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Borned in 1972, within the Family House Maldonado-Aldana, travel for about 18 years, following own spiritual journey.
Within own blood and life several cultures find peace and ancient knowledge: Japan, Germanic Tribes, Skandinavian Kings House, Spanish Royal House, Italian Roman past, Celtic Galic tribes, Chinesse Clan, Slavic family roots.
Trained by the Jedi Core, Blessed by Devas and Gods/Goddesses in prime self union along conscious dreams since age of 3. Hide his spiritual journey and mission, for 41 years.
 It will be said in the future: His star family is wide as the multiverse and endless as the quantumverse. His Spiritual Family House, is of a gold made sun.
Experience in 1997 a mayor consciousness implosion, the starting point of a new spiritual journey that will lead him to multidimensional and divine realms.
Looking for other ones on earth that shares similar awakening experiences or a consciousness field, travels and shares with many among the organic and digital globe.
He continues to  explore in the fields of quantum and divine consciousness, time, organic light sound body, re-discover the sacred state of the gods and goddesses in prime self union.
Leading a self sourcing ascension alternative, invites all all inhabitants of this quantum verse to renew own path through gold and become expression of ascension as divine self expression: as gods and goddesses in prime self union.
Develops along his journey The NSD System, Elements Management, Self-Awareness Applied and Prime Technologies. Which will suggest to modern world as alternative path for global ascension: to be applied by  individuals, family, communities, companies and corporations; as well as by own spiritual students and family.
2007 start officially to teach and to publish own work.
2014, after one year of public work at Prime Family House 9, Maldonado-Aldana Family House, Golden Jedi Order, Prime Technologies while the founding process of the Maldonado-Aldana Jedi Order starts a new journey: The Asgard Project (reason of Odins’ Diary publication).
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