Map for Travelers

At Odins’s Diary you are welcome to:

  1. Follow up Odin Ѳ adventures  by reading Odins’Diary Blog posts  and read on his spiritual journey
  2. Travel to Odin Ѳ Destinations, meet proofs of events, people, traces and discoveries of Odin Ѳ.
  3. Research Odin Ѳ Documents, Maps, Technologies applied, Charts, Analisys, Archives.
  4. Debunk Odin Ѳ Theories, Conclusions, Statements
  5. Join Odin Ѳ Team
  6. Prepare yourself for your own Spiritual Journey & Travel Adventure, through learning the travel & adventure skills and secrets of Odin Ѳ. (Boot Camp, Private Training, Individual Travel with Odin Ѳ)
  7. Join the Jedi school of Odin Ѳ (Golden Jedi Order), or any of the 9 Prime Schools.
  8. Archive, discover Odin Ѳ past
  9. Support Asgard Project & Odin’s Diary, Collaborate and participate in the Asgard Project






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