BURNED-OUT TRACES… Along last two days i discovered that if once you got a “burned-out” you might not only need years to clear it completely out of your system, with careful loving self love, and time in nature, arts  and love; but that the traces might stay with you for longer time. Those traces resonate with other people that had similar experiences. Eventually we recognize each other and might find much common sense activities to enjoy together. I got a burned-out in 2011, after much non sense painful ‘never-give-up” selling to corporate medicine for humanity (Consultant work) and giving support for german networks, burned-out and needed 1.5 to clear it. It took a while, on the road… adrenaline at the Dolomites 2012, Belgium KAP Research 2013, Germany mosel river and road trip 2013, Russian Spiritual archeology expedition 2014 and Helsinki Peace work (2015)… i thought after all the burned-out traces were dissolved, but i was not right… deeper within our system, they always wait to rise on the surface, maybe sometimes, because a resonance field. But, isnt that wonderful, how your past brings you in connection with new people, and to receive and give love ?

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