GJO REPORT – Earth is a Jedi Planet – Jedi Schools on Earth

GJO REPORT – Earth is a Jedi Planet –  Jedi Schools on Earth
Jedi Schools @ Earth Planet

By Prime Master Jedi Lumal Foda, Lord Odin Theta Prime


The modern Jedi @ earth planet experience an evolution stage. There are not any more as the mythic marvel Jedi of the star wars movie. Did i say marvel? Well, some story tellers say that Lucas was actually as spielberg a ET contact person, one of the original exo politic projects driven by ET cultures. But what about the Jedi culture?
Along 2011 – 2016 Jedi clusters, schools. and masters have gathered and discussed, developed projects and intent to join efforst for the development of a modern global jedi culture with a visionary future achievements plan.
While, as for every multicultural and multireligiouse, multipolitical and multidimensional movement as the Jedi culture is, assembles and councils are not enough.
The golden Jedi Order appeared in 2013 taking over the frame of teachings and calling true master jedi for collaboration.
At this point in time something incredible took place, the Jedi Culture evolution did a quantum jump, a cultural upgrade.
As Jedi Culture researchers know, the mytholigical Jedi were not the same as of the movie star wars, were cultures, schools, spiritual circles dedicated to the study of the force, its principles and applications. From hermetics, to high tech, social and cultural implications, development and applications of the force and knowledge achieved through its study.
In star wars two of the schools of Jediism appear: The Jedi and the Sith. One more zen warrior oriented with traits like the use of positive emotions, calmness, and inner peace as foundation for harnessing the force, and by years the development of an influential presence and role in cosmic society. On the other side, the Sith, a school in extinction, specialized in deception, and applying anger, hate, and power, as foundation for harnessing teh force, with a vision of peace based on domination, and a political intent to transform the government of associated planetary systems into an empire.
 For the ones that followed that story of the Jedi culture, the outcome is known.
But what about the Jeeds, Djinns, and Sacred warriors circles living on earth and its history? Are all of them from earth?
Most of young fans of the Lucas story telling of Jedi, developed attitudes and traits, skills and abilities related to one or both of the previously mentioned schools.
But at Earth Jedi Culture, we realize between 2011 – 2016, that several styles of teachings, foundations and traits, applications and arts have been developed by Jedi Orders, families and schools, circles, networks. Today is not easy to tell what a Jedi does, wants, stands for, or care for, nor the foundation principles or knowledge behind its words, actions and abilities, nor aims or development, or future influence in a planet, that for the Jedi Circles, is meant to become a Jedi Core Planet, a planet driven and guided by the knowledge of the “force” and technology necessary to harness it, with the natural social, and cultural implications. When will that future manifest as a global Jedi Culture, we do not know, what we know is that there are more Jedi schools with a variety of aims, foundations, values and strategies, than we know and that one can not tell, the art of deception and layers of deception played, the role players, hidden and visible masters and origins, nor unfoldings of their choices, actions or destinations of their cultures.
After this brief introduction, i must inform you why i am writting this article.
I am writing this article today, as Prime Master of the Golden Jedi Order, and Member of the Jedi Core, to inform you on the results of a research project the GJO Golden Jedi Order started in Eurasia, with recent results and confirmation out of the stage of evaluation at the Nordic Countries.
May this GJO Report be useful for the Global Jedi Culture development, May spiritual repsonsible Jedi school use it as a reference for the education of their students and design of their training programs.
May the innermost sound of the prime source core within our own hearts, now, in the past and future, be with us, along this Journey.
Prime Master Jedi Lumal Foda, Lord Odin Theta Prime

Jedi Schools @ Earth Planet
By Prime Master Jedi Lumal Foda, Lord Odin Theta Prime
From the several schools we have registered, the hidden ones are important to be mentioned in this report. This article has the purpose to describe the traits of one of them that have been the main target of the research project along last few years
This particular jedi school that have been influencing the planet for several years, and now that the foundation practices of their art, traist and abilities have been unvailed, it is time to announce it, for the purpose of other resident Jedi schools on earth to become aware of this species of jedi on earth.
Main traits:
  • Use positive behavior, beneficiaries, firendship and search for beauty and harmony as main face, mask, for their interaction with their victims.
  • Their strategies are designed by anger, hate, and control based perception.
  • Their approach, main attitude, is to reach the subconscious mind of their victims, threaten them with fear, generate a blockage, paralysis, and finally psychic, emotional or psychological enslavement.
  • Their art of use of NLP, hypnosis, and money is advanced, to long distance and atemporal use of it.
  • They may claim to be followers of several other schools, teachers, books, spiritual leaders, ideas, aims but actually are not.
  • THeir ability to induce behaviour, trust, familiarity, the feeling of being part of a circle or movement or force “we together”is high.
  • THey are skilfull to downsize values and spirtual responsibility, making fun of it.
  • Inducing use of drugs
  • Deception follows up to souls are vampirized, slaved, bought, captured, stealed. Very much like how old christian texts tell on how the devil seduces the souls and individuals sell their souls for money, power, or becoming part of.
  • Target victims will be systematically emotionaly or psychically desempowered, until their give away their own heart, path, soul, projects, life plans, and let these Jedi lords to abuse them and make out of them servants.
  • After that stage the servants are induced to feel proud of their servitude, and learn to replicate the behaviour, values and mode of their lord jedi;
  • Servants mostly will prise and worship the jedi lord, as for convenience; otherwise, without the attention of the jedi lord, resources, contacts, network, customers, benefits, gifts, money, enjoyment, backsupport, will never take place for them.
  1. The unfoldings of this behavior and development of this jedi school and its culture are easy to forseen.
  2. The consequences of their deeds as well.
  3. The level of influence and power this school has on earth, is important to remark.

How many Jedi lords of this school there are on earth, we do not know, also not the interdimensional jedi cultures that support or back up this school, nor the traces of it in human culture history (registered, public or hidden)?

One we know, there are also here and have already enough wealth assets to influence the planet development through their networks, and will. But the wisdom of time give is an out path, as all we do now, creates our past and future. May this wisdom be understood by the Global Jedi Culture, on time.