Did Jesus know what he was doing? (creating for mankind today) – Spiritual un-responsibility in the christian religion/ WHY MODERN MYSTICS and middle age mystics were so badly pushed to poverty and sacrifice and abuse by the christians ? (Abuse and control issues in spirituality)

What did Jesus created, by letting them kill him , crucify him?

WHY MODERN MYSTICS and middle age mystics were so badly pushed to poverty and sacrifice and abuse by the christian churches?

With his life Jesus created the idea that every true spirtual person should be poor, heal for free, create abundance out of nothing, be abused and killed, come back with super powers and then become an ascended god like being you can pray to and receive help from. 


That stigma every spirtual individuals receive from Jesus life as for christian people like to judge what true spirituality is or not; as they have been doing since then (review history documents).

It os not a surprise that christians are also nowadays (in a more sofisticated not see platform) pushing so many spirtual people,

one can not be in a mystic practice without christians (or modern world perception of spirituality, which is mostly christian judgment view) to push you have a life as that one of jesus and prove you are spiritual by walking the same path.

For modern spiritual people the path of jesus was no really spiritually self responsible, but please do not talk with a christian or any people that have an idea of spirituality (as learned by christian cultural influence) about that.

Why people is afraid of being enligthened? of spirtuality? of becomming a mystic?

The hunger games played buy the movements and organizations that TEST if people are spiritual or not are based on smilar ideas to that oen of christianmis regarding which are the signs of a saint, a spiritual person, a mystic, a buddha, an asscended master or a god.

Then they spend millions and whole life trying to verify if that individuals falls into any of that categories.

But what is unseen for most of the people is that that the TESTS and HUNGER GAMES (Dont support them until we know if they are truelly spiritual) has only one purpose: TO STOP CHANGE TO TAKE PLACE.

Control and power based freaks that intent to keep all as it was or at least to control changes, will take over the knowledge of spiritual people and even create movements by using their names ( most of the modern world known religions or spiritual sects or organizations or circles)

I think Jesus screw it for all of us!

As many other “spiritual” people did.

And you screw it again, by accepting control and power based commands. IF YOU HAVE THE FEELING OF SUPPORTING CHANGE< JUDGE BY YOUR OWN WHAT YOU FEEL.

SUPPORT SPIRITUAL PEOPLE YOU FEEL RESONANCE WITH. let no body tell you what is good or not for you, think by your own.

SO if you feel resonance with a spiritual person this individual will have great influence on you. take your time and choose him/her/it to influence your life.

BE AWARE OF THOSE that tell you: THink by your own as well, as they might actually provocate you to dont let others influence you at all.

TO enjoy interaction with spiritual people means also to let them influence us. and by experience realize where this interaction drive us  or how it changes our life.

Eventually true mystics will make your ground breake or quake, and you might feel lossing all the ground. Maybe because your ground is not stable enough.

“In order to build, foundations are necessary, one must break the ground ” – Odin Theta on Groundbreaking practices.

Some organizations call to the effects of interaction: purification. one gets sick, or house damages, or problems, that actually will help as unblocking the field from trauma, health issues, perception issues and make the field ready for true interaction, communication and collaboration when you have your full potential activated.

SO hold on, and keep on track, even if for certain times does not feel good. as that is a sign of change activated by the interaction.

Most of my students experience deep changes in their life, energy and projects, out of interaction or application of my teachings; some eventually just as for their intention to learn what i teach. It is normal they must first be capable of stabilizing that outcome of the interaction in their lifes and at the same time stand the interaction and learning process, inner self transformation process.

To learn means to change, to apply means change, to evolve means change. What we change is the frame, masks, patterns, limits of ourselves of our life…as we express more and more our true nature which is joy, love, self love and self-responsible freedom., and finally our ultimate nature: the source of all that is expresses itself in the form of ourselves.

IT IS NECCESARY to observe life with precision and not only one side or layer of experience, but to go deeper, into the function and purpose of them.

It is also necessary you become aware of the views, practices and control mechanism every spiritual movement and religion or view has in order to control change, the new or the different one.

Only demigods have conflict with the divine and with all possibilities.





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