Article by LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Business Consultant, Coach, Trainer. Founder of the LDMF Foundation dedicated to Biohacking of principles, laws, rhythms, cycles of nature for the purpose of caring for peace, family, culture, wealth, life sustainability, heritage, legacy.

  • Trees, Traditional and GMO, are both caring for an stable ecosystem ?
  • How the Tree of Life can help us enhance and broad the perception of our business?
  • Why to use metafores in our business language?
  • Why emotions and subconscious symbolic language are so important for human communication and why need to be integrated in our business life?

In the forest there arent both trees equal, but all are the same. Equality is not the result of an intention but of agreement, of policy. IN the forest there are several kinds of trees, species. Within each species, there are always those that evolve in a unique way and bring that ability to next generations. This process is key for the ecosystem survival. While long term achievements for the forest like the learning process of the trees, their wisdom, cant be accelerated but empowered, enhanced through conscious participation, collaboration with nature forces, life principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, that are part of our eco system. There for there is much to observe and learn, from the ecosystem and between role players in it, from all the species living and cocreating the eco system.
There are several kind of trees, they all grow different, the end result of a cedar tree isnt the same as that of an apple tree or of a grape. to expect from a cedar to produce grapes along the grape ripe season wouldnt be smart, actually wouldnt be realistic.

Which kind of tree are you? Which kind of tree is your business? your community, your organization, your network, your family, your political party?
In general the successful process of growth of a tree involves the following stages.

  • seed
  • sprout
  • little bush
  • bush
  • young tree
  • mature tree
  • flower
  • fruit
  • seed
  • forest


If we are perceiving the growing stages of the tree as milestones, we actually are setting goals, small steps, necessary for the end result.

Now, lets focus at this time on the flower.  The flower in the tree of life is dedicated to marketing, communication, sales. The scent of the flower, its pollen, essence, will attract all sort of insects that will help the pollination process which is necessary for the fruit to come.

The flower stage is the most creative interaction the tree has with its environment. We said, flowers are there for the sexual enjoyment for the trees: Leisure and Learning through Loving Co-creation!

The stage of the flower is not the first one, it is not to be there after the sprout. You will need to wait for the tree to have some stability, roots, strength, life experience, development stages done, achieved.

Now, this is a fact, easy to perceive and notice in nature.

Then, imagine if you would prepare a camera man, lights and settings for taking pictures of the flower and the bees in the process of pollination at the stage of the sprout? would your investment make sense?

I think it would not.

To ask for the tree fruits, while the tree is not yet mature enough, is not clever neither.

I have heard that there is GMO plants research that may accelerate the process of growth of a tree. Any case, some stages you cant jump.

In a tree without GMO, the force, experience, accumulated by the growing process, will be perceived by how the tree grows and how the forest learns from that experience of growing generation by generation, creating a code, a pattern of growing, which describes the nature of a particular tree species.

GMO of a cedar is not a cedar, is a new species. IF you wish for a cedar tree, you must grow cedar trees, If you wish for GMO cedar you mast grow GMO Cedar, but never think you will get a cedar from a GMO Cedar.

The same is in business, you may find GMO for your business process and get a flower very quick. But that a DNA modified business. You must learn it is a new species that need to find its own pathway in the market.

Traditional business process wouldnt be developed in that modality.

The market, our forest, have experienced along 500 years several mutations, transformations, new species appearing, and recently several Business-DNA modifications.

The space-rocket business, may have generated at great speed, income, that made it possible for the share holders, to enter a new stage of wealth generation, eventually become financially independent. But it has not generated legacy, or companies, organizations that sustains life of families of employees or transfer technology, know how, experience, through more than 3 generations.

Why? because the space-rocket business is another species of tree. it is a GMO tree, a GMO Business.

Why our forest need stable business, that can be transferred to new generations?

The Business, the tree, is there for nurturing life, for creating an ecosystem that sustains and nurtures life. The same for the life of the market, the economy, the national or local culture, the network, the country, or the global business ecosystem.

But the life of a business has not as only aim wealth generation, as any thing creating by humans its aim is leisure, wealth generation that brings to human society leisure time and resources, possibilities. For which services are necessary.

One of the most important and nature leisure activities is family. Family, children, as leisure activity is so important for individuals, but also for the species, and as well for the future of culture, and nations. It is thanks for knowledge, experience transfer, generation after generation; thanks to the stability created for the living conditions, quality of living, leisure ability, that the new generations can creatively focus on generating wealth, advancing business, developing new knowledge, perception, abilities, and in particular conditions for leisure.
A stable economy, is necessary, family business, as traditional species of trees, are important, are the alpha trees, that holds the information and history of the forest, and that give stability to the evolving ecosystem.

There will be always mutations, eventually new generations of GMO trees. But for as long as we know, traditional species, have cared for the ecosystem stability. Family business models, transformed in corporations, that care for values that are important for life, business designed to care for life, should be protected, honored and supported, as key priority of an ecosystem that needs stability.

Ask yourself? how do you develop your business? in every decision made, in every strategy designed, within the goals of every milestone, are you integrating the intention of caring for life, peace, culture, family, wealth generation, innovation, knowledge, human rights, culture upgrade, life sustainability, heritage, legacy?

If you are not yet, you may like to know that it is actually very easy. To shift and engage into life care through all your resources, will only empower your business, broad your perception and vision on what your business can create, and ground your business process, made it connect to people, network, culture. Which is as you know, very important.

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by The LDMF Foundation.  Biohacking of principles, laws, rhythms, cycles of nature for the purpose of caring for peace, family, culture, wealth, life sustainability, heritage, legacy.