The Black Sea, and its Raw Naked Nature!

Black sea#3

Odiseo wouldnt describe it better.
The black sea coasts of russia are wonderful in its wilderness and have so much to offer to the traveler that loves naked and raw nature.
My days on the coasts of the black sea can be imaginable only for those that knows greece and have been wondering if there is any other place in the world that would remind you those wonderful coasts of the mediterrane sea.
I can see o my hamac only two possible destinations now, while one of those bring me to the open mouth of a blinded kimera, the other one brings me in to the caverns of an unknown land, both of them places populated by strange cultures and people.
I wonder, one my following decision, while now, i will sleep-awake another 9 hours and  prepare my self for golden wine at the sunset hour.
I dont miss here a bartender, as my drinks i can prepare my self by my own, but soon or later, would have to face the fact that the lovers of wine, end up in same taverns.
33 Degrees celcious, and i find only in the shadow of the sun the refreshing nectar of eternal joy.
In some days or tomorrow or yesterday i might continue my travel, while waiting again for my next joyful communication with dolphines, i feel a creative future comming on at the moon of the sacred virgin and have no uncomfortable feeling by telling the truth, peace and love, in its prime nature, may fill out our hearts bringing from within of us the most wonderful joy.
This is Odin Ѳ, for the Odins’Diary
May the Innermost Sound of the Prime Heart of the Divine Force be with You!
Odin Ѳ

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