SKYPE CALL Luis (Odin Theta) for 45 – Tell to him what you want! Ask to him what you want! LUIS will listen, and answer!


Funding Auctions help LUIS develop his Funding Projects online and abroad. Yoga Centre, Off The Grid Centre, Family Centre, Spiritual Archeology, Research on Prime Technology, Publications, Peace & Human Rights

 SKYPE CALL 45 (Funding Auction 27)

Call Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 45 min

ASK, SHARE anything you want!

  • Tell to him what you want!
  • Ask to him what you want!
  • LUIS will listen, and answer!

Skype Call 45 min

45 min just for you, private sharing questions and answers, on his work, publications, life or anything you want…

  •  Would you like to share what you did today in the morning
  • or on how street children in your country need of help
  • Human rights cases..
  • a business venture?
  • your supermarket list
  • your life problems
  • your last vacations
  • your favorite meals
  • why LUIS got divorce?
  • Why LUIS travels?
  • Why LUIS likes orange colour ?

ASK, SHARE anything you want!

LUIS will listen to you 45 min and answer your questions.

Individuals and communities, families or teams can together book 45 min as well.

Through this skype call LUIS will get to know you, and you can also get to know LUIS.


  • e-book ( up to 18 EUR value)
  • Prime Tech Pin
  • Prime Tech Mug
  • Body Arts Postcard signed by LUIS
  • A Odin Theta Song created for you after the Skype call, on Mp4. 
  • DO you want to know more about LUIS ? visit his two main websites

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