Modern Slavism. How i did escape from an faked business investor, and why corporative slavism is not yet known.

Modern Slavism. How i did escape from an faked business investor, and why corporative slavism is not yet known.

I am writing a book on the issue of modern slavism, and would like to share here one real story that took place in my life some years ago.

If you ever though have professional skills and or created something innovative, a tool, an invent or know how or an idea, and wish for business partner or investors, be please very aware and careful, that behind the masks, corners and walls, an ancient tradition of slavism is still alive.
This is tory is about how this individual i met while teaching spanish lessons, played to be a corporative manager and actually was just a criminal. For 1.5 years i thought 1 or 3 times per week, later per month, later every month once and even less,  private lessons to him, along this time he interested himself in the know how for business consultancy i was offering services with (a paralel business stream i created along my travel years, wrote book since 2007). I thought he was really interested. After some presentations to his team, and later discussions with him, he apparently decided to create a business with me. So just the same day i receive a business visa in germany, he invited me for christmas dinner of two, and offered me a deal, wanted to contract a team and recruit consultants, to work with my know how. But he was aware those days i was almost broken, with debts of a small credit, a divorce and 1 year company and services stoped after visa frozen in germany. Well, i asked him for paying for the presentation as i would not only share core knowledge but also business strategy with him and his partner, he accepted, knowing i will depend on that payment in order to stay in the city waiting for the presentation. But later on he did not want to pay, when i asked for the money on advanced one day before the presentation. Then when i cancelled the meeting he treathened me and try to push me work for him,  arguing he would harm me if i would decide to refuse, gladly all communications were by SMS and email. I never met him again, when later he kept threatening me and writing  he will hurt me and kill me. He declared himself as a criminal in those emails. Gladly police could give me good advice. 

I wish creative people do not play the hunger games, and stand for their own heart and beliefs and spiritual work
I did travel the following years without knowing if this man would pay any day any one to hunt me, follow me, for hurting me and forcing me sign any document in which i would give rights to him for my know how or anything.
Actually i sad now as i noticed the intention of slaving me through a contract that was not of my interest.
It is necessary that modern professionals become aware of this modern type of slavism, and find legal means to protect themselves.
Wishing you all in good health and creative freedom! and to be recognized for the value of your work, according to your rights as creators and developers.
May the inner sound of the prime divine heart’s force be with you!
Odin Theta

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