I have been living in the Forest of Odin (Odenwald) in Germany for some years (Archive)

“I am not afraid of getting lost as i know where i am heading to ” Odin Ѳ

I can tell that it is a magical location, inhabitated by wonderful creatures and traces of spiritual activity at several of its hidden gathering spots.
At this forest, located close to the BergStrasse, Central Germany, you will find yourself enjoying the elfs songs and the wind of the 9 directions
A location you shouldnt miss along your heroe travel into the sacred temple of knowledge and wisdom.
I just need to warn you, as for Odiseo, you might find challenges on the forest that would bring you to other destinations, and help you loose your final aim.
Magical enchanting songs, powerful crystal spells, and magiscians of all types will seduce you along the road.
It is extremely important you make friends with beasts and magical beings as for the forest is a sacred land and you will know when the right time comes for you to discover its hidden treasures.
The Flute of The Magician, my beloved songs album, have been created while my stay at the Forest of Odin of Asgard. (Archive)
The hidden temple of the great Odin, will be found there, in its most glourious esplendor and magnificence power.
Travel by following the wind directions and never forget to get lost at the right place as for getting lost is necessary if you would like to find yourself again.
“I am not afraid of getting lost as i know where i am heading to “
Odin Ѳ


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