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Odin Ѳ, as your Travel Operator?

The most safe mode to travel is to have an expert on your hand, that would support you along your travel adventure.

Odin Ѳ, is ready to support your travel adventure as travel operator.


The most important responsibility of a travel operator is to be there for you when you need it, on call/email, 24 hours a day, and to solve or help you solve any challenge you might experience on the road.

For example: Travel plan, schedule of flights, bus, train,  on call problem solving on the road. (losted equipment, transport, money, friends, change plans, no accomodation at 23:00, documents, pushed by locals, losted in the jungle, need counceling…)

If you have 2 USD credit on your phone and no access to internet and you need to get a taxi, and an hotel, these 2 USD  credit would be enough to call your travel operator who will solve it for you in 9 minutes. This i a very simple example of all you can experience on the road and need.

The same idea apply if you feel your life is in danger and need some one to design a path out of the problem, including rescue services, police, hospital or private security services.

For spiritual travelers,  most of the cases Travel operators will solve all challenges travelers have while the travelers keep on their spiritual journey, which means a travel operator will give them the back up and help them relax and enjoy their tripand spirtual experience. In some cases provide to them coaching or counceling as well.

To have Odin Ѳ as Travel Operator will empower your trip and will become for you also a school on lifestyle travel, all easy simple solutions based on 18 years travel experience that only people from the road knows. Now online, only for you and your travel team.

Special Services provided only by Odin Ѳ

  • Counceling
  • Coaching
  • Spiritual Journey Advicer
  • Lifestyle travel perception/strategy for solving challenges on the road.
  • Entrepreneur perception/strategy for solving challenges on the road.

How does it work?

you first book Odin Ѳ for some days of your travel you know you would prefere to have a travel operator on hand.

for example from 27.08.2014 to 03.09.2014

then you define the responsibilities you need your travel operator to care for and agree on the service policy.

You will need to pay for pre booking,  and set up fees, on top of the price on agreement for the tasks and hours of service.

The pre booking will make it posible for Odin Ѳ to crate a temporary home base for the days on agreement for the service. and the set up fees will be necessary to implement all equipmnt and resources at the location Odin Ѳ is now or will be.

Then you are on the road, between 27.08.2014 and 03.09.2014 as in his example you did not need the services of the travel operator the  days of august, then there is no task fe charged for august, but in september you did call the travel operator and gave to him 4 tasks. as task paid on advanced was planned only for 3 tasks, and each task was solved,  there for an additional invoice will be given to you. for the task number 4


Odin Ѳ as travel operator can be only booked on advanced. As  Odin Ѳ must agree first on collaborating with your travel adventure for some days and also to get stable at certain location for days necessary.

The travel operator is a dedicated trust based work, that back up traveler adventure.

The Travel operator must be at home base and available 24 hours online and on the phone, for ON CALL/EMAIL support request.

In order to book Odin Ѳ as travel operator, you must come into agreement:

  1. Days of your journey
  2. Travel operator responsiblities and function.
  3. Payment per hour and task.

For booking please write to: welcome@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info


Pre booking fee,

Vary according to Odin Ѳ current or future location (scheduled along the time of your travel adventure).  from 500 USD to 9000 USD.

There is no return of pre booking fee.  As it will be used to set Odin  Ѳ temporary home base for travel operator responsibility.

Travel Operator Set Up Fee

This fee covers alll necessary for the service, scure internet connection, telephone, access to transfer of oney services, and data storage, and other tools and services included in the travel operator agreement. Please see service policy.

Vary from 500 USD to 9000 USD according to location, and time length of the service.

Task Fee

paid 100% on advanced. Booking fees vary from level 0 to level 9, here the range.

The 9+ task levels describe Task complexity and level of impact in travelers experience (importance of task). For example if the task is business based, or requested for a land with little internet services, or certain level of life risk for the traveler.

TASK level 9 = 900 Euro / task  ( 300 Euro / hour) at least on task

TASK level 0 = 180 Euro / task (  90 Euro / hour), at least one task

Task Zero Level include standard support tasks list as for:

  • got losted, find path
  • find accomodation
  • police/hospital call, get help
  • booking of transportation
  • get secure, trustable contact at location
  • information about location dangers
  • contact with relatives or third party
  • transfer of funding
  • others

According to our experience travelers might need at least 3,5 or 9 tasks according to case. we will ask for a payment on advanced. in case ou did not need of any task, the money will be send back

Please read service policy, user agreement, for more details.

PS. Odin Ѳ is an expert and trainer of Travel operators. If you wish for another level of fees, reduced prices of services, please ask for Odin Ѳ students and team of Travel operators which also provide services. Their fees vary from 9 USD up to 270 USD per task, set up fees might vary from 50 USD up to 360 USD, or more according to location.


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