The Asgard Project

The Asgard Project  I, Odin Ѳ, am dedicated to:

1. Re-Discover the ancient underground  and inter-dimensional cities of the gods and goddesses in sacred union, and those ones of ancient sacred heroes.

2.  Bring back to our modern times the knowledge and technology of the gods and goddesses in prime self union

3. Re-discover the inheritance of the Odin, Asgards’ God, House,  within own Blood and Family House (Maldonado-Aldana)

4.  Re-activate the Sacred Temples and Create a Map of Sacred Land, of Neo Politeism.

5.  Bring out key information and technology for divine ascension, ascension into prime self union.

6. Share skills, knowledge and experience through training, individual, collective, organic or virtual.

7. Find sacred land, ground and develop Asgard Project Centre, a self sustained off the grid centre, and communitary living land, where Odin Ѳ Technologies will be applied

8. Share Information on the nature and purpose of ancient sacred mystic warriors path, the one of prime self union, as registered in all cultures and spiritual traditions on earth history, known as the path of the Djeeds, rise awareness on history and archeology records of its existance ( facts which inspired the movie star wars and the Jediist Movement world wide)

9.  Share Information on the nature and purpose of ancient path of divine action and prime self union, that one of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, and rise awareness on the current movement dedicated to divine ascension, and the return of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, and the future unvail of the divine cities of the gods and goddesses, their interdimensional gates to them; inform on neo politeism, and how the path of divine action unfolds for heroes interested in it, and the challenges that would be found as for that one of the Demi-gods and Golden Temptations of power based paths for the Soul, and introduce to you the new Panteon of Organic Living Gods in Prime Self Union and Their Heroes.

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Project Asgard