Retreat 1 to more days : A Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling

  • You are on a spiritual journey or feeling your hart is about to start one
  • You have heard about shifting, transitions, ascension, and life changes while on spiritual journey .
  • You love to travel and let the flow of divine life empower your spiritual journey while living abroad traveling.

Odin Ѳ, author of the ” 9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling “, facilitator of Spiritual Journey workshops, invite you join him for a while along his own Spiritual Journey.

Individual or group Spiritual Journey RETREAT while living abroad traveling

1, 3, 5 or up to 9 days you are welcome to join Odin Ѳ at the location he is traveling, along his spirtual journey practices, teaching sessions and heart open daily life flow into divine action experiences.

on the road retreat means that you keep on moving but follow up certain structure and discipline for meditation, practice and self-management of own spirtual journey.

The retreat is provided only by Odin Ѳ, you ight be alone or join with a group or join a group pre organized.

The retreat includes individual or group teaching, and you are welcome also to ask for counceling, advice or private training necessary for your own spiritual Journey.

These 1 up to 9 days, will empower you in your own spiritual Journey.


Every morning meditation, yoga and healthy food practices, combined with day planning, will be followed up by a not-planned (into divine heart flow time), later on an intensive review of the book :  9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling ” , afternoon meditation, yoga and healthy food practices, will be followed again by a not-planned (into divine heart flow time).

On your own private time, you can dedicate to your own spiritual Journey diary, or   9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling ” workook.

Daily Schedule

Odin Ѳ, according to location and eson, might start the day as early as the sun, and end the day close to midnight.

If raw foodalong the day, no special time will be schedule for meals, unless previously set up on agreement; for example when vegan meet up takes place or a particular event or celebraion when some of us will eat vegan.

Practices like yoga and meditation will be normally done in nature unless organized in another way.

Other events wont be planned, as suggested in the book:   9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling “


Odin Ѳ suggest in his book travel destinations, cultures, activities, people, sites, seasons, that wold be ideal for any one, in order to work out particular issues or fields, that eventually might be present along your spiritual journey in your own diary or workbook.

When you join Odin Ѳ along his own spiritual journey you will have the possibility to receive direct teaching on how to work with the location conditions and gifts, for your own spiritual journey, despite the presence of sacred places or religious sites, a spiritual journey starts within your own heart, there for any location might be suitable if your heart has the right questions and wish for a truth-full answer.

Activities that might be included, var according to location:

visit to:

  • spiritual site
  • spiritual archeology site
  • activity
  • people
  • work with local culture issues
  • organization/project
  • location daily life
  • nature
  • explore nature
  • survival training
  • meditation or yoga privat retreat
  • city exploration
  • know how development
  • arts and culture events
  • travelers gathering
  • others


Pre booking 1, up to 9 days, start with 500 USD.

The prebooking fee gives you the right to be in a waiing list for a particular location, date or event.

Booking and prebooking fees only cover time shared with Odin Ѳ, not travel services, or daily expenses (please see service agreement, policy).

Retreat fees (booking fees).

  • 1 day :        900 USD
  • 3 days:   1500 USD
  • 5 days:    3600 USD
  • 9 days:    4500 USD


For prebooking please contact to 


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