PTSD Planet

I am looking for PTSD data world wide, a countries ranking, which country has the higher index of registered PTSD. I can also tell that PTSD is more common and less accepted, and according to my perception the real number should be at least 3 times the registered number of people with visible sympthoms. There are many more that may have a sort of passive PTSD that did not arrive yet to a status of a sickness that could change dramatically individuals life in matter of weeks, but will do in matter of months or years.
I recently stated with a network friend that it is an error to consider that tantra, traditional and new practices would create any benefit to PTSD patients.
On the contrary, most of the practices developed by TNT, Osho, and other tantric circles, will induce a very subtle trauma at the level of the organic light tissue. The practices they suggest create a cronic problem, passive and active PTSD. Inducing a “trauma”like behavior in their customers.
Obviously they also give a solution, training for men, on how to approach women, without telling to the men that the same practices they work on will produce a passive PTSD in women.
The “tantricas’ behavior for example is nothing elses but PTSD.
It is an error to consider tantric practices and conscious sexuality practices as a path to heal PTSD; on the contrary. To do so is like to sell the sickness and the palleative, but not a cure, but label it as a cure, and actually give a gift of a cronic passive or active PTSD as a result.
How many are looking for therapists or healing process after a tantric intensive year? have you asked yourself why?
Isnt easy to deceive women or men with PTSD that the tantra world would heal them? every one wish for love and body and sexuality. Sex and love always sell very good.
Indirect healing techniques may have deeper results, practices that do not involve body, emotional, verbal or non verbal interaction. Starting with solo practices. As the main core that need to be heal is that one of one self.
I wish for the good of all PTSD people in the tantric and conscious sexuality world, to become aware of their self-responsibility and avoid the choice of the belief/perception/dellussion that tantric practices would help them. That is not the case.
Sexual energy and intensity, may hide the sympthoms for some days or hours, but a wave back with more complex traits will rise after every intensive session or time practicing tantric methods.
So, dont let them deceive you, dont deceive yourself.