Helsinki, Spiritual Journey

Helsinki is one of the most wonderful and magical cities you as a spiritual travel should never avoid to visit. While its architecture offers you gates to access information on past, current and future spiritual events, the natural forces expressing itself within the city, bring you to ancient records of prime and proto spirituality, that as one, whole skandinavian mother culture of the path of the gods and goddesses, would share as a gift to the world, in the past, present and future.

The holofractal quantum reality we live in, gives to Helsinki a great importance as connecting location to key information for your spiritual Journey

If your bloodline is merged with the one of this sacred land, or is about to be, the better and easier for you to enter the DNA codes of this trip and feel the information shared by the gods and goddesses in sacred union in the timeline of the prime heart, divine action.

When you ask yourself on the importance of a location for your Spiritual Journey, consider that your past and the future and present of your self and that one of this location are interconnected, beyond your age, but in a spiritual time line, with events that have and follow divine math (order). Open your eyes and your heart. future=present=past, within your holofractal quantum self. Unfold the true reality of your inner being, now!

Join me along my sightseeing in Helsinki!

This is the Journey of Odin Theta

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