It would make sense to find a way out of “here” to another planet

“It would make sense to find a way out of “here” to another planet,  (REF maybe some did in the past and got enough fuel to land in this inhabitatated or lonely planet, maybe others manage to travel among time holes withine the same universe, or even between two corners of the universe through a star gate. But never managed to travel back as for lack of fuel, technology, equipment, processed materials.

would make more sense to develop a paralel strategy, trying to find a paralel universe where to land, which is safe.

Unless to trust human tech to develop to an energy source with is not fuel based, engines that do not need to be repaired, and travel that do not take too much time but seconds, and go beyond the ebility of time.

I can imagine some escaped on time, as this is the technology they developed first, but same problem here, how to go back? go back where your home planet already exploited or was invaded or vaporised in cosmic no way back.

The same kind of challenges to be found in interdimensional travel, but at least any of these technologies will make it possible for human species to live longer, and maybe transhumanic applications of it, made at nano tech cale, capable to create or process all we need for life out of what we have consumed already, and eventually a skin shield that make it possible for us to travel, would become a solution for interstellar interdimensional or time travel.

Wahet ever, where ever..if there is no home to go back, should be a Place where to go on… ” * Odin Theta