneous application and offer us what you wish to give and receive.

Start your application process by knowing more about our company and projects, details how to start by e-mail: welcome@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

THE GAME OF THE GODS & GODDESSES IN PRIME SELF UNION In the Search for The Primes and The Prime’s Culture

In the Search for The Primes and The Prime’s Culture

The Game of the Gods and Goddesses in Prime self Union, is a game played in real life, at digital, organic, time and geo locations, at the quantum verse field. Prizes, Gift Certificates, Points, and Wealth is shared with the players.



The gods and goddesses in prime self union.
After reaching the state of consciousness of a god and goddess, they have followed the path to prime self union, union with the source of all that is = have been = will be.
May all travelers receive their blessings.

Play the Game
- Contact Odin Theta and his Crew, The Asgard Ship Crew.
- Receive a personalized mission.
- Re-discover the secrets of the Prime Culture, find the current and past and future traces of the Primes.

Personalized Journey by playing:
.prime love

The Settings
Players can choose every 3x3x9 days for their game settings
.Fees (if any)

Personalized Mission

Odin Theta and his Crew, The Asgard Ship Crew.
Will design a personalized mission for you.
Re-discover the secrets of the Prime Culture, find the current and past and future traces of the Primes.

How to start the game?
Contact Odin Theta, the game master, asking for the game: play-the-game@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
Odin Theta will invite you to a geo/digi/time location for a first interview.
After receiving few questions, he will give you a Player set with basic instructions and advice how to play the game.