The Prime Tech Matrix 9+
The Prime Tech
Matrix 9+

Consider a matrix of 9+ dimensions, which has an holofractal quantum nature.
At this matrix, a decision made at one single point of any of the processes developed, ongoing, i the past =present=future of any dimension will trigger a chain reaction in all processes on going in past =present=future at all dimensions of the Matrix.
The art of the Prime Culture for decision making, increase efficiency, maximize results, with minimum investments.


The Seed of Wealth

Last few years, while living abroad traveling, as for request of students and friends that wished to understand or advance their own situation, and actually had marvelous projects dedicated to peace, family, culture, life and heritage; i have been dedicated to the study of wealth, the meaning and value, function of property, money but also of other elements of wealth, how wealth is nurtured and developed. I found that the first question one need to answer is on the seed of wealth, where was the first seed of wealth. So as usual i went to look at my own life journey for the answer …


” A man/women with much money and property, decided to believe is wealthy; actually instead of friendship made servants, for his/her/its life, private and business affairs, he/she/it liked to convince people that in order to deserve to be paid for their labor, must first proof of commitment, ability to compromise their freedom and life paths, and very important ability to please him/her/it with attention and favors.
This individual was confused, as decided to believe that by enforcing servitude, as for a hunger game (pushing on people that have their own dreams and life plans,servitude, attention, lack of self love, lack of self esteem).
By disrespecting their life and dishonoring their lifes, and family houses, people like this desempower systematically individuals, families, communities that have their own life. Eventually, blinded by their own power, dont care about peace, nor family, nor culture, life or heritage. As for they do prefer to empower servitude, with a mask of kindness and friendship.
What these individuals do is nothing else than a call for worshiping the imaginary power this individual had. By seducing you to worship them as demigods, hunger game you, reprogram your life, your perception, by hypnosis and NLP, magic of black and white, in order for you to worship them. Their commodities, comfort, leisure, convenience, easiness, seduces you. This kind of individuals place in your mind the illusion of a wealthy future, they will never give to you, trading a delusion for your servitude. ” – Odin Theta < STory Telling >



NLP crew on action… tears falling… just a little bit they did not mention, the fruits are like the seeds… america became what it was defined to become by the principles that built it… it was not just an accident, but even an intentional designed process… a demigods land…

One day you will try to solve your problems beyond neuro linguistic brain programming and see what you have become by doing so, generation after generation… control-freaks…

I would like you to read this site and identify your issues

and work on the solutions, or call me for me to give you a hint, the first option will cost you alot of efforts, honesty and work, heart, divine bliss… the second option, to call me for help, will cost you alot of efforts honesty, work heart, divine bliss and MONEY! your choice..

I have 9 Million people world wide waiting for me to support them, so be kind, and do not think only about your own, send the best crew you have to learn with me and pay the fees. I think it is what every country in the world should right now do…



PRIME TECH ϴ e-Book Prime (Primal, Primordial) Technology – Integration Stages Development

PRIME TECH ϴ e-Book Prime (Primal, Primordial) Technology – Integration Stages Development 

My new E-BOOK


Prime (Primal, Primordial) Technology – Integration Stages Development
with a description of tools, methods, strategies for integration of prime tech know how for personal development, family, clan, community, network, culture, nation, corporation and government.
BONUS e-books with this edition! Quantification of the human value, 3 elements and the heart, the tree of life and Prime Tech for Business



Prime Wealthability The 27 Days QUICK SYLVER e-Learning PROGRAM

Prime Wealthability  

The 27 Days QUICK SYLVER e-Learning PROGRAM

The earth element, family, life, culture, heritage & peace
What is Wealthability?
The 9 Belts of Wealthability
What means alchemy ?
Time is money
e-BOOK – Prime Wealthability
18 Chapters, e-Worksbooks, Methods, 9 Belts for self-study
BUY IT NOW in PDF, 279 Pages

If a god or goddess would send an engine to measure, assess or influence a particular dimension, read it or track information out of it, i think those cosmic öbjects” would be the engines!

A cosmology article inspiring me today: If a god or goddess would send an engine to measure, assess or influence a particular dimension, read it or track information out of it, i think those cosmic öbjects” would be the engines! heart based consciousness, sounding light bodies!



Could cosmic megastructures be intruders from another world?

On a large scale the cosmos should be plain, but it’s not. Windows into other dimensions could explain mysterious objects billions of light years across.

A GIANT hole in the web of galaxies that fills the cosmos. A colossal string of quasars billions of light years across. A ring made out of hugely energetic bursts of radiation that spans 6 per cent of the visible universe. As our observations of the cosmos come into ever sharper focus, astronomers are beginning to identify structures bigger than any seen before. There’s only one problem: none of them should be there.

Ever since Copernicus proposed his revolutionary idea that Earth’s place among the stars is nothing special, astronomers have regarded it as fundamental. The cosmological principle it has evolved into goes a step further, stating that nowhere in the universe is special. You’re allowed to have patches of individuality on the level of solar systems, galaxies and galaxy clusters, of course, but zoom out far enough and the universe should exhibit a drab homogeneity.




Coaching Sessions – Prime Wealthability

Wealthability Coaching Sessions

  • Wealthability Assessment
  • for the e-learning Process
  • for the application of prime wealthability

  • The individual wealthability assessment will be done along a skype session of 45 min, scheduled here.
  • Along the session wealthability assessment tools will be used.
  • The wealthability status report will be given few hours after the skype session with a personalized GYM9 micro trainings program and advice on how to approach the e-learning program better, a strategy will be suggested in order to maximize the benefits of the e-learning program.
  • The individual coaching for the wealthability assessment is included in the e-learning program price.
  • At the end of the e-learning process, you will be capable for a self-assessment of wealthability and to design your own wealthability development process and strategy.
  • Additional coaching sessions will be available under request for an additional fee.


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