Man Hunt Russia – Review of Facts

Man Hunt Russia – Review of Facts

May 2014 i arrived to russia on spiritual archeology research.
Ready to establish myself and a home base for the Golden Jedi Order and Family House 9, as for the nature of my discoveries, which suggest data not available until now regarding the triggers of WW1 and WW2, as well as of access coordinates to secret underground rivers, caversn and seas that give access to the ancient undeground cities of Gods, Goddesses, Mystic warriors and Fantastic Beings.

I discover/verified that my best friend and prime Sister have been abused and atacked, by a man that claimed to be king of russia and belief that by killing me he will finally reach a state of power prefered by himself, as for, his next belief was that he and i were the same being, there for should himself kill me as for absorving all the power in one single body.

The statements of beliefs of this man did not impressed me, but the type of details and plan used to create a set up for myself along few weeks that would bring me to a day and time in which i will be attacked by him.

Also his treathening attitude and claims, to be capable to manipulate Russian police for harming me or brining me out of the country, which legally makes no sense.

He reminded me the old movies when criminal behaviour and hidden aims will push travelers out of their tracks for power based plans unfoldings.

After midnight at my cabin, a small house with no door i was living in at an off the grid community in russia
I offered to him kindness, love, compassion and an open hand, Ghandi thout us well, while his violence and agression, show to me his power based attitude and non sense arguments and statements. despite my non violent and peaceful efforts he wont be capable to listen or communicate at all. after my several request of he to leave my cabine he finally did

Few days after hist attack with collaboration of members of the community off the grid we manage to bring him to communicate verbally.

He claimed to represent the will of my beloved Prime sister Irina, while we still until today have no message or communication received from her and dont know her location or health status. He also focus on the claim of being her protector, claim that we dont know refers to her must be obblied to pay a fee for her protection to him or pay with other type of services. his following claim was the gjo to be an ilegal organization and destructive force which is obviously absurd.

It stay on the air the question if Irina choosed herself this power based individual as pawn or master, if she turned herself to the dark side of the force and decided to empower with the knowledge of the Golden Jedi Order and Prime Technology a demigod? or her own family clan? or if she is filled into confussion, fear and doubt? Or if another type of organization or hand is behind this attack against me and her. notice she lived here already for some years and met this man some months ago.

As all of my students, a choice need to be made.

I did take my choice and sent Irina a letter describing to her the dialog with Kostja, the agressor, his claims and wishes. While also his promess (we doubt seriously about) to dont try again to attack me even my plan to live in the same region as Irina, protected by him lives.(under my warning that the next of his intents will be welcome and answered with a new type of teaching he never ever experienced before: communication through body contact into combat).

The GJO Decided to forbid Irina all rights of applying or sharing within own life or family any of the practices and technologies learned, also the knowledge shared with her for bringing divine children to the world, as for avoiding a power based family to have access to such great power.

While we still have no answer from her, nor news. I continue my journey and research, wishing these events to unfold into wisdom and prime love, that liberates humanity of any harm and my last wish for Irinas Journey back into prime self union, true light and true love, wisdom and responsibility on her skills and spiritual mission on earth.

Along my Travel and destinations, the Asgard Project have been published and is officially running.

While my life is still under risk, i am accessing to the traces that lead me to the hand behind Kostja thoughts and beliefs, and the possible Master that seduced or brain washed Irina, and brought her to the dark side. A man who intents to control and create a troop of advanced individuals with nationalist thinking, which have no free heart nor their wish into prime self union have been cancelled from their hearts or corrupted by the process of education of their master.

The results of my research might bring a new path of ascension and tangible outcomes for humanity not only, but also show that the Power applied over my beloved sister no longer will endanger her nor us.

May the innermost sound of the prime love from the prime heart of the prime force with her and you.

Odin Ѳ

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