The court observing spiritual responsibility

John Muster was walking along the forest when suddenly the light in between the trees created a wonderful impression on his emotional field, wondering on these experience looked after a wise man that could explain it.
First he found a scientist who explained the nature of light, human perception,and human emotions. He even received a book to read. But very soon he was unsatisfied with the information and looked for a spiritual teacher. The spiritual teacher through him on self-awareness and the empowering nature of emotions for self transformation. John curiosity brought him back to the forest, wishing for more of the same type of experience, but did not find any more even at the same forest and place for another 9 years. Desapointed, John claimed that the spiritual teacher did lie, and asked a lawyer to bring him to court. The judge decided that as the spiritual teacher thought him on the nature of self-awareness, and emotions, but not on how to reproduce the same type of experience, the teacher was free of responsibility. John felt desapointed from the law system and argue that the teaching of that spiritual teacher implies that the transformational experience out of emotional field activity under particular circumstances is not only possible but is subject of personal development, spiritual development and reachable through practices of certain methods, there for the spiritual teacher should be forced to guide John to such conditions necessary for his wished experience. But the Judge argue that the spiritual teacher never thought him on what is necessary for such conditions to be present in his life, and unless John become aware of it, and take responsibility on the process/unfoldings/events necessary within the life of John for creating such conditions, the spiritual teacher wont be forced by law to produce such type of service. John then asked the spiritual teacher for that teaching which shows what is necessary to do or have to take place in the life of a man for creating the necessary conditions for such a quality of transformational experience. The spiritual teacher asked John if he would like to enter in a state of prime self union (union with divine source, of all that is); but John answered: no. Then the spiritual teacher did bring John to the court for the intention of using knowledge for self-fish aims which are not in union with divine source. As the Judge did verify the answer of John, regarding entering the state of prime self union, decided to charge John with a fee of 9000000 USD, as for damages of the time line events designed by the spiritual teacher for his own self-transformational experience, as several wished events, by the spiritual teacher, wouldnt take place as wished, as for the intervention of John in the life of the spiritual teacher, as John presence requested from the spiritual teacher, atention, financial resources, time, wisdom, knowledge, experience, time line, presence, energy, intention, and so many other fields that by being consumed as for John request, would imply an impacting change in the life of the spiritual teacher. Even the spiritual teacher asked to the court for 9000000000 USD, the court would only agree with calculation of damages as for 9000000 USD. John would loose house, and work for another 36 years in order to do the payment.
Question: would the outcome of the events change if the spiritual teacher would ask for  9000000 USD at the point of the first time he met John?
In his wisdom and compassion, the spiritual teacher gave John the possibility to screw it, and the potential of choice, as for the spiritual teacher risking own life, the court reacted fair.
If John would be consciouss about the nature of his request and further implications, would he really decide to ask for it?
If John would receive a price on advance, would he really decide to commit for a rates payments?
If John wouldnt start a process in the court, and instead of the court, decide to just leave the spiritual teacher, would John paid the 9000000 USD to the spiritual teacher after feeling despointed for the first time?
If the Market defines a price of 1000 USD for spiritual teaching unit, does the price include the value of life/events/process/creation transformation wished by the spiritual master which would change out of interaction with the student?
How should be a price for spiritual teachings created?
John Master found a spiritual teacher and even was not fully aware of the value of the question he has, did ask without fear. The teacher did answer in such a manner that John Master did not feel any inmediate effect on his life, while the unfolding of events after that moment created a new life destination for John Master. John Master felt on top of these facts very satisfied and greatfull for years as not only his life changed in a magical mode, but he never had to pay a USD to the spiritual master. After 9 years the spiritual master sent an e-mail to John Master with an invoice for spiritual teaching of 9000000 USD. John Master reacted inmeditaly and asked the court to protect him. The court, after review of facts from both sides, gave the spiritual master the right of requesting the 9000000 USD. John felt desapointed and asked his Master. Why so much money for 9 minutes interaction?  The spiritual master answered, well, actually i am not charging you any money for those 9 minutes. John Master in complete state of wonder asked again: Then what i am about to pay? The Spiritual Master answered: You will pay for every day you did not practice prime self union, union with all that is. Then John Master asked: why should i engage in such a practice, i just enjoyed the changes of my life which turned  to be tangible out of the 9 minutes interaction with you. The Spiritual Master did agree, and said: Yes, it is true, you did enjoy but did not take responsibility. Your life changed and i only received an increase number of individuals atention and requests, individuals that are not interested into prime self union, which made of my daily schedule a burden. On top of that every time you will just enjoy, without being in a state of prime self union, you impacted my true students with un-responsible thoughts as for: now with this wonderful spiritual feeling how can i become more reach? more powerful? have more things? travel more? and even make promotion of our school as a good place for making your own life better, atracting more and more unresponsible people to our field of work. Then John asked the court to request from the spiritual master 90000000 USD as for John Master did not receive the information regarding responsibility, out of the 9 minutes interaction with the spiritual master. The judge decided that the spiritual Master wont pay any money to John, as for the interaction have been registered and the word responsibility have been used along it more than 9 times and John did not ask any question regarding its implications. The judge asked John Master to take a course on self responsibility, and pay for it. On top of that, John Master will have to make a list of all people he did share the information about the spiritual master with and invite them to a course of self-responsibility and of prime self union, with the purpose of information, and clarification of the impressions left by John Master regarding the spiritual teacher, his students and the school. John Master was successful with only 30% of the individuals and organizations in his list, which later on 90% of them will wish no contact with any spiritual teaching or teacher, and 10% will look for the spiritual teacher, and only 1%  will decide to request teaching from him/her as for under the Prime House 9 Rules (new rules for spiritual teachings).
John Master became along the next 9 years assistant of the spiritual teacher, he continue paying the original 900000 USD and actually increased his debts in 900% until the day of today. But he is joyful and feel greatful for any new debt with him.
Question:  Would John become assistant of the spiritual teacher if he would be informed on the 900000 USD debt he will generate? and the 900% additional debt on top of it?

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