If you do not care, why should i care? ( POLICY ADJUSTMENTS )

You must know in your country, “spiritual” people had the possibility, by supporting my work, by paying for services they consumed already, to make it possible for you and others to receive great benefits, for your self but s well for your culture, nation and even family. Many projects designed and started needed of the resources customers  had to give through payment of services. But these individuals in an act of lack of respect, and lack of honor, have decided to block all the benefits you and others on your nation and planet may receive. By not sharing their wealth after receiving great benefits, they just engaged in an act agains every one all projects i have designed and started were dedicated to.  The list of these individuals will be announced soon.

including Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Sud Tirol, Russia, Switzerland, Southamerica, USA, Australia, France, Canada, UK, Italy and others

THis is a call for all the Prime Tech and Prime Culture network, friends and relatives, may you see the names and last names of these individuals, remind them about the payment they have had to do, and push them away from you. Tell to them: “From now on, you are forbidden to enter the field of the work, and to receive any support, until you pay and pay enough to correct the damage you have created”.

Do this, as for they do not care for you, whay should we care for them!

In this article you will read more, why Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Odin Theta, decided to forbbid these individuals and their families, in following nenerations, from further training and benefits.

” A storm took Place, the house of this family got damaged, the father realized needs of 50 bricks to repair the house otherwise it will fall, but has not enough money for the family food, nor for the house bricks. Gladly three customers buy new services that week. He is happy, the family celebrates, they will eat and the house will be repaired. But only one of the customers pay. Now the man is angry, sad, is facing a decision, what should he do? to buy 30% of the bricks or let the house fall? the money is not even enough for buying food for the family. The father is in pain. ” – Odin Theta

There is people that do not care.

One can support them, with time, listening, knowledge, training, advice, energy, even a field of love for them to feel nurtured, protected, a shield for them to heal and regenerate and learn how to protect themselves.

But at the time they need you do something for you, they do not.

Along my life, since 1987, most of my projects, adventures, research, services, income, wealth, have been impacting people, families, organizations, locations, networks, associations, communities, cultures.

I have been supporting many and the only thing i ask to them to do is to pay the price of what they do receive. Why? because my support have been for them to be happy and enjoy their life, and ascend, advance themselves along a sprtual path.

Why they should pay? it is very simple: with the money they pay, i would be able to support people in my network, my students, and my self in our paths, and lifes, in the same way i supported them.

I have the experience many people does not care, and pay no respect to my words, nor follow instructions, nor even communicate or answer e-mails requesting for  the payments.

Thes eindividuals claim to care, claim to love, but they actuallly have no honor nor ability to care for others, are self fish, unresponsible, and very use to abuse an open hand.

This i will not take any more.

There is a list i made of people that consumed services, and claimed to be responsible and collaborative, promised to pay, and did not.

In this list, you will find many individuals, you may know. No one of them had the honor to care for what they received nor to support with their weallth, the work i do, by paying for what they received.

This list will be published for you and all my network, in the following 99 generations, to know their names, and understand, that many unfoldings, that were necessary, events that had to take place, as for their deliberated plan to consume, get services, attention, energy, a field of knowledge, they have been abusing a generousity of my heart and field of consciousness.

There for, in the following 99 generations, of all my students, of my spiritual school, and their family trees, the families of these people will not receive support, until they pay not only the amount requested but also the whole costs of the damage they created, and the expenses of adjusting everything that had to be adjusted in order to correct their behaviour, and correct their deeds.

By not paying, they are consciously brining not only my life into a difficulty but the life of many.

If thes individuals do not care, there is no reason why we would care.

The list will be soon announced with individuals from several cuntries. including Norway, Finland, German, Russia, Switzerland, Southamerica, USA, Australia.

May the innermost sound of the hearts core of the prime source of all that is have been and will be, be with you!

Odin Theta


Several list will be published in following days,

  • individuals that consumed services and have not pay yet, about 50000.00 EUR in debts
  • Individuals that received benefits out of interaction and support given to them freely, and never ever gave any little support nor collaboration, gift or donnation, received support for a value of about 500000.00 EUR
  • Individuals that hosted events and never paid anything at all for the event created at their venues, which gave benefit for them and others for a value of 50000.00 EUR
  • Value of the information and guidance shared on videos, blogs and websites, is over millions of EUR.