Join Odin Ѳ Team

Qualify through the Odin Ѳ Challenge, for becoming member of a world wide team.
  • Odin Ѳ Angels
  • Odin Ѳ @ CyberTron
  • Odin Ѳ Shield
  • Odin Ѳ Padawans
  • Odin Ѳ Operators
The Team will assist Odin Ѳ on his own spiritual journey, spirtual archeology expeditions, travel destinations and entrepreneurial projects.
Trusting, reliable, transparent and honorable individuals should apply for this teams.
This is not a standard job, as it is not dedicated to profit but to collaborate with  Odin Ѳ, there for is about responsibility and function, self-mastery, collaboration, and collective spiritual adventure.
In order to apply you might not choose a team on advanced, but focus on your intention to join Odin Ѳ Team, and write Odin Ѳ an application letter.  you will receive then a description of the qualification / evaluation process and after process completion an invitation to join one or more of the above listed teams.
Odin Ѳ Entrepreneurial Projects would give BONUS to  Odin Ѳ Teams, as for their great work done and missions accomplished, while most of their responsibility activities will need to be self-sustained; according to case it would include travel or online work, which intensity and dedication would vary according to mission and current status of Odin Ѳ Journey.
For those looking for standard paid jobs, Odin Ѳ Business Projects offers normal jobs, and some of them might be listed here.

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