The MAP of a consciousness field (document for researchers and explorers)

What is a consciousness field?

Consider for a moment that you find yourself, also your consciousness, within a vase of water, which have been programmed with a particular emotion.
Now, what would take place if you bring another type of emotion or your perception is not ready to perceive the emotion of the field, nor to realize the experience the field brings to you.
Along my trips i realized a pattern that need to be observed, on how the sacred land reacts on you.
These observations i did mostly at spiritual archeology expeditions, not only at archeology spots or locations, but at natural places which gaia created within own body for earth inhabitants to  learn and evolve in consciousness, but also for holding information and eventually also protecting life, culture and people.
A brief document i posted now in my books shelf.
The MAP of a consciousness field, will help you travel along the field of the spiritual archeology site and find yourself ready for reaching your prefered destination.


Odin’s Diary Sacred Land MAP of a Consciousness Field


Odin Ѳ


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